5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 120 total possible orderings. A  Because the nine circles fit into the square “as shown,” quickly estimate the area that remains to eliminate any answer choices that couldn’t possibly be correct.

The slope between choice (A) and (−3,7) is . 11. Choice (F) is incorrect because the project was not a success. C  When B = 9.84 × 10-4 T, I = 500 A, and when B = 1.05 × 10-3 T, I = 600 A. C  Figure 1 shows that the viscosity of water at 70°C is approximately 0.4 cP.

Choice (F) gives the length of . 1.

A  Trial 3 in Experiment 1 is conducted at a pH of 3.0 and at a temperature of 40°C. The passage does not call Drake’s goals unrealistic, as in choice (H), nor does it discuss NASA at this time, as in choice (J). 14. the temperature is about 5°C.

15. to reach the 10°C setting, and about 400 min. 37. J  Look at the passage closely, the passage states that ground density and propagation duration were controlled in the experiment. 29. 2. If you chose either choices (J) or (K), be careful—this question is asking about the probability of selecting a certain score; the actual numerical value of that score is not relevant. Given Figure 2 shows decreasing viscosity, the time for the fluids to leave their containers would also decrease. Divide both sides by sin 40°. The answers and explanations are taken from our ACT Math Download.

Since there is an obvious fringe of fur on the edge of the uropatgium, bat II is Myotis thysanodes. 47.

56. The correct answer, choice (A), correctly summarizes this information.

Thankfully, our questions are labeled by ACT section, covering important territory in the Math, English, Reading, and Science sections. Home > ACT Test > ACT English > The ACT English Test is designed to measure your ability to understand and interpret Standard Written English.

Therefore, choice (G) is the best answer. 35. ○ end the paragraph by restating your thesis?

F  This choice is correct because the passage about the boy leaving the farm is a flashback, as shown in line 44. B  First, factor each number. 10. Trials 5 and 6 do not contain casein, so choices (G) and (J) can be eliminated. Choice (C) correctly matches this concept. Therefore, choice (F) is the best answer.

Line 3 refers to the jungle as inhospitable and mentions the snarling vines in the jungle, making choice (A) incorrect; choice (B) is incorrect because the passage portrays the boy’s mother only as frail and worn-looking (line 35), not frightening; and choice (C) is incorrect because the passage doesn’t note that the boy feels positive about any aspect of farm life. Also, the stomach is an organ with a highly acidic environment. 30. C  First, convert 2 miles to feet, 2 miles× because height, h, is given in feet in the equation. ○ show what is wrong with the opposing side’s example or position?

Choices (J) and (K) also make the inequality true but neither is the least integer that makes the inequality true. Substitute −2r for s in the given expression: 16r4 − (−2r)4 = 16r4 − 16r4 = 0. The only fluid whose viscosity is less than 1.0 cP is diethyl ether, eliminating choices (B) and (D). Of the options listed, Trial 14 has the greatest electrical current, so it must also have the greatest voltage. 55. Choices (F) and (K) are partial answers. Therefore, a current of 500 A must be associated with a train velocity of 2 × 200 m/s = 400 m/s.

Choice (F) is incorrect because the passage never describes the captain scolding the boy for stowing away; choice (G) is incorrect because the boy wonders what the phrase means even at the end of the story, as shown in lines 68−70; choice (J) is incorrect because lines 48−56 show the captain paying attention to the boy by teaching him navigation. Five. G  Intercepting the x axis at x = 7 means the equation must satisfy the coordinate (7,0). to reach an even lower setting, such as −10°C. Scientist 1 specifically states that a change in freezing point only occurs with solutes that form charged particles in solution. Below you’ll find the complete ACT answer key for this exam as well as the corresponding ACT scale chart (raw score conversion table) for scoring the exam.

C  Read the vertical axes in all 3 figures when T = 0°C. Therefore, choice (B) is the correct answer. D  This question asks you to find a situation analogous to that of Venus.

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