For those who don’t know, scroll shots means taking a single screenshot of a very long page on your smartphone. A drop-down list of options should be presented to you, click on the one that says “. Simply go back to your phones quick setting toggles by pulling down your notifications tray. Now having known all these things, I’m guessing the next question on your mind right now will be like; how do i get this feature activated or enabled on my Infinix Note 7, Note 7 or Hot 9 smartphone right? 128GB is... 94.170 (Antutu v8) Antutu better than 62% of smartphones. So how to do we choose between these two options when recording things such as gameplay on our Infinix Note 7, 7 Lite and Hot 9 smartphones? It simply lets you control music playback on your smartphone, without you having to turn on the display. When activated, it simply wakes your phone screen, the moment you pick it up from a surface, or lift it to your face, without you having to first press the power button, or make use of the tap to wake gesture. When in there, locate the option that says “.

On the new page, you’ll be given different options with toggle buttons that represents different actions that can be performed with the fingerprint reader.

FzMovies Review – World’s Largest Free Movies Download and Streaming Website, 2 New Ways Of Hiding Apps & Files On Newer Infinix Smartphones, Running XOS 5 Cheetah and Above, Infinix Android 11 Update Roadmap: The Sad Fate For All Infinix Smartphone Owners. How to access the new & additional setting options for calls and the phone dialer app. Infinix Note 7, Note 7 Lite and Hot 9 Tips and Tricks – How to increase the fingerprint reader’s speed and accuracy. Simple.. Due to the fact that our smartphones screens are growing taller by the day, smartphone manufacturers have devised a means to make these phones still comfortable to use, especially for those with small hands, and it is called the “One-handed mode“, at least on Infinix smartphones. Go to your phone’s main setting menu, and locate the option that says “, You’ll be given two navigation options to choose from, the first one is the said “. After activating it, to pin apps on your phone, all you have to do is; Press your recent apps button to go your recent apps menu.

Now to freeze apps, all you have to do is..

Do you wonder which phone to choose Infinix Hot 9 Play VS Note 7 Lite. The Infinix Hot 7 (Mostly called Infinix Hot 7 Lite) has 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and runs Android Go, every other thing apart from the ones listed are the same as the Infinix Hot 7 with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and runs the full-fledged Android.

Simple as well. You can now go back to your dialer app to see the changes.. From your dialer app, tap on that same three-dot menu button that we’ve been tapping from steps 1 & 2 above. Simple.. Now just as it is with other smartphone OEMs out there, Infinix has jampacked its XOS launcher with quite a handful of navigational gestures, to make things a lot easier for people, especially for those with small hands. You can drag the button to the center of your phone’s display to open Smart Panel, and from there, you get to choose what apps and features that should be included in it, or you can leave the default apps and features the same way they have been configured for you.

100+ Best Hole Punch Android Wallpapers For Infinix S5 & Tecno Camon 12 Air Smartphones.

I know that it might sound like a waste of storage space to many, but you can always delete the recordings if you feel they aren’t in any way useful to you. First of all, make sure that your phone is running on Infinix’s own default XOS launcher, else any theme you apply from the theme store won’t reflect on your third-party launcher, until you switch back to the default launcher. How to set different actions for the Fingerprint reader.

Tap the app icon at the top of the app preview, locate the “. View datasheet.

And one of those features happens to be the new setting menu options for calls and your phone dialer app, something that looks like this. To either enable or disable the battery charging tone and vibrations on your Infinix Note 7, 7 Lite and Hot 9 smartphones, you know, that tiny sound that the phone makes you plug and unplug the charger from it, here’s what you should do. You can select from a million of beautify bespoke wallpapers from the XTheme store, and here’s how to do it. While the screen is off and there’s a song currently playing. What this means is that, if you chose the former, while recording your phone’s screen, the microphone will be turned off and you wouldn’t be able to record your own voice into the video. Other ones include, “swipe up” to reveal your app drawer, “pinch in” with two fingers to reveal your “app hide” folder, etc. And because of that sameness in their software, what you’ll get on this one, is pretty much the same thing you’d get on the other one. How to customize or change the phone dialer app theme or colors. The Note 7 series were launched somewhere around the upper midrange grade of smartphones, while the Hot 9, you know, somewhere around the lower midrange segment. You will be given a three-step adjustment scale that can be used to adjust the font size.. Swipe all the way up to go to home screen.

So having known about that, how then do we pin apps on our Infinix Note 7, Note 7 Lite and Hot 9 smartphones? Now while in there, locate the option that says “.

Long press on your home screen, and from the options shown to you, select the one that says “, If you’re running on an older version of XOS launcher, when you long press on your home screen, first of all, select the option that says “. From there, you should see all the gesture navigation that are currently available on the Infinix XOS platform, you can set what each gesture does, and that should be it.. As usual, make sure that your phone is currently running on Infinix default XOS launcher.
It is the seventh generation of Infinix's Note Series of smartphones.

You will be asked to keep scrolling to the bottom of whatever page you’re capturing until you’ve captured to the length of the page that you want, and you press ok. First of all, you need to activate the app pinning feature separately, by going to your phone’s main settings menu and going to “, Scroll or swipe all the way down, until you see the option that says “. Something that looks like this.. Maybe that wasn’t possible before, but right now, i can beat my chest to tell you that the Note 7, 7 Lite and Hot 9 smartphones gives you an option to choose from different screen animations, to make use of for incoming calls on your phone.

Alright guys, so that’s all about the basic and advanced tips and tricks for our Infinix Note 7, Note 7 Lite and Hot 9 smartphones.

Just as it was with the fingerprint reader, if for any reason you feel that your phone is beginning to feel a lot slower than when you got it, here’s a simple trick that might come in handy. Simple.. You can now go ahead and start recording your phone’s screen, depending on what option that you chose.. You can simply pull down the notifications drawer on your phone to reveal the quick setting toggles.

So how do we setup app freezer feature on our Infinix Note 7, Note 7 Lite and Hot 9 smartphones? Ola Electronics Pvt. I don’t know if this is just me, but mine seems not to be working. Once again, pull down your phone’s notification tray to reveal your quick setting toggles. After you’ve done that, you should see some options at the bottom of your phone’s screen, select the one that says “.

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