Hi Jasline, oh this Japanese Shortcake is so elegant looking ! This will help the strawberries stay fresh inside the cake layers.

Mix until incorporated. I made Japanese strawberry shortcake last July but using whipped cream alone can’t achieved a smoother finish that I want . I’m sorry if I can’t be more helpful. Brush syrup on top of base layer and upper layer of cake. Place the mixer bowl and whisk attachment in the chiller or freezer for at least 30 mins.

In a bowl of a stand mixer, add heavy cream. 5) Change to an electric mixer and whisk the egg and sugar mixture on medium-high speed. My name is Jasline and I’m a foodie from Singapore who loves to cook, bake and travel. gong xi gong xi! I love this recipe, but when I tried to make the stabilised cream everything went wrong. 1h10m. I’ve now made this many times over, and it’s an absolute winner! To test: (a) Insert a skewer into the centre of the the cake, it is done when it emerges clean and free of sticky batter; AND/OR (b) press your fingers gently on the centre, the cake is done if it feels pillowy and springs back to the touch; AND/OR (c) insert an instant-read thermometer into the centre of the cake, the cake is done when it's internal temperature reaches 98°C (210°F). Bring to a boil and cook until all the sugar has dissolved. Japanese strawberry shortcake is a popular cake in Japan made with soft, fluffy sponge cake, decorated with fresh whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. Thank you so so much for sharing this recipe, I’ve tried so many before but none of them come close to being as good as this! It is easier to build the cake if the whipped cream is very cold. The strawberries in the middle were also halved, and though this makes the cake looks a bit prettier when cut, I find it difficult to get a clean cut. Use a whisk to stir until well mixed. Spread enough Chantilly cream to cover the top and sides of the cake, reserving some for decorating. There are several tips for better shortcake.

Add in maple syrup and vanilla and whip until incorporated.

The cake is a sponge cake with natural colour but the decorations are similar to that of the American version. Thank you so much, Philyn, for your awesome comments! Transfer the remaining Chantilly cream to a piping bag fitted with a tip of your choice. I’m so thrilled you found me on my blog too! Your cake is beautiful and so delicious looking! Instead of biscuit, Sponge Cake is used. Hi Shirleen, I usually finish this cake a day before and let it chill in a closed cake box or cake container in the fridge overnight so that the cream filling and frosting firm up nicely. Brush the syrup on the cake well, spread on about 1/5 of the whipped cream, and put 1/2 of the fruit fillings on the cream. « Easy Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic and Soy Sauce, Korean Candied Sweet Potatoes (Goguma Mattang) ». Simply delicious! Everyone says it’s good!

Patrick. Hope this helps! Oh my…this is so gorgeous, Jasline. Hi Carey, I used 2 5-inch cake tins Maple syrup is optional. Overnight chilling allows the flavours of the cake to come together beautifully. I’m so glad your cake was enjoyed so greatly. The fresh strawberry sponge cake is extra fluffy and soft because the egg yolks and egg whites are beaten separately to add extra volume. Hi, I tried making the cake and encountered the following problems: And since then it still is often the best seller in any bake shop. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Set aside. If you are a fellow blogger who wishes to use our photos on your website, please let us know via foodiebaker[at]gmail[dot]com and provide credit and link in your article back to the post(s) where you took the photo(s) from. Peel off and discard the parchment paper.

Just take the cake out of the chiller about 15 to 20 minutes before the time you wish to serve it. There are cake and bake shops in every corner of cities in Japan, often selling many different kinds of cakes by the slice or in individual servings.

Sweet and Sour Fish + The Best Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe! Instead of strawberries, you can use other fruits to decorate the cake and it is still called a shortcake in Japan. Thank You for any help.

Switch from electronic mixer into rubber spatula. 8) Pour 1/3 of the batter into the butter-milk mixture and fold until the butter-milk has been incorporated.

15 Minute Thai Basil Tofu Stir Fry (Pad Krapow). You could make the cake and syrup one day before and store them, covered, in the refrigerator. yeah, i like the deco on yur 1st attempt more. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Noriko and Yuko, the authors of this site, are both from Japan but now live in California. It’s incredibly soft, moist and velvety smooth with just the perfect level of sweetness, in my opinion. Don't subscribe 19) Cover the strawberry pieces with more whipped cream. You can use one 8 inch pan or two 6 inch pans. Next, add the cake flour and baking powder to a fine mesh sieve and sift it into the egg white and egg yolk mixture.

Any leftover cake should be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator. Frost the whole cake with the rest of the whipped cream. Place the bowl of gelatin in a pan of simmering water and heat until the gelatin has dissolved. My family loves it too ? Do not over mix.

Remove the mixing bowl from the pot. Add another layer of cake, push down lightly, brush the syrup, spread more whipped cream (another 1/5) and the remainder of the fruit filling.

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