I have collected seeds starting as a small child.

Safety first! They are worn out; existing foliage is by now old and has suffered the ravages of weather and summer sun. Feverfew self-seeds freely if the flowers are not harvested. Pretty white and yellow flowers on a midsized bush make this a garden favorite. Feverfew, or Chrysanthemum parthenium, is a perennial herb with tiny, off-white flowers. This herb repels insects of all nature, it has moth-repellent qualities so can be used in drawers and linen cupboards. A weak infusion controls whitefly and spider mites.

They are easily recognized by their lacy leaves. The method I use, to collect seeds, is to set the bucket on the ground and bend the seed heads over the bucket. Tie the feverfew bundle at its stems with some twine and hang the bundle upside down to dry it. Some seed heads need to be crushed and some rolled between your hands. White Stars Feverfew Seeds. I’m going to try again next year!

Want to see a beautiful flower bouquet made with these double feverfew flowers?

Family: Aster (Asteraceae) Hardy to Zones 5 to 8 Herbaceous perennial, pan temperate. .

Your email address will not be published. Seeds can also be sown outdoors into prepared seed beds directly where they are to grow, after all danger of frost has passed and thinned to 30cm (12in) apart. They are still green even after some cold weather and light snow! Harvesting and preserving feverfew is quite simple. Harvest the feverfew in mid morning, when the morning dew has dried. Happy gardening! They came up, but only 2 of them bloomed out of 36. Feverfew has been sought after for its medicinal uses since ancient times. Makes a great cut …

But I taught her about saving seeds and she harvested many more than that.This year she was able to return to me enough seed to plant an overwhelming crop of hearty Greek beans!

(Product number: F8-03) Place the seed tray in a propagator at a temperature of 15-20C (64-68F) or seal inside a clear polythene bag until germination which takes 10 - 30 days.

So, you should indulge in the gardener’s practice of sharing the bounty with fellow gardeners. I grew feverfew for the first time last year and they never really “died back”.

Sow Feverfew seeds indoors or under glass from February to July. Feverfew makes a strong tea, and the rule of thumb with herbs is to use half as much dried than fresh. Where Gardeners Go To Grow.

Thanks for sharing your love of collecting seeds. Not only are they insanely easy to grow, but their cold tolerance makes them a sure winner for the cut flower farm (and home flower garden).

Seeds freshly collected usually germinate near 100%, they are worth the effort of collecting and cleaning. Tanacetum parthenium , commonly called Golden Feverfew or Golden Feather, is a clump-forming, dwarf cultivar which typically grows only 20 to 30cm (8 to 12in) tall and features small daisy-like flowers and chartreuse aromatic foliage. Here in my garden, I usually make two plantings of feverfew. Sowing Indoors: Sow seed in pots or trays on the surface of barely moist seed compost and cover with a sprinkling of finely sieved compost or vermiculite. Think about what a seed looks like and what it is capable of and you will see that messing with seeds is messing with one of the great mysteries of life. You can dry and use the flowers to make tea, or dry or freeze the leaves to add to food. Please amend the conflicting statements regarding refrigeration so that folks don’t continue to question these statements. Though feverfew is often grown as an annual, many actually consider it to be a short-lived perennial. In other words, common sense will lead you to a successful harvest. You can do cold stratification 1 week before sowing for best results, however, I have never had a problem growing Feverfew from seeds that I start indoors in peat pots . If a seed sieve is not available, raid the kitchen for one and grab the colander too. When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant into 7.5cm (3") pots and grow on in cooler conditions.

**Make sure you give your Feverfew plant good soil with great drainage and regular watering. I keep meaning to grow ranunculus in a pot so that I can learn to over winter a small planting.

Orders which include any other products will incur a delivery charge of £4.99. However, the different characteristics may be good ones and it makes the whole process more exhilarating! Feverfew is a hardy perennial plant, so cut it back to the ground after frost and watch for it to regrow in the spring. Depending on climate, feverfew is a biennial or short-lived perennial. For the chance to be featured, share your plant pictures with uson Instagram by using the hashtag #YourTMGarden. Feverfew is a good companion plant enhancing the growth of plants around it.

Seventeenth century doctors in England used the remedy for the treatment of disorders and problems such as vertigo, disorders such as depression, and persistent headaches, they may have also prescribed its use for the treatment of fevers, to bring the temperature down, although it is no longer considered useful for that purpose. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Technically, feverfew can also be direct sowed, but I usually don’t because I don’t get as good germination results. A weak infusion controls whitefly and spider mites. From this year’s harvest of bean seeds, I will share with another gardening friend, so that none of us will ever lose the stock! As feverfew had a reputation for repelling insects, it was, however, often planted in well laid out gardens, this cultivation may also have been for the aesthetic value endowed by its many small daisy like flowers. There is value and intrigue in that seed head. The flowers of Golden Feverfew can be dried and added to pot pourri for an aromatic fragrance. Hopefully the posts here on The Herb Exchange Blog will help you with knowledge of herbs, gardening, recipes and a healthy life. Whether your interest lies in medicinal herbs or simply its decorative qualities, growing Feverfew can be a welcome addition to any garden or allotment. At the end of the season,I could harvest only 1 pod of seeds.

I save my seeds every year. But standing proud and dried above it is the product of its efforts; a bunch of seeds ready, willing and able to make a whole lot of new plants. Bottom water or mist to avoid covering the seed with displaced soil. Nomenclature: Origin: But, they all leave me as they found me in the weeds, shaking their heads and muttering about how “it takes all kinds”. Position: The plant has been used to reduce pain associated with migraines and insect bites. Most individual plants die in their second or third summer, after blooming heavily and are replaced by self sown seedlings. Seeds are alive even though they don’t look it.

Learn how your comment data is processed. An awesome one-woman flower farm, cultivated by the love of all things pretty.

This sounds pretty easy to do.

by Kenan White | Sep 6, 2013 | Seeds | 8 comments.

( I live in Cincinnati.)

My garden is in zone 6b/7.

The ancient Greek physicians used herbal remedies made from feverfew in the treatment of 'melancholy,' the term may have included disorders such as persistent headaches as well as long term depression.

After planting, feverfew plants are generally carefree and require little attention from me – which is great. The plants aren’t fussy about soil and grow best in dry to moist loamy soil. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty when collecting herb seeds – you’re bound to be rewarded with surprises.

Giving away flowers and veggies is great. In one of your screens you will find clean seed, the treasure you seek! Harvesting feverfew at full bloom produces a slightly higher herb yield than harvesting during early bloom.

With a little planning, seeds fresher than any you can buy are there for the taking.

The white petals with yellow centres, accent the green serrated leaves of this plant. On the odd occasion that the winter is extra harsh, I may lose up to 25% of the plants. Cut the stems, leaving 4 inches so the plant can regrow for a second harvest later in the season. Synonyms: Matricaria capensis, Chrysanthemum parthenium. As always make sure to do your research and  wear some good quality gloves, as feverfew may irritate some people’s skin. Medicinal Use:

The most important thing is understanding the nature of the seed being collected. Some gardeners claim the leaves are citrus scented, while others describe the scent as bitter.

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