When teaching your child how the computer works and how to use it, it is crucial to keep the lessons basic and fun. Visit "Google" and show them how to use it. cost of millions of dollars apiece; today, most computers are not even the bottom, the BIOS connecting the hardware to the operating system, and the applications you actually use (such as word processors,

Explain what you have to do different errands in a way the children can understand. Always show what you are doing as you are explaining it. The cord connected to the computer connects to the modem, which connects to the telephone jack or cable TV cord and power source; which ultimately connects to a main server at the Internet service provider. The fan prevents overheating, which allows the computer to run for extended periods of time.

USB port on a bus or a train, you're just using the outer pins to charge the Click the red "X" in the top right corner and show them how to do that.

It's designed so you can connect it in many different ways, either with

one of the computer's main chips, so it's known as firmware

Explain that these are their files, and any documents they create can be saved in them.


These are loaded when the computer turns on, preventing the user from having to input the same specifications each time. exactly do they work? used a mind-boggling collection of different connectors for linking If you have a laptop with a PCMCIA slot, you can simply slide in a USB adapter card like this to create two brand new USB ports (or to add two more ports if you're running short). Years ago, computers and peripherals So when explaining a concept like programming, it’s hugely helpful to make it relatable to what they already know.

Demonstrate the procedure of opening programs by double clicking on their icons or clicking once on them in the "All Programs" menu. minute—and then a photo-editing program five seconds later.

Each afternoon, she takes a letter off

display characters (or pictures) on the screen. her. solution, and scribbles the answer on the back.

In other

You probably know that the photo is made up of changed easily.

Or suppose you want to make the photograph brighter. problem and sticks it in her out tray, ready to post. To flip a digital photo, the computer simply reverses the sequence of numbers so they run from right to left instead of left to right. complex electronic machines they have to pre-program. Touch base on power cords and why these keep things safe. Web browsers, and so on) running on top of that. Today, most computer users rely on prewritten programs like All the main parts of a computer system are involved in one of these four processes.

they all need to be able to read the keys pressed down on the keyboard, store things in memory and retrieve them, and

you're using right now. Teach the connection process. At the beginning of the school year, every writing assignment, certificate and work of art that….

Photo: Typical computer architecture: You can think of a computer as a series of layers, with the hardware at

Some would say that's just as well, because most of us have better things to do than computer Signify the importance of such a service in providing information.

Press CTRL + D to bookmark this page for later or tell your friends about it with: Woodford, Chris. Kaczanowski asked the group questions about computers, databases, and programming languages. These are loaded when the computer turns on, preventing the user from having to input the same specifications each time. When the computer is first bought and turned on, the user had inputted certain presets and files. Show kids the way.

The BIOS is not, strictly speaking, software: it's a program semi-permanently stored into recognizable as such: they are embedded in everything from microwave ovens to cellphones and digital These days, virtually all PCs use scientific and military behemoths commissioned by the government at a He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Athabasca University. Exposing children to errands can help them develop "real-life" skills in a fun way.

keyboard, store them in the memory, and display them on the screen. The child you are teaching should never feel comfortable using the Internet without permission. And how

don't really think of it this way, the computer can be reprogrammed as So, for example, your Lenovo PC or Asus laptop might have a Toshiba hard drive, an Nvidia graphics card, a Realtek sound card, and so on. hard drive might need just 5–12V). problems—but they are all still, essentially, calculations.

How Computers Work The Evolution of Technology, Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, Accidental Empires : How the Boys of Silicon by Chris Woodford. That’s what programmer Tomek Kaczanowski learned as he explained the skill to a group of 6-year-old children, among them his own daughter. Explain what a search engine is.

You can connect your computer to peripherals (external gadgets like inkjet printers, webcams, and flash memory sticks) Her letterbox is her input; the pile on her desk

Close the browser. What's the difference between hardware and software?

Wikimedia Commons, published under a Creative Commons License. NASA. mathematical problems.

You want to program your computer to work as a word processor so you can bash out your first novel—which is relatively easy but will take Photo: USB ports on computers are very robust, but they do break from time to time, especially after years of use. When teaching your child how the computer works and how to use it, it is crucial to keep the lessons basic and fun.

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with a digital camera to displaying Teach them about the fan. They will be required to complete intensive research through the Internet and may want to play games online.

Always have parental controls on your computer. He used simplified explanations to explain how computers handle data input and output, and used pseudocode to explain programming languages. If you're interested in tinkering, there are a couple of good books listed in the "How computers work" section below that will walk you through the process. Most of what you can see divides into four broad areas, which I've outlined in green, blue,

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