Cell Link: B1 -- Use any empty cell you like.

The easiest way to display a subset of data in a chart is to create a subset of data.

Right-click the horizontal axis and choose Format Axis. One of the best Excel recovery tool in the world is our software. Thus, you have finished all the settings. And C2 is the cell show the period.

And in the new menu, then choose “Select Data” option. Copyright © 2020 DataNumen, Inc. - All rights reserved. In another “New Name” window, input the name into the text box. For instance, click the right arrow five times and the matrix displays rows 6 through 18 instead of rows 2 through 13. In Excel 2003, this control is on the Forms toolbar. But, in Excel, to add a scrollbar to a chart is somewhat difficult, so please finish this task with following operations step by step. As you click the control's arrows, the value in the linked cell (B2) changes, updating the second argument in the INDEX() functions. In Excel 2003, choose Chart from the Insert menu. For more information visit www.datanumen.com. You might have noticed that the horizontal axis isn't displaying the actual dates from column A. Thus, you can review the chart more easily. In Excel 2007, select Show Developer Tab In The Ribbon and click OK. To see how the scroll bar works, move the thumb or click the arrows and watch the value in the linked cell (B1) change. After you have created a scrollbar, right click it. Here we add “_” between the words because we have added this in the Name in the previous part. Input this formula: =OFFSET(Sheet2!$A$1,Sheet2!$C$1,1,Sheet2!$C$2,1). Note: In step 10, I insert a column to center the dashboard components. In addition, you need to change the elements according to your worksheet. Then click the button “Column”. I. The technique is now complete, but you'll want to position and format the chart and the scroll bar advantageously. You can also input the numbers directly into the link cell that you have set. 8. And you need to change according to your actual situation. Current Value: 1 -- Stores the control's current value; 1 is an anchoring value.

Here we input “DataNumen_Excel_Repair”. Then left click on the chart and under the Chart Tools select Design then Select Data. Select the range that you will use to create a chart. In the new menu, choose “Format Control”. Sheet2 is the sheet that you are now editing. As for the result, you can see the  video below: You will find that the number on the link cell C1 will also change according to the scroll bar. 9. Now you can drag your mouse and draw a scroll bar as your need. And in the drop-down menu, click the chart type. Anna Ma is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including word recovery and outlook repair software products. Here we create a bar chart. Thus, you can review the chart more easily. “DataNumen_Excel_Repair” is the name of the second column. Under Axis Type (in the Axis Options pane, which should be the default), click the Text Axis option. To generate the chart, click the Developer tab and choose Scroll Bar Form Control from the Insert Controls option in the Controls group. How bug bounties are changing everything about security, 10 macOS tune-up tips to keep your Mac running like a sports car, C++ programming language: How it became the invisible foundation for everything, and what's next, Raspberry Pi stocking fillers and gift ideas for holiday 2020.

In Excel 2003, this control is on the Forms toolbar. 28. 27. And then click the first “Edit” button on the left.

What’s more, the total number of bars will remain 3 as you have set before. However, it is still not perfect, like the other software. Now you can click the scroll bar and the category of bars on the chart will also change according to the number. In addition, you might want to inhibit the sheet visuals by clicking the View tab and unchecking the Gridlines, Formula Bar, and Headings options in the Show group. When you have too many data points to display in a dashboard chart, add a scroll bar so users can still view all the data. (As I noted earlier, this means that the referenced cells throughout this article won't match the downloadable demo.) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Click the second button “Edit” in the “Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels”. Then in the “Axis Labels” window, input this formula into the text box: Also you need to change the worksheet and the name.

And not we have found a new method of inserting scrollbar into a chart in Excel. And you can also adjust the shape of scroll bar to make it more beautiful. 10. Therefore, inserting scrollbar into charts can help you better analyze data. And in the drop-down menu, click the chart type. To generate the chart, select the data, click the Insert tab, click the Line option in the Charts group, and select the first (and simplest) option. If the Developer tab isn't visible, click the File tab (the Office button in Excel 2007). You can set any of a blank as the link cell.

A1 is the first cell of the range. And here we set it C1. And in the “Refers to” text box. After you know the size of your chart window, embed a scroll bar into the dashboard sheet. From the Format drop-down in the Cells group (on the Home tab), choose Protect Sheet. You could work in the same sheet as the data, but because we're simulating a dashboard environment, we'll work on a new sheet called Dashboard.

Incremental Change: 1 -- This is the number of data points the scroll bar will scroll with each click (increasing or decreasing the current value).

If that matters, fix it as follows: You might consider enlarging the control's width to match the chart. Add Bar Chart and Set Name. Then, choose Options in the left pane or Excel Options, respectively. The second argument references the scroll bar's linked cell on the dashboard sheet.

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