The Office of Academic Affairs handles matters related to instruction. The handbook concludes with a description of necessary attendance and grading reports, an outline of student personnel services, and a copy of the constitution of the LACC Faculty Association. 0000027501 00000 n See Article 9 of the contract for information on facilities, support, and technology available to you on campus. Gentle Dental Reminder: For those who have selected (or who intend to select) the Delta Dental PPO rather than the MetLife/SafeGuard HMO, please be aware that the Delta Dental PPO has a calendar year plan maximum of $1,000 regardless of years of service. Rather, it is simply intended to be a helpful collection of materials most commonly of interest to faculty and academic administrators.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome and should be sent to

For options and to set up your tax-deferred 403b and 457 account, see the District Retirement Services website. (See also: Personnel Guides: Alphabetical Index), B311 3-29-78 INCOME TAX--Deductions, Travel Expenses (c), B320 12-12-84 SCHEDULE--Monthly Rate Employees (c), B363 3-25-81 PROCESSING--New Employee Forms, Directions (c), B369 7-7-82 CODES--Teaching, Non-Vocational, Alphabetic (c), B376 10-12-77 ASSIGNMENT--Multiple, Policy and Procedure (c), B387 3-1-00 ATHLETIC ASSIGNMENT-Coach and Athletic Director (c), B389 10-29-80 SCHEDULE--Codes (c) (cl) (u), B393 7-7-82 CODES--Teaching, Non-Vocational, Numeric (c), B394 7-7-82 CODES--Teaching, Vocational, Numeric (c), B395 7-7-82 CODES--Teaching Positions, Vocational, Alphabetic (c), B396 9-22-82 PROCESSING--New Employees, Procedures (c) (cl) (u), B397 4-24-85 PROCESSING--New Employees, Forms Required (c), B406 3-21-84 INFORMATION--Release, General (c) (cl) (u), B412 7-1-80 PROCESSING--Current Employees, Forms Required (c), B431 12-7-77 FINGERPRINTS--Retake, Procedure (c) (cl), B439 8-24-83 REQUEST FOR PERSONNEL ACTION--Policy & Procedure (c), B445 5-9-79 LIMITED CONTRACT--Employment Procedure (c), B448 10-29-80 FINGERPRINTS--Policy (c) (cl), B457 4-24-85 PROCESSING--New Employees, Forms Required (cl) (u), B458 6-20-84 ASSIGNMENT--Unclassified Service (u), B460 3-4-03 PACE Faculty Roster Selection Procedure (c), B462 8-24-83 REQUEST FOR PERSONNEL ACTION--Policy and Procedure (cl), B465 1-16-85 ASSIGNMENT--Effective Date, Policy (c) (cl) (u), B473 9-19-79 SELECTION--Entrance Level, Policy (c), B506 9-28-83 SELECTION--Entrance Level, Request Procedures (c), B509 6-11-75 ADDRESS--Employee Responsibility (c) (cl) (u), B523 6-21-75 FULL TIME EQUIVALENT--Conversion Table (c) (cl), B525 4-9-80 ASSIGNMENT--Administrators, Extra (c), B527 7-6-83 ASSIGNMENT LISTING--Terminating and Active (c) (cl) (u), B534 11-16-83 ASSIGNMENT--Temporary Consulting Instructor (c), B541 11-8-84 RPA SYSTEM--General Design (c) (cl) (u), B541a 11-8-84 RPA SYSTEM--General Design (c) (cl) (u), B543 11-10-82 RPA SYSTEM--Name (c) (cl) (u), B547 9-28-83 RPA SYSTEM--Status Codes (c) (cl) (u), B549 9-21-83 RPA SYSTEM--Remarks (c) (cl) (u), B557 1-20-82 ASSIGNMENT--Department Chair, Instruction, Policy (c), B580 7-14-82 REIMBURSEMENT--Personal Property, Procedure (c) (cl), B301 11-8-78 REPLACEMENT SERVICE--Policy (c), B303 12-7-77 ABSENCE-Notification Certification (c), B307 6-9-82 DEATH-Reporting procedure (c) (cl), B308 12-12-84 SALARY--Degree Differential, Certificate Differential (c), B313 3-22-78 POINTS--Study, Non-accredited Institutions (c), B316 4-8-81 LAYOFF--Preliminary Procedures (c1), B317 12-1-82 INSTRUCTOR TRAINING--Assignment Policy (c), B319 3-23-83 ASSIGNMENT--Hourly Rate Service (c), B324 3-14-84 