You may change the number of significant figures displayed by         Radius & Segment Height ED         Chord AB & Arc AB.         Radius & Arc AB

Each chord is cut into two segments at the point of where they intersect.

        Radius & Apothem OE If we measured perfectly the results would be equal. It is a little easier to see this in the diagram on the right. Why not try drawing one yourself, measure the lengths and see what you get?

Numbers are displayed in scientific notation in the amount of

N ⋅ …         Radius & Apothem OE significant figures you specify. See also Intersecting Secant Angles Theorem. This is the idea (a,b,c and d are lengths): And here it is with some actual values (measured only to whole numbers): And we get.

        Segment Height ED & Apothem OE will not be in scientific notation but will still have the same precision.

For angles in circles formed from tangents, secants, radii and chords click here.

Click here for the formulas used in this calculator. Significant Figures >>> var xright=new Date;         Chord AB & Segment Height ED 71 × 104 = 7384; 50 × 148 = 7400; Very close!

Circle Calculator.

If two chords intersect inside a circle, then the product of the lengths of the segments of one chord equals the product of the lengths of the segments of the other chord. Intersecting Chords Theorem.     1728 Software Systems. Click on the 2 variables you know

Most browsers, will display the answers properly but         Chord AB & Arc AB, Radius and Central Angle

        Chord AB & Apothem OE         Segment Height ED & Apothem OE

You can see from the calculations that the two products are always the same. Theorem: The measure of the angle formed by 2 chords that intersect inside the circle is 1 2 the sum of the chords' intercepted arcs. It is Proposition 35 of Book 3 of Euclid's Elements.

Intersecting Chord Theorem.

if you are seeing no answers at all, enter a zero in the box above, which will

It states that the products of the lengths of the line segments on each chord are equal. eliminate all formatting but at least you will see the answers. Intersecting Chords Theorem.

        Radius & Chord AB changing the number in the box above. (Note: Because the lengths are rounded to one decimal place for clarity, the calculations may come out slightly differently on your calculator.)

For example, in the following diagram AP × PD = BP × PC

Note: This theorem applies to the angles and arcs of chords that intersect anywhere within the circle. One chord is cut into two line segments A and B.

The intersecting chords theorem or just The chord theorem is a statement in elementary geometry that describes a relation of the four line segments created by two intersecting chords within a circle. Chord and Arc Calculator.         Radius & Chord AB When two chords intersect each other inside a circle, the products of their segments are equal. This applet illustrates the theorem: The products of the intercepts of two intersecting chords (or secants) are equal. Intersecting Chords Theorem If two chords intersect in a circle, the product of the lengths of the segments of one chord equal the product of the segments of the other.         Radius & Arc AB For easier readability, numbers between 1,000 and -1,000


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        Chord AB & Segment Height ED A.B = C.D.         Radius & Segment Height ED         Radius and Central Angle         Chord AB & Apothem OE

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