Share Button Picking the right type of swing technique on the return of serve is critical to your success on this vital part of the game. I…

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  • Los Pollos Hermanos 4 years ago

    Nothing against lefties but when are you going to reverse these videos.
    Very easy to do an X-Y axis switch using a video editor – takes 2 clicks of
    a mouse. Most people are righties. Makes it easier to follow if its a
    rightie video.

  • David Pew 4 years ago

    Great tutorial Ian, I play a few strong opponents who have unusually weak
    second serves, which I struggle to capitalise on. These tips should help.

  • Hossein Taraz 4 years ago

    Thanks for video. I’ve seen an analysis of Djokovic and Murray serve return
    on ESPN in Ausi open. It was about their differences regarding 1st and 2nd
    serve return. It would be fantastic if you could put some lights on their
    serve return as well.

  • andre9783 4 years ago

    I love your videos instructions. I improved my game by watching your
    videos. My questions is how to return kick serve? Hope you can tackle this
    topic next time. Thank you! 

  • Anaben11 4 years ago

    Hi Ian,
    could you do a video on the return with regards to positioning and split
    step? I noticed that there many different styles in both and I’m wondering
    why. That would be great! Thanks!

  • Christopher Brown 4 years ago

    What type of racquet does he use

  • Bart Dominik 4 years ago

    Michał jak jest w stanach ? Warto jechać ? :)

  • vungh gin 4 years ago

    hey friend

  • Jonas Newsome 4 years ago

    Cool outline of techniques. Do you put the slice return in the first
    category (defense..get it in play?) I seem to use it that way unless I can
    get a nice soft high serve to cut at, then it feels more like a drive that
    has bite.

  • ninisgreekronaldo 4 years ago

    thanks for making this video :)
    Really nice to see that you take our ideas and recommendations

  • Quetzalcoatlus 4 years ago

    can you do a video on serve and volley? thanks for this one too.

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 4 years ago

    Learn three different swing types that you can use to be successful
    returning serve!

  • Willphaizer do 4 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Dung DangDinh 4 years ago

    Useful for me. Keep going further!

  • ShuXiong Bao 4 years ago

    Very helpful info. Thx =). BTW, what kind of string pattern does your
    racket has? Can you comment on recent varieties types of string patterns?

  • Shaheer Arif 4 years ago

    Thanks this really helps

  • James Kim 4 years ago

    Great stuff Ian!