CREDENTIALS--Administrative Positions (c), B325 12-6-00 NEPOTISM-Policy (c Admin, cl, uncl), B327 10-8-75 READER ASSISTANT--Procedure (u), B329 1-6-82 POSITION NUMBERS--Assignment (c), B331 1-7-81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, General (c), B332 1-7-81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Eligibility Requirements (c), B333 1-7-81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Compensation (c), B334 11-10-71 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Cancellation (c), B335 1-7-81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Travel (c), B336 1-7-81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Formal Study (c), B337 12-3-81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Study, Independent (c), B339 11-15-84 DISTRIBUTION--Personnel Guides (c) (cl) (u), B340 5-18-77 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Compensation, Effect of Illness (c), B341 10-25-34 CREDENTIAL--Renewal, Regular and Vocational (c), B342 6-23-04 FACULTY EQUIVALENCY PROCESS (c), B344 1-7-81 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Incomplete (c), B345 11-16-83 LEAVE--Sabbatical, On-Leave Procedures (c), B346 11-15-84 LEAVE--Sabbatical, Return to Service (c), B347 12-1-82 CREDENTIALS--Children's Center Permits (c), B349 6-9-82 DIFFERENTIAL--Bilingual Skills (cl), B351 5-9-79 COLUMN ADVANCE--Monthly Rate (c), B354 9-28-83 PERFORMANCE REPORTS--Administrators (c), B355 5-8-74 TRANSFER--Administrators, Temporary (c), B356 9-30-02 ASSIGNMENT--Entrance-level, General (c), B358 11-16-83 SALARY--Experience Credit, Policy (c), B359 4-5-78 POINTS--Work Experience, Policy (c), B360 4-5-78 POINTS--Work Experience, Procedures (c), B361 4-5-78 POINTS--Private Instruction (c), B367 3-23-83 SUBSTITUTES--Employment Procedure (c), B368 6-8-83 CREDENTIALS--Permits, Request (c), B373 10-30-87 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT-Policy and Procedures Unit 3 (cl), B374 9-8-76 PRIVILEGES--Before Service (c) (cl), B377 6-20-84 CALENDAR--Important Dates (c) (cl), B381 8-22-74 PERFOP&LANCE REPORTS--Substitutes, Day-to-Day (c), B382 4-27-83 LEAVE--Part-time Service with Full-time Retirement Benefits (c), B383 3-7-90 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT-Policy and Procedures Unit 4 (cl), B385 3-23-83 CLASS--Unclassified Service (u), B386 7-1-80 HEALTH--Examination Procedure (c) (cl), B388 9-28-83 LOCATION--Codes (c) (cl) (u), B398 12-17-80 BOARD REPORTS--Personnel Actions (c) (cl) (u), B402 7-1-80 HEALTH--Approval Required (c) (cl), B407 3-22-78 TRANSFER-Entrance-level, Temporary (c), B410 6-6-84 MEDICAL PANEL--Industrial Accident Procedure (c) (cl), B416 3-23-83 LEAVE--Illness, Calculation and Compensation (c), B417, 2-8-84 LEAVE--Industrial Accident Procedure (c) (cl), B419 4-30-75 LEAVE--Military, Temporary (c) (cl), B420 5-25-77 LEAVE--Assault or Battery (c) (cl), B427 3-10-76 LEAVE--Governmental Order (c) (cl), B428 9-28-83 EVALUATIONS--References, Administrative (c), B432 12-1-82 LEAVE--Personal, Informal (c) (cl), B433 2-23-77 LEAVE--Illness, Informal (c), B434 2-4779 LEAVE--Military, Indefinite (c) (cl), B435 12-21-93 TRANSFER--Entrance-I.evel Policy (c), B436 3-6-74 TERMINATION--Calendar Contract (c), B437 9-23-81 EVALUATIONS--References, Entrance Level (c), B438 3-7-79 ETHNIC IDENTIFICATION--Procedures (c) (cl) (u), B440 4-12-78 SUMMER SESSION--Assignment Policy (c), B441 5-18-77 LEAVE--Personal Necessity (c), B442 3-25-81 LEAVE--Personal, Involuntary (c), B443 7-1-80 ABSENCE--Return Procedure (c) (cl), B446 1-13-82 DEROGATORY COMMUNICATIONS--Policy (c) (cl), B449 10-18-01 WINTER INTERSESSION--Procedures (c), B450 3-25-81 