The two boys in the center do respond, the younger one drawing back against Levi as if seeking his protection, Between the two, at the altar, is The Inspiration of Saint Matthew (1602). Judging by this picture, Caravaggio portrayed that young man in old age.

In such a hot place anyone can be met, including thugs, eager for easy prey. I stick to a different version. For the same church, Caravaggio painted another artwork, “St. He is not so noble. In 1 Corinthians 15:22, Paul argues that "as in Adam all die, so in Christ, all will be made alive," while in verse 45 he calls Jesus the "last/ultimate/final Adam". A beam of light illuminates the faces of the men at the table who are looking at Jesus Christ. Copyright © 2009-Present It hangs alongside two other paintings of Matthew by Caravaggio, The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew (painted around the same time as the Calling) and The Inspiration of Saint Matthew (1602). It utilizes the fundamentally static medium of painting to convey characteristic human indecision after a This hand, like Adam's in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, Jesus spears him with a beam of light, with an apparent effortless hand gesture he exerts an inescapable sublime gravity, with no need for wrenching worldly muscularity. unifies the two parts formally and psychologically.

Two were painted prior to Caravaggio's but it is unlikely that Caravaggio would have encountered them. All Rights Reserved. He took his bodyguard to a meeting with a taxpayer. And he will follow the teacher. Referring both to Christ's outstretched arm and Matthew's response, Francis said, "This is me, a sinner on whom the Lord has turned his gaze. a void, bridged literally and symbolically by Christ's hand. ", his right hand remaining on the coin he had been counting before Christ's entrance.

A ray of light “cuts” the space.

But we still see him immediately. For using paved roads. Yes, the picture is unusual. Following the line of Christ's left arm, it seems that Matthew is being invited to follow him into the world at large. In another second, Levi will rise up and follow Christ - in fact, Christ's

Caravaggio represented the event as a nearly silent, dramatic narrative. The youth, on the contrary, recoiled back, leaning on his father or teacher. His humpbacked nose and small eyes fit his sword. in response to Christ's summons.

We know that in a second he will raise his eyes. Matthew and the Angel” is suffering. The light has been no less carefully manipulated: the visible window covered with oilskin, very likely to provide diffused light in the painter's studio; the upper light, to illuminate Saint Matthew's face and the seated group; He is 35-38 years old. The costumes reinforce the contrast. He still belongs to this world of sin and vice. Matthew did not have time to raise his eyes. He is impudent, pugnacious. Similarly to his treatment of Paul in the Conversion on the Way to Damascus, Caravaggio chronicles the moment when a daily routine is interrupted by the miraculous. A man with a beard does not at all look like old Matthew. Pope Francis has said that he often went to San Luigi as a young man to contemplate the painting. Contact Us | Terms of Use | Links He is young. According to this less popular version, I can “read” the picture like this. In the shadow. In a black beret with an expensive brooch. the apostle) was seated at a table with his four assistants, counting the day's proceeds, the group lighted from a source at the upper right of the painting. And brazenly sat on it opposite the sleek youth. Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, Rome. After all, you still want to answer the question. His image leads to a slight fright of intractable debtors. It already has no resemblance to a young man. The sequence of actions before and after this moment can be easily and convincingly re-created. It is as if a ray of salvation has broken into the dark world of sins and vices. In The Calling of St. Matthew we see Levi being summoned by Christ to become St. Matthew. Me? Surprised by the intrusion and perhaps dazzled by the sudden light from the just-opened door, Levi draws

He left.

But still it is closer to me.

The Calling of St. Matthew is one of Caravaggio’s most unusual paintings.

The bearded man who models as Saint Matthew appears in all three works, with him unequivocally playing the role of Saint Matthew in both the "Inspiration" and the "Martyrdom". The Calling of Saint Matthew is a masterpiece by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, depicting the moment at which Jesus Christ inspires Matthew to follow him. Most writers on the Calling assume Saint Matthew to be the bearded man, and see him to be pointing at himself, as if to ask "Me?" with Saint Peter.

associates. Jesus Christ and Saint Peter have entered the room, and Jesus is pointing at Matthew. A favorite subject for Baroque artists was moments when one is going about one’s everyday life, and then suddenly the divine enters into that mundane, everyday life, and everything is forever changed. Caravaggio, Calling of St. Matthew, c. 1599–1600, oil on canvas, (Contarelli Chapel, San Luigi dei Francesi, Rome). The Calling hangs opposite The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew. Both before and after Caravaggio

A gesture of His right hand, all the more powerful and compelling because of its languor, summons Levi. It is shared by a much smaller number of specialists. [citation needed], Media related to The Calling of Saint Matthew by Caravaggio at Wikimedia Commons, moment at which Jesus Christ inspires Matthew to follow him, Learn how and when to remove this template message, A big heart open to God: The exclusive interview with Pope Francis, "Web Gallery of Art, searchable fine arts image database", "Worcester Art Museum - The Calling of Saint Matthew", "Seeing an Old Masterpiece with New Eyes" (Elizabeth Lev in Zenit), Portrait of a Courtesan (Fillide Melandroni), The Conversion of Saint Paul on the Road to Damascus, Madonna of Loreto (Madonna dei Pellegrini, Pilgrims' Madonna), Madonna and Child with St. Anne (Madonna de Palafrenieri), Portrait of Alof de Wignacourt and his Page, Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence,, Articles lacking reliable references from March 2018, Articles that may contain original research from May 2012, All articles that may contain original research, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Other related paintings of cardsharps include the, This page was last edited on 15 August 2020, at 10:50. But they stayed to carry the word of God to people. The standing figures on the right form a vertical rectangle; those gathered around the table on the left a horizontal block. Arriving at the tavern, he turned the bench across. There is some debate over which man in the picture is Saint Matthew, as the surprised gesture of the bearded man at the table can be read in two ways.

But as Cesari became busy with royal and papal patronage, Cardinal Francesco Del Monte, Caravaggio's patron and also the prefect of the Fabbrica of St Peter's (the Vatican office for Church property), intervened to obtain for Caravaggio his first major church commission and his first painting with more than a handful of figures. The apostles, and then their followers, will become preachers of Christian doctrine on earth. Underlying the shallow stage-like space of the picture is a grid pattern of verticals and horizontals, which knit it together structurally. their inattention to Christ deprives them of the opportunity He offers for eternal life, and condemns them to death. This painting was for the left wall so that the direction of the light is from the back wall of the chapel where in fact there is a real window a bit higher up. Cleverly owning a sword. But this is not surprising. The two figures on the left, derived from a 1545 Hans Holbein print representing gamblers unaware of the appearance of Death, are so concerned with counting the money that they do not even notice Christ's arrival; symbolically

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