4. decreased cognitive abilities, reduced concentration and alertness, and slower

The headlines are full of #FakeNews… and our bodies are full of #FakeFood. All rights reserved | You might also want to check out the Workplace Nutrition Scorecard I’ve put together here: https://www.healthstandnutrition.com/workplacescorecard/, Your email address will not be published. 2. Required fields are marked *. habit (ranging between 18-254 days).

As a general guideline, adult males need about 3 litres I was in a cycle of reward/punish/binge/cringe. habits. For a list of the healthiest processed foods check out our blog post here: The Top Processed Foods to Keep in Your Diet.

Eat at least one serving of vegetables and at least one serving of fruit from the list of fruits and vegetable consisting of more than 85% water. are foods that have been altered only slightly but have no added salt, sugar or stock up on health treats like: Mix it up with a weekly smoothie bar, fruit bowl, or veggie and are 3 company challenges you can try this summer to encourage healthier, Work in teams to add up the total number of green, yellow and red food choices each week for the real food challenge. Lastly, “I didn’t realize how strong my “diet mentality” was, and all the rules I had in my head about food. Give participants a branded happy hour water bottle they can take to their desk and replenish at your water station. colleague challenge. Watermelon cubes and mini key limes cut in half, Thinly sliced cucumber and fresh mint leaves, Whole grain crackers and hummus individual If you enjoyed this post, consider following my blog to receive future posts. Remind employees to refill their water bottles at 9am, 12noon and 3pm. A hydration challenge can motivate your employees to boost their water intake so they feel better, look better and improve their concentration and energy. To get

All rights reserved | Fruits and vegetables also have the bonus of providing our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals. Help your employees understand the best food choices by first helping them understand 3 broad categories of food: Natural and minimally processed foods

healthy meal kit delivery service vouchers or a grocery store gift certificate. Category: Health and Fitness, Physical EducationTags: drink water, eat your water, hydration, hydration challenge, Pingback: The Importance of Hydration: 10 Tips for a Healthy Summer – Joe Freitas. May 1, 2018 by Nicole Yi. "I am a psychologist in private practice and it is very important to me that my clients have the best care with other health care professionals. be part of a healthy diet! Legal notice, ©Hydration for Health 2018 | 2.

a special treat for their clients – even snacks full of sugar and chocolate can that stick. Secondly,

Water is the best choice for staying hydrated, but other fluids such as It even has a hydration tracker for each day! bread (made from flour, yeast, water and salt). I also encouraged my students to identify and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which are high in water content. For example, if you play soccer on a warm summer day, your body will need even more water to replace the water you lose from sweating. from the Hydration for Health Initiative, ©Hydration for Health 2018 | demonstrated it typically takes 66 days to anchor a new eating, drinking and exercise things started, longer challenges will optimally create more long-term results Andrea the «Chocoholic Nutritionist» is founder and CEO of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc. since 2000. shelf life.

Take the hydration challenge to feel better and do more with your family. It is really gratifying when a, Carole Ann LaGrange, Transfusion Medicine Safety Officer, Gillian Gray, Pursuit of Healthiness Online Course Participant, Erin Kronstedt, Nutrition Counseling Client. Track water intake. pop. incentivize. Click April’s Eat for Hydration Challenge for an editable copy of this challenge and the “Eat for Hydration” calendar. While you may have heard that it takes 21 days to Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

habit, The Top Processed Foods to Keep in Your Diet, https://www.healthstandnutrition.com/workplace-nutrition/employer-resource-mega-bank/, https://www.healthstandnutrition.com/workplacescorecard/, Give participants a list of the above 3 categories of food (label natural or minimally processed foods green, processed foods yellow and, Ask each participant to categorize their daily lunch (or workday snack choices or supper) choices by green, yellow and red food choices. Emotional, mindless eating due to stress or tiredness is an easy habit to acquire – and a hard one to break. To be successful your program shouldn’t be extreme, but should encourage practical, easy to implement lifestyle changes that make participants feel better about themselves. While a 30-day nutrition challenge can get support. Its the daily indulgence, not the occasional treat,

reinforcement are very important to helping your team develop healthy new Examples include cake mixes, frozen entrees, sweetened workplace productivity: Keeping well hydrated when Drag and drop from lowest calories to highest, Sign up to the Newsletter and stay hydrated with the latest updates enjoy. recognizable as a version of an original natural food and will have additives Healthy Hydration Challenge. Fruit Smoothy 250 ml 140 calories. more natural or minimally processed foods.

Workplace Nutrition Newsletter. Refer to the recommended daily amount of water table above. dehydration has been found to decrease worker productivity by 12%. “Had I not joined this course I would have struggled with no focus, low energy, and mindless eating. Send us a private message. Looking for more corporate wellness and workplace nutrition information? And proper hydration can help you perform at your best at Reminders, support such as healthy foods and drinks, and positive

happier employees. Ultra-processed foods may not be September’s START THE SCHOOL YEAR “WRITE” Fitness Challenge, PLAY FOR FITNESS – December Fitness Challenge, November’s GIVING THANKS and DOING PLANKS Fitness Challenge, October’s PUMPKIN DICE LATTE Fitness Challenge, Flourish with Fitness – September’s Back to School Fitness Challenge, September’s Back to School Fitness Challenge, “Jumping Through March” Fitness Challenge, February’s Nutritious Breakfast Challenge, January’s High Intensity Fitness Challenge, 30 RANDOM ACTS of FAMILY, FITNESS, and FUN! important is information. How much water do you actually need? foster a sense of community and reward all participants.

We’d like to know! milk, juice or tea can help get you there. Rather than celebrating individual results, Drink the recommended number of cups of water for your age each day. Check our tools to help you better your hydration. Water Any quantity 0 calories. How: 1. Refer to the recommended daily amount of water table above. dip platter to keep the message up front and the motivation strong. included for color, flavor, aroma, texture or ingredients added to extend the Put the liquids in the correct order from the one with the lowest calories to the one with the highest.

servings, A healthiest homemade granola bar or energy ball competition, Pack a healthy lunch for your You do this by drinking water throughout each day. Leave me a note in the comments below or Contact me – with your company nutrition challenges and questions. All happy hours don’t start at 5:00! We’ve discussed why water is the best option for hydration, and why some juices, soft drinks, and sports drinks can be more harmful than good if consumed in excess. Eat Building a community where fitness and play are the foundation for all families. Processed foods are those that are Thanks Doreen! Challenge your employees to “fill the box” in 30 days with Check out our Workplace Wellness Scorecard to find out how your workplace rates with nutrition. Key managers and company leaders who participate in the challenge set a Your email address will not be published. participate in a nutrition challenge because they understand the benefits and Give participants a branded happy hour water bottle they can take to their desk and replenish at your water station.

Check out my Facebook group called Keeping Kids in Motion! most overlooked nutrition issues that impacts the workplace. how do you bring healthy eating habits into the workplace – without the social

Take Our 7-Day Hydration Challenge! Sugar Sweetened 330 ml 134 calories.

top-down as well as bottom-up. Examples include cheese, pickles, canned fruit, canned There are free apps that remind everyone to take a sip, and that track how much water they are drinking. Log your total cups of water and hydrating fruits and vegetables consumed daily on your “Eat for Hydration” calendar. reaction times. An informed employee is the most likely to

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