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Under 8 Kent Mini Red Tennis Championship 2010 – Liam Vincent vs Oscar Brown – check out the rally!
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  • kai kara 4 years ago

    Adult should have stopped the point when the ball went onto the court

  • imateapot51 4 years ago

    I think these quick start balls are fantastic for teaching but will flat
    out ruin tennis in the USA. Elite kids will want to play with real balls
    on a real court, not big red balls on half/third a court. So what do they
    do? They play up and get destroyed or like most – go into another sport.
    I have a really talented kid that showed up to a tournament and both his
    and his opponent’s dad took them home without playing. Now I am trying to
    lure him back to tennis from basketball. Elite kids do not need this. It
    is nice to see the UK as stupid as the USTA. 

  • ComedienneWannaB 4 years ago

    My son just turned 9 and has been able to hit orange balls (50+ ball
    rallies) since the age of 5. He’s SO over it. Let the kid play green dot or
    REAL balls already! USTA, you’ve got the crap all wrong, and stop pointing
    to Europe. He trained in Europe last summer on REAL balls and took down all
    kids who were there for 2 months prior who are 3 years older.

  • Still better than women’s tennis.

  • Shot Stats 4 years ago

    Ridiculous red ball point!

  • Matthew Harris 4 years ago

    wont make em any better when they get to a big court

  • George S. Kidera 4 years ago

    Red Court with Sponge ball. Def. not Stage 3 ball. 

  • jedzenio 4 years ago

    Quality, best yet! 

  • CasperJasper88 4 years ago

    It’s not a different sport. It’s the same sport modified for their strength
    level. If you are only 50% as tall, 50% as fast, and 50% as powerful, then
    playing on a court 50% as big with a ball that generates 50% more pop is
    proportional. It’s called Progressive Tennis. Google it. It builds kids up
    to the full court.

  • Ringing Peace 4 years ago

    if these kids play on real court it would be like you are playing tennis on
    football size court. this is the best things for tennis that happened that
    kids are able to play in courts that are appropriate for their seize.

  • SkYxtheGrinDErr 4 years ago

    wow this is pretty amazing

  • DrAvenger2022 4 years ago

    I think it ‘s not. I used to be in Japan. They used grey rubber ball. It ‘s
    very thin and lightweight. You can find people play tennis with this ball
    easily in Japan.

  • Bruce Hawtin 4 years ago

    Great example of why kids should stay on a smaller court until they
    dominate it. Far too many kids are pushed up to the next court too soon and
    their technique is compromised. Not to mention their ability to execute
    tactics on a bigger court is limited.

  • WBX555 4 years ago

    Nobody challenged.

  • Matt Foster 4 years ago

    For little kids!

  • easinorm 4 years ago

    Great Point!!!!!

  • KIDZTennis 4 years ago

    Another clear example of how this method helps kids and beginner adults
    learn to REALLY play the game with balance and control. A player must have
    serious tennis skill to play a point like that. Thanks to Play & Stay and
    or Quickstart.

  • Justin Travis 4 years ago

    those kids are amazing but what the heck is wrong with the court

  • bt22730 4 years ago

    One of those shots were out if u look closely

  • CF Tennis Academy 4 years ago

    Is that Phil Vivian by the net scoring for these boys???

  • Thallison Araujo 4 years ago

    @MrMuzzyx fresco

  • ThePianoMan1999 4 years ago

    should have stopped the point when the ball came across

  • AndresOfficial 4 years ago

    smart tennis. not just some club player slapping the hell out of the ball

  • bt22730 4 years ago

    I know u can ever hear a person in background ” was that out? “

  • Jean Fatal 4 years ago

    thought so as well… pretty clearly too.