Severability and Complete Agreement. President of the Board of Directors The General Manager agrees not to work as an independent contractor or employee for any organization in competition with the Co-op in the __________ area [city/county] during the General Manager’s employment with the Co-op and for a period of one year after termination of employment at the Co-op. The responsibilities and duties of an office manager will vary from business to business but often include: Hiring and firing of employees, ordering supplies, performing payroll duties, performing accounting duties and performing general every-day tasks running for the efficient running of the business as listed out below in the contract. Such general manager contract templates come with sufficient spaces and fields that an individual or company can use to add required details personally. [Do not adopt any part of this sample without consulting with an attorney authorized to practice in the state in which it will be utilized], https://columinate.coop/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php, Building a Successful Board-GM Relationship, Starting off Right with your New General Manager, A contract spells out the terms of separation.

%�쏢 Include your co-op’s legal name and be sure it is signed by an authorized board member, Number and label pages carefully to ensure there’s no confusion about the content of the, Do we understand why we would use a contract? ����C��W������=�����"� ;cx����aZ��9� v���1+�¾�q7/���������Qz�yIW⡱�޴�N��4��r#N�zM��z+����ܶ͡-v9�U>�_겯��8/�&�626�y�D/�5^�?sGة%h�����/�Kԙ����{��ͥ"�;�Ϻ�{oe��O��w���7���(SW5���s2�-Xq��N���Ȣ]����{����W���T'�����N�꿬�^�(� Contracts in the context of at-will employment may create confusion about expectations on the part of either the board or the general manager. A dealership agreement is entered between two parties, namely the dealer and the supplier. perpetration of an intentional and knowing fraud against or affecting the Co-op or any customer, supplier, client, agent, or employee thereof; The dealer purchases good... You can get and download Sales Contract Template from this page. This Agreement is for the Co-op to procure the General Manager’s unique personal services, and her/his interest in the Agreement shall not be assigned to any other person or entity.

It is a contract by which the operations are undertaken to be carried out by another enterprise which performs all the necessary managerial function in return for a specified management fees. 5 0 obj The venue of such arbitration shall be ________ [city, state]. Preparing the budget forecasts and presenting them to the higher authorities whenever asked for. Nothing in this provision is intended to alter the at-will nature of this Agreement. Please remember that this Field Guide and the Template document are provided to illustrate best practices, and are NOT a substitute for legal advice from a labor law attorney who practices in your state. During her/his term of employment, s/he agrees that s/he will not engage in any activity that (a) conflicts with the Co-op’s business interests; (b) occupies her/his attention so as to interfere with the proper and efficient performance of her/his duties at the Co-op; or (c) interferes with the independent exercise of her/his judgment in the Co-op’s best interests.

With the exception of any claims arising out of sections 7 or 8 of this Agreement, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the breach thereof, and/or the General Manager’s employment with the Co-op shall be settled by a single arbitrator in accordance with the then-current procedural rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) for the resolution of employment disputes, and judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof; provided, notwithstanding the provision of the AAA rules specifying that the dispute shall be arbitrated by an AAA arbitrator, the arbitrator shall be selected by mutual agreement, or if no agreement is reached by an arbitrator selected from the Judicial Dispute Resolution panel with each party to alternatively strike names until one name remains. The General Manager agrees that all property in the Co-op’s possession belonging to the Co-op, including without limitation, all documents, reports, manuals, memoranda, computer print-outs, customer lists, credit cards, keys, identification, products, access cards, automobiles and all other property relating in any way to the business of the Co-op are the exclusive property of the Co-op, even if the General Manager authored, created, or assisted in authoring or creating such property.

If the Co-op’s Board of Directors decides to terminate the General Manager with cause, the Board may do so without severance. the breach by the General Manager of any covenant set forth in this Agreement (including without limitation the Confidentiality or Non-compete provisions of the Agreement).

The General Manager agrees to indemnify Co-op and to hold it harmless against any and all liabilities or claims arising out of any unauthorized act or acts by the General Manager that, the foregoing representation and warranty to the contrary notwithstanding, are in violation, or constitute a breach, of any such contract, commitment, arrangement, or understanding. Indemnification.

Use the CBLD template as a model: don’t re-invent the wheel! Do we understand the difference between a contract and an agreement?

stream Consent. For a new general manager, this can be. Here is a free management contract template for you to download.

Take up responsibility to direct coordinate promotion of products or services.

The General Manager understands that in the course of her/his employment with the Co-op s/he may receive confidential and proprietary information including, but not limited to, organization plans, promotional plans, corporation documents including by-laws and details of business operations and financial data pertaining to the Co-op and each of its owners/members (collectively, “Confidential Information”). The General Manager shall return to the Co-op all such documents and property immediately upon termination of employment or at such earlier time as the Co-op may reasonably request.


Get in touch with one of our consultants. �7�^�(�"��B�����n�����%}��>��$�d|\��o�D���������2X�UϠG�_�CMՑg�{"�'��âB The General Manager agrees to devote her/his best efforts to furthering the interests of the Co-op during the term of her/his employment. Provide leadership consultation to the management personnel.

The Association is represented by the Board of Directors of the Association hereinafter referred to as the Board . The job of the general manager is to ensure accomplishment of the organizational results as defined in the ends policies and to avoid unacceptable conditions as defined in the executive limitations policies. General Manager Contract is a legal document to spell out and clarify the expectations of the company from a general manager, terms of separation as well as benefits and facilities provided by the company for the same employee. Legal advice is a key to ensuring the appropriate use of any contract since provisions that are permissible in one state could be unenforceable in another. the gross neglect or willful failure or refusal of the General Manager to perform General Manager’s duties hereunder or the failure to meet the expectations for business performance as set by the board (other than as a result of Employee’s Disability); Performance Contract Template in iPages.


Please remember that this Field Guide and the Template document are provided to illustrate best practices, and are NOT a substitute for legal advice from a labor law attorney who practices in your state. �x���uU�@����TQm��/�T�� ���xn%p�6HF��yFY��Dm�x��S���V�1�Cܔk�j̜g蔏ҟ�Q>���|�E�S���I

Download our premium General Manager Employment Contract template that us ready-made and easy to use.

General Manager Contract is a type of employment contract used by companies and organizations at the time of hiring a person for the particular position of general manager.

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