REDUCTION IN FORCE--Procedures (c), B452 5-7-80 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION--Policy and Procedures (c) (cl), B455 7-20-83 RESIGNATIONS--General (c) (cl), B456 12-7-83 SELECTION--Administrative Positions, Procedure (c), B459 8-3-83 INTERVIEW AND SELECTION-Procedures (cl), B461 8-13-80 SUBSTITUTES--List, Procedures (cl), B463 6-2-76 LEAVE--Bereavement, Substitutes (c), B467 7-15-70 DISMISSAL--Causes for, Examples (c), B472 3-5-04 PAYROLL PATTERN--Non-classroom faculty Level Pay(c), B474 5-25-77 UNSATISFACTORY NOTICE--Procedure, Probationary (c), B475 5-25-77 UNSATISFACTORY NOTICE--Procedure, Permanent (c), B476 5-25-77 DISCIPLINARY ACTION--Causes (cl), B477 2-16-78 SUSPENSION--Disciplinary, Procedure (cl), B478 5-9-84 UNSATISFACTORY NOTICE--Procedure (cl), B480 1-23-85 CREDENTIALS--Calif Comm Coll, Application Procedure (c), B481 5-7-80 WORK PERMITS--Policy and Procedure (u), B482 3-13-83 CREDENTIALS--Codes, Numeric (c), B483 3-13-83 CREDENTIALS--Codes, Alphabetic (c), B484 4-8-81 SUBSTITUTE LIST--Order of Names (cl), B485 10-31-73 TRANSFER--Administrators, Policy (c), B486 3-11-81 GUIDES--Subject Index (c) (cl) (u), B487 2-8-84 HEALTH--Examination for Tuberculosis (c) (cl), B489 5-7-80 WORK PERMITS--Nonimmigrant Students (u), B490 1-6-82 JURY SERVICE--Policy and Procedure (c), B491 2-1-78 JURY SERVICE--Policy and Procedure (cl) (u), B493 4-8-81 ABSENCE--Without Leave, Procedures (cl), B494 4-24-85 PROVISIONAL ASSIGNMENTS--Procedure (cl), B495 5-18-77 REDUCTION IN FORCE--Seniority (c), B496 7-9-80 PROVISIONAL ASSIGNMENTS--Policy (cl), B497 3-25-81 ASSIGNMENT--Administrative Positions (c), B507 7-10-74 APPEALS--Review Procedure (c) (cl) (u), B511 1-1-76 INTERVIEW AND SELECTION--Contact Procedures (cl), B512 12-17-80 CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT--Notification (cl), B513 5-10-78 UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE--Information and Procedures (c) (cl), B516 1-4-84 AVAILABILITY--Eligible Candidates (cl), B517 10-14-81 REDUCTION-IN-FORCE--Calendar (c), B518 3-23-83 ASSIGNMENT--Unclassified Service, Community Representative (u), B519 10-25-84 CREDENTIALS--Renewal, California Community Colleges (c), B520 6-3-81 LEAVE--Illness, Pregnancy (c) (cl), B521 3-9-77 SELECTION--Discipline Committees, Procedures (c), B522 6-25-75 FULL TIME EQUIVALENT--Conversion Table (c) (cl), B526 5-18-77 ASSIGNMENT--Cafeteria Worker Class, Policy and Procedure (cl), B528 10-12-83 CERTIFICATED SUBSTITUTE LIST--Distribution (c), B530 5-18-77 CONVICTIONS--Standards of Employment (u), B531 1-6-82 SELECTION--Administrative Position, Acting Appointments (c), B532 3-23-83 PROFESSIONAL EXPERT--Selection and Assignment (u), B533 11-2-77 ANNOUNCEMENT--4-lanagement Vacancies, Procedures (c), B536 1-11-84 ENTRANCE QUALIFICATIONS, Alternate Procedures (c), B539 1-9-85 SALARY--Career Increment, Administrators (c) (cl), B551 11-15-78 ASSIGNMENT--Management Positions, Request Procedure (c), B554 11-15-84 LEAVE--Professional Improvement, Management (c) (c), B558 4-18-79 ASSIGNMENT--Faculty Vacancies, Request Procedures (c), B560 12-21-83 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT--Policy and Procedures, Faculty (c), B562 1-9-85 SALARY--Career Increment, Confidential Employees (cl), B564 3-21-84 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING--Initial Proposal, Procedure (c) (cl), B567 9-10-80 CLASSIFICATION REQUESTS--Policy & Procedures (cl), B568 9-10-80 ANNUAL PHYSICAL EYAMINATION--Procedures (c) (cl), B574 10-6-82 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT--Policy & Proced.

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