I'm a certified Italian teacher based in my hometown Florence.

Practice your skills with fun by matching little images with their translation!In our Vocabulary Trainer you’ll find Memory Games, Interactive Flashcards and more. I've experience with children and adults, with in company courses, with total beginners as well as with advanced. *Of course you can count these things, but you should use other words, for example due panini two rolls or tre bottiglie di latte three bottles of milk. I strongly encourage self-studying along with frontal teaching in order to considerably shorten learning time. The indefinite article (un, una, …) has namely no plural.In English, the plural of the partitive article corresponds to an empty space or some. In Italian, in contrast to French, the partitive article can often be omitted. I am Italian native speaker.

Being fluent in several languages allows me to give students further explainations in their native language when needed. Forms of the partitive article: del, dello, dell´, della, dei, degli, delle Use of the partitive article It is used with mass nouns instead of the indefinite article It indicates an unspecified quantity or part of the whole I am patient, flexible and I will adapt in all ways to your personal needs. L’Italiano ti aspetta! If you struggle with your pronunciation and you want to become more confident, I can help you achieve your goal. Start learning Italian with us!

Partitive articles are used to refer to an unspecified quantity, as in the following categories: Mistaking a partitive article for an articulated preposition is easy, so make sure to analize carefully the sentence and the context. Hi, welcome to my profile! I attended specialization courses for Italian L2 teachers and I am interviewer for C1 PLIDA exam. Learning instead should be a pleasure, so I like to use small funny videos, songs, puzzles and so on.

I offer 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 tuition, general Italian courses (grammar, conversation, listening, reading and writing), preparation to Italian examinations (all levels, also Italian for residence permit) and Italian and culture courses. Olivia was very sensitive to my goals. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT YOU SPEAK AS MUCH YOU CAN? 12 weeks later, and I am so satisfied and grateful. I'll wait for you on my profile for the trial lesson and discover an easy and fun method to learn a language as soon as possible. Help us to keep to improve our content and keep the website alive and free from ads.

Looking for a language tutor? He prepared the class in advance and adjusted to what I asked. How will I teach you italian? Are you doing an Erasmus in Italy or Spain? Don’t worry if you’ve never studied the language before: everyone can attend my classes – from beginner to advanced students. By the very nature of it's name, a partitive represents a part of a whole. We laughed a lot and I was quite surprised to find that I had been speaking almost entirely in Italian for an hour. I also have taught group classes. I will be very happy to adopt the method that suits your case. I provide you with material, sometimes selfmade, other times taken from books, videos, or songs, but always useful to help you to immerse in the target language! Therefore, when referring in general to objects in the plural, use either a partitive article or an (aggettivo indefinito) such as alcuni or qualche (alcuni libri - some books, qualche libro - some books). Most importantly she is very punctual with classes which I appreciate. I also prepare students for exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), and I offer language courses for communication and travelling purposes. Learn the partitive article in Italian! Grammar, vocabulary exercises, reading articles and magazines and talking together are all tools to feel at ease with the Italian language and then be able to practice it. Because our brain need some time to make us fluent and to feel confident speaking in another language.

My goal is to make certain that each student finds learning Italian exciting.

I give homework exercises, and my lessons are intermixed with grammar, conversation, customs and traditions. So if you want to learn a language or improve the one you already speak, whether it is for work, to move abroad or just because you love languages, contact me for a free trial and let me know how I can help you. You can even leave it out with two elements. This also allows me to put myself in my students' shoes and understand better their difficulties. Furthermore, I consider creativity is an essential aspect of speaking. I have a diploma in Secretarial and Business Administration from the South Kensington and Chelsea Collage in London- (I lived in London few years ago).

The definite articles are used to introduce nouns which refer to a specific item, in English we would use the article the. You’ll use the singular partitive article when you have uncountable nouns to indicate an indefinite quantity of them. Perfect the class with Ermanno. For example, certain combinations of prepositions and partitive articles are not recommended, either because it doesn’t sound good or because of its use combined with abstract words. My Italian is at an A2 (low intermediate) level but with seemingly infinite patience and useful hints, Mojra helped me to ask my questions in Italian and I felt my confidence grow as the lesson progressed.

The lessons also work very well in groups. I have been studying with Federico for five months now.

I am currently specializing in the Spanish and German. During my carrier as a language learner, I have acquired some skills that I can teach you, with a focus on overcoming the fear of speaking in a foreign language and I can also help you feel more confident when interacting with Italian native speakers.

Are you ready to start your language learning path with me?

Recommended 100%. Also I've succesfully prepared a number of students for the most important english and italian certification (CELI, CILS, FIRST, PET, KET). I have experience teaching online and at home. Her explanations are very clear as well. I will guide and support you through your learning adventure! Michael San Filippo co-wrote The Complete Idiot's Guide to Italian History and Culture. In summary, I have enjoyed the classes immensely and look forward to future improvement! There are no fixed rules for the use of the partitive.

We were able to take full advantage of it.

The partitive article is formed much like articulated repositions (preposizioni articolate): (di + definite articles).

I teach Italian, English and Bulgarian. I have teached italian to foreign people, above all adults at any age, in several NGOs and social cooperatives in the last 4 years. The lessons are always a good combination of speaking, reading and grammar. I follow a communicative approach and in my classes there's lot of room for speaking but I don't neglect grammar, listening and writing. I try to meet the student's personal needs and objectives rather than impose my standard class. A2 • Audio • PDF • Italian-English • 2-3 minutes • in ancient Rome, A1 • Italian-English • 1-2 Minutes • 4 Pictures, Original recipe in Italian • Video • PDF • Vocabulary list • Italian-English. My passion for languages started at high school, when I learned English, French and Spanish. I thank her for this lovely experience. It denotes an undefined quantity and thus represents the plural of the indefinite article. This website uses cookies. During my classes I focus on the active skills of language, speaking and writing. In the last 6 years I have worked with languages, as a tour guide in Spain and Ireland and as a student support in a English Academy in Dublin. Hello everyone! Hi! I try each time to adapt to every student's needs, with mainly one goal: making every student enthusiastic about the learning process and more and more confident. The conversation was fluent. For English I offer ONLY pronunciation exercises. The partitive article is used to express an indefinite quantity.

Hi, I'm Dajana, I'm 31 years old and I come from Naples. Luisa is always a pleasure to talk with and is a kind and pleasant teacher. I think Mojra is an excellent teacher. Are you seeking a friendly and dynamic study environment ? Find an online teacher, Private lessons, group classes, tutoring and language courses (A1, A2, B2, B2, C1, C2). In questo ristorante si mangia buon pesce. I attended the College (tourism) in Lucca-Italy. I am an enthusiastic, dedicated and adaptable teacher. Are you came back recently? I was an A2/B1 Telc examiner. Elena is very punctual and flexible when we need to change our schedule.

I'm interested in music, cinema, literature and I enjoy talking about several topics. I am a language instructor. Do you simply love Italian language and culture ?

I have had many lessons with Luisa and I always look forward to them. You should try a lesson with her. While definite articles have a plural form, indefinite articles do not. In this example, it would be preferable to use an adjective (or indicate a certain kind of apricot) with the noun. I cannot recommend Federico enough for anyone who wants to truly learn a language his teaching and materials are excellent.

Do you want a languages certification? I hope to see you soon in one of my classes!

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