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In what was widely regarded as the best tennis match of 2009, Rafael Nadal outlasted fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco 6-7(4), 6-4, 7-6 (2), 6-7(1), 6-4 in a…
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  • pallfy20 5 years ago

    Brofasco can beat Nadal any day of the week!

  • ferrari6891 5 years ago

    best match of 2009? hmm thats a tough one considering Federer v. Roddick
    was also played.

  • wkhome8888 5 years ago

    what a wonderful match!!!!!!!

  • nba2kwade 5 years ago

    point of 3:18 &7:57 are the best.

  • peibol macho 5 years ago

    Do anyone know were I can find the full mach? Cheers

  • Dark Voice 5 years ago

    @Stylaz21 Yes and If he will play like this. I think he could beat Nadal or

  • Vu Nguyen Anh 5 years ago

    this deserved to be the Aussie Final that year!!! I personally think it was
    better than the final between Fed and Nadal

  • Joe pie 5 years ago

    point that starts at 7:57 Nadal does the impossible twice.

  • Stylaz21 5 years ago

    This Verdasco had power, accuracy, touch, a gameplan and stamina. He could
    compete 5 sets long with one of the greatest tennis players ever. I want
    this Verdasco back.

  • RCMasterification 5 years ago

    what made this the best match is the shot making and the duration

  • gherbi hicham 5 years ago

    Definetly..this match had a huge number of amazing points ,i remember the
    commentators saying “this is the point of the tournament”about three times
    in this match ,i think this is even better than Wimbledon 2008 in terms of
    tennis quality ,this had every thing from relenthless attacking tennis to
    jaw droping defence

  • PersonalPowerCoach 5 years ago

    Holy shit! Did expect some great rallys but this was just batshit insane!
    What a great match.

  • fvndzie 5 years ago

    03:42 Verdasco backhand slice was absolutely brilliant … and the forehand
    what a joke! Lol

  • woody46338 5 years ago

    this or Madrid 2009 Nadal Djokovic

  • Remzidk 5 years ago

    Amazing game, show skill and control

  • Laser Salamander 5 years ago

    wow, great match

  • DziwnyCi3n 5 years ago

    3:42 VERY NICE !!!

  • Sam Hung 5 years ago

    classic Spaniard tennis ! crazy rally, crazy stamina, crazy foot
    speed…just crazy!

  • hopy51 5 years ago

    I agree, that was second best match ever after Wimbledon 2008 final, the AO
    2009 final is number 3 for me. Lol, if you look at this matches then AO
    2012 final looks like the most boring match ever.

  • Santiago Munez 5 years ago

    it’s sad how verdasco may never ever play better than he did in this match :(

  • gherbi hicham 5 years ago

    lol that was’nt even close to this ,a bunch of aces and serve winners is’nt
    even close to the quality of this match

  • Fer Luis 5 years ago

    a magistral lesson of high quality tennis. just amazing!!!

  • TTFAFF 5 years ago

    It’s really weird how the video stops then starts again, it makes me think
    I have problems with my computer. Anyways, thank you very much for the
    upload, that was a great match. I remember I saw everything, from start to
    finish. It started at about 5:45 am here and would only finish at 11am or