We have a window A/C unit from wich a rigid ducting was installed years ago.

I have a climate cooling problem I need to cool about 50000 BTU/hr peak with an IDEC such as an Ultracool/Mastercool II 7112 with IM-70 precooler in conditions of 0.4% occurrance of 112F DB and 70F WB. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. One could always remove With a requirement of 120 CFM, there are a number of choices for a size that can deliver this airflow. Flow hoods vary in accuracy, but they all share one attribute: they are expensive (generally $1,600 to $3,200). There aren't many reasons for performing this type of measurement -- other than the one you mention, computing heat output, which is chiefly of interest to researchers -- since there is no need to balance the air flow through a ductless minisplit with airflow through any other appliances in a house.

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You must order by the duct.

Finally, just getting pressure readings of ductwork with a good manometer is very useful; static pressure, house pressure changes when the furnace turns on, pressure differences across bedroom doors, etc. just a hack for ballpark figures, not hard science... Great Article

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Register 1 Register 2, the sister register Measuring System Airflow from Grilles and Registers

Measuring Mini Split Airflow (Response to Aaron Birkland) determined by measuring the outlet velocity in feet-per-minute (FPM) and multiplying by an area factor (Ak). 2. Residential PV Installations in Florida Remain Strong, “Accuracy of Flow Hoods in Residential Applications.”, http://homeenergypros.lbl.gov/video/airflow-diagnostics-8-ways-to-test-airflow-with-corbett-lunsford.

I am not familiar with air disturbance but I figured for the 4, 5, or 6" round ducts I use I should be able to get a fairly accurate measurement. On Most Duct systems the Cfm of a 6" Round duct is approx.

the grille to be sure. I think the current ducting 18" diameter and up duct venting (4 units) is undersized.

There's also the question of just how far

© 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. “Potential errors are about 20% to 30% of measured flow, due to poor calibrations, sensitivity to grille flow non-uniformities, and flow changes from added flow resistance,” the researchers wrote.

Here is the link: Most home performance contractors measure air flow with a flow hood. Did you observe a significant difference between sampling the velocity at a single arbitrary point, vs sweeping the anemometer along the entire length of the outlet whilst in averaging mode? ft. Airflow is measured in CFM, or cubic feet per minute. 8" Round 200Cfm Etc.The rule of thumb is 600 Cfm Required Per Ton of Cooling.

Curt, with the anemometer in averaging mode, and measuring the opening.

Here are a few comments; Those flows are too little for the big commercial flow hoods intended for 2x2 commercial diffusers flowing up to 2000 CFM (That and the $3k price for one of the big boys is a major deterrent). It would seem that the NREL method is sensitive to anything that would change the relationship between fan RPM and airflow (such as a dirty filter), but the protocol addresses that.

I figure Thus an average over the whole thing.

Two registers are located downstream, the second one about 5 meters away from the A/C unit. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!

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