Forum discussion: I just had Bell Fibe installed and they gave me a HomeHub 3000. Thanks. Using the same settings as before, without any VLAN tagging, and it did NOT work. Just bypassed my HH3000 using Ubiquiti components (router and access point) for about $230 (after tax) and I couldn't be happier to have such a superior and stable network setup (wifi or wired). The device might be doing PPPoE bridging but that doesn't mean it is also bridging the VLAN tag. There is no negative effect on bandwidth, in fact the pfSense router is 15-20% faster than the router side of the HomeHub 3000 (I have 2x vCPUs and 8GB of RAM plus a RAMdisk allocated to the pfSense VM, which makes it very fast). Hope this helps anyone who may be using a Bell Home Hub 3000 modem/router and would like to connect it to your MX device.

I read that you could have 2 active PPPoE connections at the same time, but still don't understand how that impacts performance. Due to subscriptions that doesnt allow two IP addresses at same time and my lack of knowledge double Nat sounds like trouble and heard it is slower. 30mbps to 60mbps on average. Ok, so, first of all, why do you need to do this if you don’t know exactly what it does? If the authentication isn't working, I'm guessing your password is wrong. How do you DMZ your routers IP on HH3000?

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No configuration needed. My brother and I both work in essential businesses, we share a house and the Internet. [Walmart] That device should arrive today, so I'll update this thread. You have now completely by-passed the Bell Hub, and everything else Bell for your internet connection. Excuse my ignorance but what would be the point of doing this?

I have a few questions, I'm going to get the Bell 1gbit soon but want to use my own Router(R7000) with it for firewall and wifi, I don't have phone or FibeTV(I get Alt tv but I probably won't use it).

Home Hub 3000 - Advanced DMZ Not Working.

But before I go there I just want to see if the Linksys improves my wifi and streaming. After much research, I was told that I could connect via PPPoE using my Bell b1 username/password using VLAN 35. I'll see if that increases speeds.

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So I use the pods and hardwire my Nvidia Shield to a pod.

Recently got my Actiontec 1000 replaced with the Home Hub 3000. "Once you passthrough the pppoe login, the modem is just another hop in your route.

I do have ethernet jacks in each room, so APs seem like the solution. The most powerful Wi-Fi. If you set the MAC address of the WAN port of the router as the DMZ address of the HomeHub 3000, it will assign an external IP address to the router instead of an internal one - strictly DHCP, no PPPOE required on the router. I'm in Canada using Bell as my ISP with 500mb service. Should your router ever have issues (dies, you screwed up the programming, etc.) New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

They say it tests 1000 to modem. you still have Internet simply by plugging into an available Ethernet port on the HomeHub 3000 or connecting via WiFi if you leave it enabled. I fwd random WAN port to port 80 for the router and it works without issue. PPPOE, I do somewhat understand what it does but I've always been unclear about some stuff. The device might be doing PPPoE bridging but that doesn't mean it is also bridging the VLAN tag. Heck even my old tv and Firestick in my bedroom less than 10ft from modem gets slow wifi speeds.

I doubt it makes much difference which media converted you use.

If anyone can explain the double PPPoE connection thing, that would be great.

Settings below: Funny though, NOT putting the VLAN tagging worked! Hey, sorry for necro: did you have to use Advanced DMZ or just regular DMZ?

I want to set it up properly.

If I disconnect the HH3000's PPPoE connection, it doesn't affects speeds at all. No configuration needed. So just because I may not understand what is happening with pppoe passthrough, what ONT or DMZ or many of the settings people talk about I do understand wifi speed, bandwith and channels and that I want those optimized so I can watch 4k video with surround sound and not have it stutter and stop all the time when I'm paying Bell for IG speeds :-), I had someone around to see about running ethernet to my Shield. PS BELL GUY CAME OVER TODAY AND INSTALLED FIBER OPTICAL LINE OVER BELL HOME HUB 3000. Settings below: Funny though, NOT putting the VLAN tagging worked!

I could select my own channels and avoid condo traffic.

No configuration needed. I'll see if that increases speeds. This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify.

This sounds like a very cool trick. The newer MX68 is good for up to 450Mb/s. @PhilipDAth - Thank you, thank you! Then Ill return the pods to Bell.

In fact, I can connect to Fibe's web service from computers behind pfSense and they connect knowing it is on a Bell network and gives me full Fibe TV access without any hassles like logging in despite the DMZ. The HH3000 is situated in my closet as that's where the central panel is located.

I believe bridge-mode would disable TV if it was available as it knocks out so much of the router side.

I'm just getting into the Meraki world with an MS220, MR33 & MX65 for our home office. The device might be doing PPPoE bridging but that doesn't mean it is also bridging the VLAN tag. I suppose I can return the media converter and save $40. THIS DOES NOT WORK.

Long story short, I could help you if you told me the brand/model of the router you want to use to establish the pppoe connection, as well as the purpose behind it. Settings below: Funny though, NOT putting the VLAN tagging worked! So I called Bell to get the information. If I were to put this router in the DMZ of the HH3000, would IPTV still function?

Press J to jump to the feed. Because I pay for 1G fibe.

That makes so much more sense... haha, I'll return the media converter and call Bell to lower my Internet speeds to match the MX65 limit. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Is the Bell HH2000/3000 in bridge mode, or you aren't even using it at all (I could leave it in the box ... Then I went to the Asus router and changed the connection type to PPPoE and used my bell login/password.

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