Tools. The action of breaking bread was commonly performed by the master or head of a family immediately after asking a blessing (Lightfoot).In prayers - This was one effect of the influence of the Spirit, and an evidence of their change. The word rendered “continued stedfastly” - προσκαρτεροῦντες proskarterountes- means “attending one, remaining by his side, not leaving or forsaking him.”The apostles‘ doctrine - This does not mean that they held or believed the doctrines of the apostles, though that was true; but it means that they adhered to, or attended on, their teaching or instruction. Hence, to denote “intimacy or friendship,” the phrase “to break bread together” would be very expressive in the same way as the Greeks denoted it by drinking together, συμπόσιον sumposionFrom the expression used in Acts 2:44, compare with Acts 2:46, that they had all things common, it would rather seem to be implied that this referred to the participation of their ordinary meals. The Believers Form a Community. Though they had been suddenly converted; though they were suddenly admitted to the church; though they were exposed to much persecution and contempt, and to many trials, yet the record is that they adhered to the doctrines and duties of the Christian religion. 42 All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper* ), and to prayer. But still, though that be true, the occasional glimpses that we get at intervals in the early chapters of this Book of the Acts of the Apostles do present a very instructive and beautiful picture of what a Christian society may be, and therefore of what Christian, 'And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.' Acts 2:42 Bible / Bible ... NLT All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper ), and to prayer. The Believers Form a Community. A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. 'And the Lord added to them day by day those that were being saved.'--(R.

The word doctrine has now a technical sense, and means a collection and arrangement of abstract views supposed to be contained in the Bible. Christians feel that they are a band of brethren, and that, however much they were separated before they became Christians, now they have great and important interests in common; they are united in feelings, in interests, in dangers, in conflicts, in opinions, and in the hopes of a blessed immortality.Breaking of bread - The Syriac renders this “the eucharist” or the Lord‘s Supper. The Bishop's Bible (1568)ARRAY(0x55a6ade581f0), Easy-to-Read VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade58340), Hebrew Names VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade526a8), International Standard VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade52888), King James Version (1611)ARRAY(0x55a6ade577d0), American Standard VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade57b18), Bible in Basic EnglishARRAY(0x55a6ade57cf8), English Revised VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade57ed8), Contemporary English VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade52600), The Complete Jewish BibleARRAY(0x55a6ade52420), English Standard VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade52060), The Geneva Bible (1587)ARRAY(0x55a6ade51e80), George Lamsa Translation of the PeshittaARRAY(0x55a6ade51ca0), Good News TranslationARRAY(0x55a6ade51ac0), Holman Christian StandardARRAY(0x55a6ade4cb78), John Etheridge Translation of the PeshittaARRAY(0x55a6ade4c998), James Murdock Translation of the PeshittaARRAY(0x55a6ade4c7b8), J.P. Green Literal TranslationARRAY(0x55a6ade4c368), Miles Coverdale Bible (1535)ARRAY(0x55a6ade4c188), Mace New Testament (1729)ARRAY(0x55a6ade4bfa8), New American Standard VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade4bd80), New International VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade46c10), New Revised StandardARRAY(0x55a6ade46490), The Emphasised BibleARRAY(0x55a6ade462b0), Revised Standard VersionARRAY(0x55a6ade41f68), Updated Bible Version 1.9ARRAY(0x55a6ade41ba8), Wesley's New Testament (1755)ARRAY(0x55a6ade41608), Weymouth New TestamentARRAY(0x55a6ade41428), The Wycliffe Bible (1395)ARRAY(0x55a6ade41248), Young's Literal TranslationARRAY(0x55a6ade41068), Lexham English BibleARRAY(0x55a6ade3bf40).

Who Are the Translators of the New Living Translation. --ACTS ii. And thus the early Christians had their property in common. Breaking of bread was that act which preceded a feast or meal, and which was performed by the master of the house, when he pronounced the blessing - what we would call grace before meat. And in breaking of bread - Whether this means the holy eucharist, or their common meals, it is difficult to say.

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