Winter Fairy and Unicorn Figurine This stunning pair makes for the perfect winter décor! She is the princess of the Kingdom of Lovelylocks and the titular protagonist of the series. A part of the. The Little Mermaid is a  fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. Voiced by, She was formerly the good-hearted princess of the Cluster and the daughter of the evil Queen Vexus. Jump to full list of German fairy tales. The white-winged Heron princess of Serenes, daughter of King Lorazieh, and younger sister of Rafiel and Reyson. She is the oracle who was the former princess of Tenebrae, daughter of Queen Sylva Via Fleuret, and younger sister of the former Prince Ravus Nox Fleuret. The crown princess of Oceana who is part human and part mermaid; the daughter of Queen Calissa. The first daughter of King Dad and Queen Mom and the eponymous protagonist of the series. Voiced by, Daughter of Chief Unalaq of the Northern Water Tribe and twin sister of Prince Desna; the cousin of, The Princess, and later Queen, of the Misty Isles; daughter of King Hugo.

Princess of Zeal, daughter of King and Queen Zeal, and older sister of Prince Janus. Portrayed by, Previously Princess Milena of Tamarang.

Princess of Talys, daughter of King Mostyn, and one of the main characters of the game. Rebellious second daughter of King Alteon.

Portrayed by, Prince (Princess) Igam, Princess Ial. Objects often have magical properties that can aid the hero in their quest, and the hero is very clever in German fairy tales and folklore. Voiced by, Princess Royal Blue, blue Earth pony princess. All Rights Reserved. The princess of Dor, only child of King Philip and the deceased Queen. The Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Pipi. The headstrong princess from the Kingdom of Victory and the title character of the game. Portrayed by, Becomes the wife of Prince Henry.

Princess Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne of Phantasmorania. She was a clever woman, but very proud of her noble birth. Brand New!

The scion of Naga and the princess of Grannvale. Voiced by. Portrayed by Kanako Kishi. ... and are forced to cope with real injustices and contradictions in their lives. But it is very deep too. This list is organized by medium and limited to well-referenced, notable examples of fictional princesses. Voiced by, The daughter of a Nigerian king who makes a deal with. Collected by. She is the Princess of Crimea, daughter of King Ramon, and one of the main characters of the game. Princess of the House Baratheon of King's Landing. Seed Princesses, the eleven princesses of the Seed Kingdom. A pet squirrel belonging to the knight hopeful Acorn, who vows that once he wins the knightly tournament, "everything the light touches" will be hers. The princess of Thurinia and the daughter of Prince Cavan and the late Queen Sarana. Voiced by, The First Princess of Liones, daughter of King Bartra, sister of Veronica, and eldest adoptive sister of Elizabeth.

Voiced by Carley G. Fogelson, The princess, and later queen, of the Trolls. A young Manakete princess of the Divine Dragon tribe and the daughter of Naga.

Some of her sisters appear occasionally throughout the television series, most notably Arista, whom Ariel often quarrels with.

Voiced by, Duchess Matilda ("Aunt Tilly"). Also known as Princess Marie Ange in Japanese. Voiced by. She wants this so much that she is willing to give up everything so that she may be with her prince. © 2020, a VareGuide / Weider Media production. This is a wonderful sight to see, for every shell holds glistening pearls, any one of which would be the pride of a queen's crown. Voiced by Akira Golz. A wandering hero is often present in German folklore, as the protagonist either leaves home to seek their fortune, or is cast out by a family or other forces.

Princess Petunia, youngest daughter and heroine of the third book in the series, Azaela Kathryn Wentworth, Princess Royale, 1995 Filipino film adaptation of the anime, Princess Courtney, voiced by Kelly Sheridan (speaking) and Jordyn Kane (singing), Princess Genevieve, voiced by Bethany Brown, Princess Aubray, voiced by Brynna Drummond, Princess Sophia (aka Blair Willows), the long-lost princess of Gardania. Fantasy/sci-fi webcomic created by J. Kevin Carrier. Princess Irene also appears, a few years older, in the book's sequel. She is the daughter of King Zøg and Queen Dagmar, the stepdaughter of Queen Oona, and the half-sister of Prince Derek. Grace, the legendary princess from the ancient days. She is the princess from the kingdom of Mitgult. Daughter of the late King Raul and Queen Lucia of Avalor, and the elder sister of Princess Isabel. Voiced by.

Though she may not actually be a princess, Moana joined the official Disney Princess Lineup in 2019. She is the princess of Norseland and the daughter of King Peter. She and her mother would torment a mermaid princess Dyesebel and claim what's rightfully theirs. Legal daughter of King Robert Baratheon, biological daughter of Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Voiced by, Pannacotta, princess of Gimuria. The first daughter and former heiress of the Hyuga Clan, known as the "Byakugan Princess". The most marvelous trees and flowers grow down there, with such pliant stalks and leaves that the least stir in the water makes them move about as though they were alive. She was formerly the princess of Midland. is the world's largest collection of fairy tales, fables and folktales. She is the princess who is part mermaid and part human and the titular protagonist of the series; the daughter of the merprince Tino and a human Lucia Reyes. Princess Hildegard of Friezenburg; friend of Sofia's stepsister, Amber. Daisy's twin sister, not accepted by their father because she was born brain-damaged. Princess Yevpraksiya Romanovna. Also of note is her mother, Princess Ursa, who appears in several flashbacks. Portrayed by. Portrayed by, The elf princess of Ellesméra. When there was a dead calm, you could just see the sun, like a scarlet flower with light streaming from its calyx. Princess of Gra and daughter of King Jiol. The player may choose to control either a female character (Nohr Princess), or a male character (Nohr Prince). The first princess, and now empress, of the Vers Empire. Voiced by Meredith Anne Bull. The princess of a small principality of Liechtenhaus and the daughter of Prince Max. It looked as if the roots and the tips of the branches were kissing each other in play. She was originally a unicorn. Italian-Japanese anime series. Portrayed by, Princess Areeyah Wangchuck/Mikay Maghirang-Dela Rosa, The long-lost crown princess of Yangdon who was adopted by the family of Maghirang; the daughter of King Anand and Queen Isabel Wangchuck.

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