MITHI TALAI — SWAGAON ( 30 K.M.) – Kathora – 8 k.m.

KHIRAINIGHAT –Hanuman temple near Railway Bridge, the road at the bank of Narmada is now — Kabir Ashram ( Night stay at village ) — 20 k.m.

HARRA –Night stay at village. }); – Dibari – 13 k.m. Another legend has it that two teardrops that fell from the eyes of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, yielded two rivers – the Narmada and the Brahmaputra. – Mangrol – 2 k.m. Compare hotels prices, book online and save money.

[ Khalghat – 5 k.m. Balaji and Hanuman temple, Direct town and big market place.

Tectona grandis is the dominant canopy tree, in association with Diospyros melanoxylon, Dhaora (Anogeissus latifolia), Lagerstroemia parviflora, Terminalia tomentosa, Lannea coromandelica, Hardwickia binata and Boswellia serrata. Sidhayanath Mahadev, Annapurna temple, Dutta temple, many other temple, Ashram and Dharmashala. Come back to Kathpore and proceed for Mithi Talai ( From where the journey has been started ) by motor boat from southern end to northern end. – Foolwadi – 3 k.m. [ Omkereswar – 12 k.m. – Panetha – 5 k.m. HOLIPURA — Hanuman temple.

[Vedaghat – 4 k.m.

GIRNARI GUFA — Girnereswar Mahadev, Mekalsuta Ashram, Dharmashala.

Way through dense forest. – Godhari ghat – 10 k.m. HATHNORA — Northward flowing NARMADA, Ram temple. KAMBAT — Kambat is a small city having a market. [ Shiwalaghat – 13 k.m.

], CHIPAWAT — MANDLA :– (50 k.m. ) – Badel – 4 k.m. PIPALNERIA –Pancha Mukhi Hanuman, Ram temple. zoom: 6, – Bagbania- 5 k.m. CHICHOD KUTHI — Memorable place of Sant Bagarang Das Tilak Maharaj, Hanuman temple. The Hiran, the Barna, the Choral, the Karam and the Lohar are the important tributaries joining from the north.

Narmada is the largest west flowing river of the peninsular India.

SITABAN — Sita Mata temple, Balmiki Ashram, Narmada Kund, Ashram. If you like this Narmada River map, please don't keep it to yourself. – Marutidham – 1 k.m. BHATGAON — Ram temple, Dharmashala. KOKESOR — Memorable place of Gouri Sankar Maharaj.

mh_priprav_bookmark("search/narmada-river/detailed-satellite-map/"); KAWDA– MANDU ( 135 K.M.) – Shulgaon – 5 k.m. – Takinghat – 6 k.m. )–[ Bilashpur – 10 k.m.

JAGADISH MADI — Kushumeswar and Kundaleswar Tirtha, Ashram. DAHAJ — Mahalakshmi & Nilkantha Mahadev temple.

– Ghagha – 10 k.m. Get a free map for your website. KALKACHHA — Radha Krishna temple. NOUGAWA — Nag Tirtha , Hanuman temple. NANDNER — Manakamaneswar and Mahakaleswar Mahadev. THE FIRST WAY GOES THROUGH THE FOREST OF SHULAPANI AND THE OTHER GOES THROUGH HIGH WAY.

Sharma, Bhasha Shukla. DAHAJ — Mahalakshmi & Nilkantha Mahadev temple. – Nikora – 3 k.m. – Dupta Sangam – 6 k.m. But there is good chance you will like other map styles even more.

– Bajawara – 3k.m.

– Vhakha – 8 k.m. JOGI TEKRIA — Ram temple and Dharmashala. – Poicha – 3 k.m. Free map; west north east.

)[ Trishulghat – 2 k.m. It is one of the oldest forest reserves, which has an established tradition of scientific management of forests. SHORE SANGAM– Mahadev temple and Narmada temple, Dharmashala. RRNGAN — Kamadeswar Tirtha. The project also ensures supply of 60,000 acre⋅ft (74,000,000 m3) of drinking water to rural areas in Khandwa district. — 12 k.m. – Barmanghat ]. – Barman Ghat ], CHIKNI GHAT –Mahadev temple and Radha Krishna temple. – Moti Koral – 6 k.m. ASHRAYA — Ram temple. -Bhuteswar – 3 k.m. – Lepaghat – 3 k.m. – Goughat ]. – Akalwada – 3 k.m. Sidhayanath Mahadev, Annapurna temple, Dutta temple, many other temple, Ashram and Dharmashala. In the river course of 1,312 km (815.2 mi) explained above, there are 41 tributaries, out of which 22 are from the Satpura range and the rest on the right bank are from the Vindhya range. Ramnagar–Mahadev And Ram temple. [ Amarkantak – 2 k.m. It is bounded by – Binchai Road – 7 k.m. – Haraitola – 13 k.m. – Ram Nagar – 9 k.m. KOUTI — Mahadev temple, Shiv Mission. }); Maphill maps are and will always be available for free. Surajkund temple.

MANGROL –Sage cottage, Hanuman temple. THE WAY THROUGH THE FOREST OF SHULAPANI IS VERY TOUGH AND FULL OF TROUBLES BUT WAY THROUGH HIGHWAY IS EASY AND HAVING NO RISK. )[ Barmanghat – 2 k.m. )[Chandod – 2 k.m. – karnali – 6 k.m. The resettlement and rehabilitation package was also clearly specified with all costs to be borne by Gujarat for all resettlement and rehabilitation work of people affected in the three states and also for relocating any ancient or historic monuments, places of worship or idols likely to suffer submergence. ], BUDHNI– BHARKACHHA (58 K.M. – Rangtal – 12 k.m. [ Devgaon – 5 k.m. – Bilashpur ], [ DEWRI –The river Dewri marges here with Narmada, night stay at village. Vedaghat ]. JALWA BUJURG — Hanuman temple. – Koteswar- 10 k.m. Amarkantak–[ Kalyan Ashram, Barfani Ashram, Durga dhara, Jaleswar Mahadev.] – Perkhed – 10 k.m. The Karanjan and the Orsing are the most important tributaries in the original course. AMALDEHI –Hanuman temple. All detailed maps of Narmada River are created based on real Earth data. Bharkachha ]. PANETHA — Narmadeswar Mahadev. [ Bakawa – 3 k.m.

CHINCHLI — Hanuman temple and Dharmashala. RABERKHEDI — Night stay at village. wg_rvl(false); – Ratatalai – 8 k.m. The small vessels (10 tonnes) voyage up to Tilakawada in Gujarat. [ JHANSHI GHAT — Radha Krishna temple. Ashokebanika Tirtha, Dutta BEGNI — Baijanath Tirtha. – Sandia – 3 k.m. RAMPURI — Lalaji temple.

], BAKCHORA DONA–KUTROI ( 50 K.M.) – Ganji – 3k.m. CHENERA — Sant Basudev Das Paramahangsa Ashram. typ:'satellite' var src = (useSSL ?

-Sankheda -3 k.m. – Kukramath – 6 k.m. The Omkareshwar island, sacred to the Lord Shiva, is the most important river island in Madhya Pradesh. Malwada – 3 k.m. The Narmada's watershed includes the northern slopes of the Satpuras, and the steep southern slope of the Vindhyas, but not the Vindhyan tableland, the streams from which flow into the Ganges and Yamuna. – Pathowada – 3k.m. Important spiritual place during NARMADA PARIKRAMA. LAKHI GAON — Lunthaneswar Mahadev.


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