it does not test for plating. was present, and it turned positive. "silver".

We do not buy or sell precious metal.

Note: Fake silver can pass some of these methods.

Aim for a line that is one to one-half inch thick. ", they were real silver. You just look up the actual specifications of the coin in question and then compare them to your coin. There are a couple ways you can test your silver items using chemicals.

Silver is non-magnetic.

(without it touching the other unscratched area) and note the reaction. It's also a good idea to test your own silver, just to makes sure that it's real or in the event that you want to sell your silver. then it is not. Spotting fake silver is a great skill to have, especially if you are a coin dealer. This test can easily weed out fakes that are made of steel or iron.

Instead, they produce more of a “click.”. is to take a metal file and remove a top layer of metal in any area of the item.Be sure Check out our silver buying guide to learn more.

“Good” ones that you don’t have to test? Have a very strong rare-earth magnet? A few drops on the item will reveal some details based on the color. If you’re testing silver bars, another form of the magnet test is to hold each ingot at approximately a 45-degree angle and see how slowly the magnet moves down the bar. is not a dealer or refiner. It means it contains 62.6% pure silver and the remaining 37.4% containd one or more other metals. Others require a little more involvement. This article received 31 testimonials and 94% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. is high quality silver, usually sterling. In another example, you can test a piece of jewelry to see if there is a With real silver it creates a high-pitched ping noise that lasts a certain length. It shouldn't be too shiny but it should still have a little shine to it. So if you're just a small collector then you wouldn't need an XRF analyzer.

It's always possible that the silver goods you’re testing may be of questionable origin. This article has been viewed 1,432,189 times. Use the silver Acid Test to see the amount of silver content in the item.

That will help slow the rare-earth magnet as its moves down the tilted silver bar. cm-3. They may be affiliated with esteemed industry organizations such as the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and National Inflation Association (NIA). I will be getting a home testing kit now as I feel this would be the most conclusive. Silver

After rinsing your skin well, apply sodium bicarbonate or baking soda to the area of skin that the nitric acid touched. Thank you!

The acid itself is usually a mixture of nitric acid and muriatic acid. Precious metals are not magnetic. If it is only plated, it WILL test positive if there

", "Very important information. Are there different markings on silver in different countries? exterior is plated with sterling silver, the piece will test positive as Then take the other coin and record the weight. Note that this method has the potential to slightly damage your silver item. 77-90% silver, the acid turns a gray color. The fake silver dollar sticks to the magnet. ", "I didn't realize that there were so many ways to test silver. "I only knew sort of one way to test for sterling silver - the magnet. Do you know what silver should look like?

Thanks so much, I will sleep better tonight! If the acid turns the wrong color then it's fake. Are Silver & Gold Magnetic? Amazed at the ice test..", "Informative and helpful pictures of each process. Magnet Test.

I have a ring that has 925KP engraved on it. Some older items from Germany may have "stirling" or "starling." I have a silver coin which I plan to drop and listen to. Sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals, primarily copper. Since silver has one of the highest levels of thermal conductivity, the … with improved properties including resistance to firescale. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. One 12g bottle of each 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, Platinum and Silver acid. There is also the magnet slide test. Because real silver is so conductive, the rare-earth magnet will produce electric currents in the silver and make it act as an electromagnet. Canada, Australia, Spain, Peru, and Russia. To create this article, 26 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. If you want to learn how to use bleach to test for silver, keep reading the article!

Thank you! So when the time comes to sell silver, you’ll have no problem finding a willing buyer.

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