Various third parties are also collecting data to show your personalized content and ads. You can also take a lazier approach and just freeze fresh leaves straight in the bag in the first place — the only compromise being you’ll have to hack odd chunks of leaf material when it’s time to cook, rather than having nicely-separated leaves. Dry the cuts out and use them as room odorizer and take a look at these plants if the air in your room could do with a cleanup. Cold temperatures (even refrigerators) often spell basil doom.

As much as I enjoy picking peas, pulling radishes, snipping lettuce, digging up garlic, or shucking corn, nothing matches the heady perfume of a newly plucked basil leaf. We also use your information to make sure the website is properly displayed on your device and browser. Harvest the leaves individually rather than chopping the plant with scissors, as this will enable new leaves to grow. The difference is only an aesthetic thing, however, as this helpful blogger discovered. Your email address will not be published. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! HOW TO HARVEST BASIL SEEDS: 1.

Harvesting Basil: Helpful Tips For How to Harvest and Preserve Basil From Your Garden, 30 Patio Dining Sets For The Best Outdoor Get-Togethers Yet, Why Bar Soap Is Better For The Environment Than Liquid Soap, Cooking for Two: 20 Healthy Recipes for Two People. Freeze for 24 hours to kill any pests and store in a dark place. This gregarious and generous tribe of plants gives us such kitchen stars as thyme, lemon balm, oregano, and of course, the many piquant mints.

Check that it drains properly, as basil is prone to root rot. Though dehydrated leaves do lose some of their oils and aromatics when dried, there’s certainly enough left over to make it worth the trouble. Once the seed stalks start to brown and dry, you can gather the tiny, jet-black seeds by merely shaking them loose.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. As it starts to dry, start trying to shake it in a fine strainer or cover the soil and surrounding area with a fine cheesecloth. Some third parties might get very limited access to your info, but only to your non-personally identifiable information and only as we described above. However, know that the team will never share your information with other parties in exchange for financial rewards or any other kind of benefits. Ever since we started growing Basil at home, we have always used seedlings bought from gardening shops.

The absolute best time for harvesting basil is in the morning before the sun has driven some of the moisture away from the leaves, but you don’t have to fret if some late afternoon-plucked basil is on the menu. My favorite way to store a quantity of fresh-harvested basil is to treat it like cut flowers.

Make sure to keep some of the soil the seedlings came with.

Your email address will not be published. Basil is an aromatic herb, used in Italian inspired cuisine as a spice. Using your fingers, gently crush the dried flowers until the black seeds fall out. (w/ video), If It’s Brown, DON’T Flush It Down: The Wastewater Gardener by Mark Nelson, How to Get Started With Spinning Wool and Plant Fibers, 10 Perennial Vegetables For Years Of Garden Freshness, Rainwater Harvesting: The Basics And Why You Should Start Today, Meet the 9-Year-Old With a Thriving Mushroom Business [Video], Ten (More) Ways to Change the World Through Social Media, How To Hatch Eggs With Your Hens (Without An Incubator Or Brooder), How To Store Potatoes Properly For Year-Round Use, “Doing More With Less” Shows Businesses A New Path To Success. But say you want seeds. I love to eat, bake, grow fruits and vegetables, write, read the Bible, and encourage. You don’t need any special equipment. Let them grow until they are about an inch tall and have a couple of strong leaves, then you can replant. How to Harvest Basil. You can buy basil seedlings at any florist or gardening store. Basil aficionados will be quick to tell you that the grayish, dried stuff you buy for cheap at the store is little more than sawdust compared to the volatile, oil-rich handful of leaves straight from the garden. Subscribe today!

This information cannot be used to track down your identity. Anyone who has picked a handful of basil leaves and accidentally stored them too far in the back of the refrigerator, knows that exposure to near-freezing temperatures turns basil leaves black and limp.

Freeze for easily accessible seasoning. With no threshing, fermenting, or drying, you’ll have all you need to replant for next year.

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