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Choose from 99 pictures in our Mistle Thrush collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. Their dreamy song is loud and far reaching and often heard during stormy weather, hence its alternative name of Stormcock.

Could a Magpie bury a stolen egg? The comments below have not been moderated.

Live in Palm Springs calif. Found these in our garden 2 weeks ago (mid June) would love to know what they are. I was making a hole to plant basil and found it about an inch under the soil. It’s like a blue-greenish color with brownish speckles…. I can’t figure it out as it doesn’t seem to match any of the photos at the top of this page and it seems quite large. Squirrel? It would have been a long drop! The whole process took around a month with the young leaving when they were around a fortnight old, Shelter: The bird and her fledglings had protection and shelter, as well as warmth from the light. I did not see any nests nearby. Bird egg identifier. This was an unusually open (exposed) at low-level, (about three and a half feet, actually…), Wood Pigeon’s nest – in a Hawthorn sapling – ‘snapped’ a couple of years ago, now. I’m not sure what to do, it was about to fall out of the bushes & the landscapers took away their hiding spot & about half of the outer side of the nest so it was more exposed & almost about to hit the ground ….. can u help please??? I wondered whether you could tell me what type of bird egg this is? Reference to BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) would probably clarify. Have carefully put in in the compost bin. The white eggs of the white-breasted nuthatch have abundant red-brown speckles, according to the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds." Please order early for Christmas to avoid disappointment. However and in contrast to this, individual birds can be fiercely protective of a single source of berries – e.g. The Mistle Thrush is often seen on the ground, where it keeps its body fairly upright and hops to move forward. I do not know how long it has been there, but do not recall seeing it there yesterday. Feasible? Everyone thinks we put marbles in a nest, but no, they are eggs and the mama bird continues to nest. Hope this helps a laudable idea. It looks like it could be Chaffinch eggs. Please use our bird egg identifier below to compare against any discarded or used shells you may find in your garden our elsewhere. But as it’s speckled I’m not so sure, still quite blue. TIA. It looks like it might be a Goldfinch, the speckles vary which could account for the difference. I found this eggs on a floor parking lot and i am not sure if i should move them to a nest i bought to they dont get run over. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Just to be clear.

Occasionally, nestlings of other songbirds are taken and fed to the Mistle Thrush’s young.

In the autumn and winter months, berries become a significant food type, with holly, yew, ivy, rowan and mistletoe all being eaten – the latter being where the species is believed to have derived its name from. The reason for this is to allow the parent birds to find the eggs in the dark hole more easily, notes the Royal Alberta Museum site.. John Lindell has written articles for "The Greyhound Review" and various other online publications. Masks will not silence us': Michael Flynn's family thanks Trump for pardoning the ex-national security adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI - as president tweets 'have a great life General!

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