The price to you is the same. If you really want to elevate this tart and aren't tight on time, why not try make your own puff pastry from scratch? Until the parmesan becomes golden and the zucchini is tender but not mushy. ), oil, salt and pepper. Get the Cheesy Scalloped Courgette recipe. The choices are simply endless... More about the aubergine life? Wanted to try one piece, finished all the tray.

This Tip Will Save Your Biscuits If You Burn Them, Cake Making Tips And Tricks For Home Bakers. .

Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. Required fields are marked *. FOOD AND WINE Ireland is published by Post Publications Ltd. 500g baby potatoes, cleaned and halved if large. In the spirit of “quick and easy”, try it on the side of one of these speedy main dishes: But hand on heart, most of the tray you see was my lunch on that day. These oven-baked courgette recipes are perfect for using up a seasonal glut. You will start eating them, and you won’t stop! Join my free email list to receive THREE free cookbooks! 7 Flexible Recipes For Meat Eaters And Vegetarians, 7 Make Ahead Meals For A Self-Catering Holiday, Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. LUCY SCHAEFFER PHOTOGRAPHY. N x, Absolutely amazingly easy to cook and soooooo tasty! Pantry and fridge staples like Italian-style bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese are just two of the six ingredients needed to make this all-purpose baked zucchini recipe, so as long as you have them on hand, you can bake this zucchini side dish any night of the week in just under an hour. Also known as courgettes, this speedy side dish goes down like this: Cut zucchinis lengthwise, toss with oil, salt & pepper. The beauty of this frittata: the leftovers make for a delicious breakfast. Click here for a beginner's guide to pastry. N x. Thank you

First of all, it's FAST!

See how quick and easy this baked zucchini really is! & I am soo excited to see your donal kerbad recipe, that s what I hope you post it one day, then it pop up, wow, I can’t wait to cook tomorrow, lamb meat were marinated, I m sure will be great as every recipe. It's full of flavour, and the courgette slightly caramelises as it cooks in the cast-iron pan. This prawn salad is one of our favourite things to throw together. Spread the crème fraîche mixture across the pastry, going up to the border. Perfect way to jazz up zucchini for dinner! Courgette Salad This courgette salad is so easy to throw together, and best of all, there's no cooking required! A superhealthy way to eat lamb, that counts as 2 of your 5-a-day and is packed with iron and vitamin C, This rice-sized pasta is often used in soup but it works brilliantly in this great-value dish, Liven up grilled meats or fish with this summery side dish, This thrifty and comforting pasta bake for two is made with a punchy garlic and chilli spiked tomato sauce, then topped with mozzarella, Transform ratatouille into a bake with a layer of cheese sauce and you won't look back. Remove from the oven, add the courgette ribbons to the tart and cook for a further 5 mins until just beginning to soften. The best recipe for baked stuffed zucchini is right here. Lining them up together on the tray is my trick for capturing 99% of the parmesan and breadcrumbs without the hassle of dredging / coating! Line up in two rows so they're touching each other, with the skin side down. Meanwhile, cook the potatoes in boiling salted water for 15-20 mins until tender when pierced with the tip of a knife. I would make this in my air fryer cos I’m an impatient soul, except the high speed airflow would scatter all the best crispy bits away. Tag me on Instagram at. It's our favourite way to use up zucchini (beside Courgette Chocolate Cookies, of course) and you can catch us eating it as our lunch almost weekly.

Bake 12 minutes until the parmesan is golden and zucchini is soft but not soggy. It makes a great late summer dish and delivers three of your 5-a-day, Rustle up a version of dauphinoise with seasonal vegetables baked with Gruyère and Parmesan cheese, Pack courgettes with pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, breadcrumbs and herbs then oven bake for a healthy veggie main, Serve this summery pasta bake with roasted vine tomatoes and a rocket salad, This rustic quiche has been simplified by making it straight on the baking tray without using a tart tin, The staple vegetarian dish is spruced up with a citrussy sourdough crust- chunkily chop your courgettes, onion, peppers and tomatoes for extra texture, Roast onions, courgettes and red peppers, then serve in a tomato sauce alongside juicy pork sausages, A summery tomato-based stew, packed with veg and perfect to make ahead, A colourful and hearty vegetarian supper dish for autumn - made in one roasting tin, from Roz Denny, Get all five of your five-a-day with this ratatouille & cheese bake that is healthy and filling as well as being gluten-free and vegetarian. Roasting at a high temp makes the parmesan golden and gets some browning on the zucchini before they turn into watery mush. Get the Baked Courgette recipe. You hit this zucchini dish right out of the ballpark! Courgette gets tender in no time at all, so make sure to start checking them early to ensure they're not turning to complete mush. A little lighter than your average gratin. When you cook courgette low and slow for 4 hours, something magical happens — it turns into an ultra creamy sauce, perfect for pasta. Courgette are FAR from boring.

A good way to use up courgettes that have grown a little big or even if you buy them large, is to roast them in slices. Transform it into any dish you like and you will fall in love with its yummy taste and texture. 0. This recipe takes some time and patience, but it's just about the prettiest "pasta" dish you'll ever see.

Slide the tart onto the preheated baking tray using the paper and bake for 20 mins until golden and puffed. Vicky Chandler is the Editor of Delish UK, where she oversees the overall digital strategy, recipe development, and day-to-day running of the site and social.

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