Plus, the food tasted bland and awful. This guy was not a good representative of Nutrisystem, I called him arrogant during our conversation because he was, and he knew he was, In the end, I just hung up on the guy because he wanted to continue to lecture me on the difference of in 3 days and within 3 days.

Before making dietary changes, a person should talk to their doctor or nutritionist, who can help them choose the best option based on their health and dietary needs. HORRIBLE!!!!!! They also don’t tell you upfront that their money back guarantee will cost you $125. It is almost impossible to cancel once you receive your first order.

User reviews infer a success rate of about 75%, which means that Nutrisystem does not work for 25% of users. After doing so, I think you’ll have a better idea of whether or not Nutrisystem will work for you, and if the cost is in your budget. You would do better buying the Weight Watcher meals in the grocery store, and there are many low fat, low carb selections in the frozen section of any grocery store that would taste far better than this tasteless food by Nutrisystem. Then they called to ask if I wanted to cancel and I said yes. This is an independent Nutrisystem review by Daily Wellness Pro.

Their customer service is terrible and now they say we have to pay for month 2 food even though we don’t want it plus we have to pay back the $125 discount they gave us on first order for canceling the plan. SCAM! Good grief. Of more than 100 reviews, this particular Nutrisystem meal kit earned 4.6 out of 5 stars. They have too many different plans going at the same time – like 50% off or buy one month bet one free – and each plan has different prices. Consider that a diet should be much more than just the food you eat. But then the system got itself confused again somehow, and the 2nd shipment went M.I.A.

I didn’t lose any weight because I hated the food and just ate whatever I had left in the pantry. First Evidence of a Recently Active Volcano on Mars, How COVID-19 Measures Might Be Impacting Your Microbiome — and What to Do About It, The Mystery of Male Pregnancy and Birth in Seahorses. Due to customer service they get 1 star.

The Nutrisystem program offers plans for both women and men, including plans with menus specially tailored for diabetics, and vegetarians. The only way to get rid of them is to cancel your credit card. © 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company. The day I received the box that I paid $363.00 for I called Nutrisystem and canceled my membership, making it clear I did not want another shipment. I ordered Nutrisystem for one month. Nutrisystem is a customized meal plan that is chalked out according to your requirements by professional weight loss counselors and dietitians. ), vegetables (green veggies, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, etc. Read the reviews …they are correct… NO REFUND despite what they tell you…so I hope you used PAYPAL as they will help. All of their plans, except BASIC, give you the ability to customize your menu choices. I asked for a confirmation of my cancellation, but I still haven't received it. Most of the food is dry or processed and has a lot of calories and sodium. Should they eat less food?

When I returned home on 07/07/2017 I called the Nutri-System to resume my order.

You can also seek assistance from the nutrition and dietary services of the team – they’ll help with selecting a menu that suits your dietary requirements the most. If you are a Zinio, Nook, Kindle, Apple, or Google Play subscriber, you can enter your website access code to gain subscriber access. After a LOT, LOT of crap which I have spared you the most of, we have called it quits.I have no intention of entertaining a return; regardless, I would NEVER go back unless they would honor our original deal...and just be aware that you may have to be more involved with communicating to Nutrisystem than you would ever expect to if you sign up.The bottom-line: I feel like for 4 months this company has made me FIGHT to give THEM money. DO NOT DO IT! Stay AWAY from Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem is not just for those who are overweight. The Uniquely Yours Ultimate plan is similar to the original Uniquely Yours but with 28 additional shakes options. Buyers beware!

The real question is whether you can continue to lose weight or maintain your weight when you are no longer relying on the prepackaged foods.

I am very disappointed in my overall experience. No cuisine is off limits.

In the Basic and Uniquely Yours option, a person will need to cook some meals and provide some of their own snacks. I have two kids being recruited by Div 1 schools and my husband and I are former athletes. and 7 inches overall in your first month,” and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

What first started as a “liquid protein drink program” has now become full service healthy meal delivery service, that supplies all of your meals…

With the customer service being poor, I already have a headache when thinking about scrolling through 50+ meals to place my first order. The taste, the cancellation policy and the price. The diabetes option is also similar in price to their other dietary plans. Wow. I’m now on hold with Nutrisystem (again) trying to resolve this (again) and get a refund (again).

Using his learnings from this method of eating, he was able to make subtle modifications developing it into the ready to eat food-delivery service it is today.

While many diet programs discourage the intake of carbohydrates, while on the Nutrisystem you will ingest 50% of your calories from carbohydrates alone. I can’t believe all the negative reviews for this product. I never received all of the food for my month and I was shorted a week of everything plus didn’t receive a few items that were on the invoice.. There are tons of positive Nutrisystem reviews by real users and online consumers. To determine whether Nutrisystem works, we’ve looked at customer reviews, expert ratings, and clinical research. Nutrisystem enables users to maintain their weight loss long term. Nutrisystem Promo Code: Use This Promo Code to Get Discount on Nutrisystem Meal Plan. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. I come home today and there is a box of food on my doorstep I did not order. I could not fit two months of food in my freezer, the replacement shipment when it the trash, either that or I buy another freezer.. which at this time is impossible to do since COVid-19 no one is selling freezers. I have had to leave two bad reviews here because three of my frozen food orders arrived spoiled and my refund took months to get to me. Nutrisystem’s business model is to take the thinking entirely out of dieting, by providing the customer pre-made meals. I ordered 8 waffles so just sent me 4 more, Also some of the pancakes only had one vrs 2 in the packages. They embed the $125.00 surcharge in the discount marketing.

The portion sizes are so small that you have to supplement with many extra store-bought vegetables and fruit. The next day they emailed the frozen food was on the way.

The” 2 for 1″ price is $50-$60 less than what I pay for a one month “UNIQUELY YOURS” program but it does not cost me anything to discontinue the program and I don’t have to worry about monthly charges.

What can anyone do with two months of nutrisystem frozen food received at the same time?

This is a horrible product, don’t waste your money. Tip: Sustainable weight loss programs should address the psychological component of weight loss, and facilitate long-term behavioral changes for improved health. The program delivers ready-made food to your doorstep in microwave friendly bags, so all you’ve to do is heat the food to have it throughout the day. No thanks to a Mari Osmond and that BS.

Can you afford it to try it?

Nutrisystem plans allow three flex meals per week while sticking to the tips and tricks provided. More than 70 reviewers gave it five stars. The Nutrisystem program makes sure its users are eating the essential dietary ingredients – fruits, vegetables, dairy, and lean proteins. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved.

I received four frozen orders, all defrosted!

DIY dieting hasn’t ever worked for me. This plan is better than Jenny Craig I was on JC way back ago they want you to buy their foods and the plan.

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