I think that earth colours, at least the “classic” ones, like siennas and umbers should be made with the traditional pigments and the alternatives should be called with other names. Maimeri Blu Watercolours new range - Yellow Ochre, Golden Ochre (new colour replacing 128 Golden Lake), Raw Sienna, Transparent Mars Red, Burnt Sienna. In the new palette and choosing pigments, they have been eliminated all the colors based on cadmium and cobalt and is reduced to a minimum the presence of chromium. Very useful information. The cave painters didn't have artists quality paints did they!

With some other brands, you can sort of tell instantly when you lay down the first wash, but not here with MaimeriBlu in my experience. The prices of artists quality are really reaching `can I really afford or justify paying such prices?' Their tubes are down to 12 ml. Char -- I have previously written about choosing a primary red - one that can stand alone in a primary triad of red, yellow and blue. Maimeri Blu the Artist quality range from Maimeri The artist quality range shown above comprises 72 colours of which 52 are single pigment paints. http://www.antichitabelsito.it/colori_acquerello_maimeri_blu.html. I was working from a small sample of dried paint though - it may be better fresh from the tube. Review: MaimeriBlu Watercolor (Introductory Set of 6 tubes), loose sheets of Bee Paper 100% cotton watercolour paper, Parkablog's privacy and affiliate link policy. Thanks for pointing that out - yes a couple of Mission Gold swatches have snuck in - I'll edit and fix that up. Maybe if you choose your own colours they may work better. There is also a second range - I hesitate to call them student quality - called Venezia with 36 colours. I’m curious how much difference there would be. Interestingly the. Old Holland – Classic Artist Watercolors. I saw someone using this color and I had to have it. I know my Index system is a little clumsy but not being a technical 'geek' it's the best I can do.

:-) I have a question though, which I didn't find among the comments: Is there a chance you accidentally slipped the Mijello Mission Gold swatches into the picture of swatches starting with Indigo? Most colors in the Maimeriblu line are single pigment and the colors are very saturated and truly superb! So here are quite cheap for their quality, unfortunately, the price you got it is very very high. For over two years those colors have been exposed to some of the most intense heat/light that you can get in sunny/hot as hell central California. MaimeriBlu Superior Watercolours -Payne's Grey (granulating, low diffusion), Neutral Tint (medium diffusion), Carbon Black (staining, high diffusion), Ivory Black (staining, granulating, low diffusion). ( Log Out /  the Phthalo Turquoise is a definite turquoise colour, leaning towards green. Also, I'm debating whether or not to buy PR209. Royal Talens – Rembrandt Artists’ Watercolors. I like the color, but the primary reason I buy it is because it doesn't stain. It’s gorgeous and wonderful to work with. Ranging from $10 to $30 for a 15ml tube, the Maimeri Blu watercolours are in the mid- to high price range for watercolour tubes. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. I can’s see for example what might be the difference between an artist Phthalo Blue and its equivalent in student series.

Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2017. ), Permanent Red Deep, Permanent Carmine (new colour), Crimson Lake (new pigment), Rose (Alizarin) Madder (new colour). MaimeriBlu Superior Watercolours - Dragon's Blood (staining, high diffusion), Avignon Orange (staining, high diffusion), Venetian Red (staining, high diffusion), Stil de Grain Brown (staining, low diffusion), Burnt Umber (granulating). Handprint however has or had considerable clout and he received an e-mail from them with the above information.

EDIT: I’m sorry… I misunderstood your question… PBr7 is a Series 1 pigment and as you’ve observed it shouldn’t be too expensive to include in Student quality paints. As for the light fastness of these colours.. Earth colours are light fast no matter what, so this is not an issue either. For the greens, just Green Earth and Viridian, as it does not seem to granulate, and perhaps Hooker's and cobalt green light to mix with a cadmium for a pretty leaf green; the sap green seems to lean grey in tints. What colour! The orange created looks beautiful. For study and learning. Maimeri Blu Watercolours new range - Payne's Grey (new pigment), Neutral Tint (new pigment), Ivory Black, Carbon Black, Mars Black ((new colour). Incidentally I didn't like the original Golden Lake, not nearly as good as the Winsor & Newton single pigment PO49, now unfortunately a three pigment mix. I also prefer yellow ochre PY42 over raw sienna PBr7 because the ochre is a little more vibrant. If you check them out many of the colours have the same name and pigment. Maimeri Blu Watercolours new range - Chinese White, Titanium White (new colour), Nickel titanate Yellow, Permanent Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Lemon.

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