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Years when the seed crop fails, they come south for the winter. I need a few of those polite birds. The goldfinches are beginning to show a little bit of their summer color. They will get prettier and prettier toward spring. The pine siskin was great because the guidebook and online it's hard to pick them apart from female house finches... in your pics it was clear! 4. Compare color. I've been told the same thing a dozen times but I still keep hoping :o), Mary, You take the BEST pictures--so clear and close. Change ). If we make small changes, we can better share our space with wildlife that’s on the decline. Quote. Maybe because we feed them twice a day? Watch Reply. (Note that female goldfinches have browner wings that are nearer in color to those of the Pine Warbler.) Did you get that? Ours have yet to change at all. I've seen no reports in Iowa of them so far this year. Beautiful photo's! Here is a video I put together on the current pine siskin (fall 2018) irruption. Love the pictures. Your pictures are stunning, excellent work! That's ok. :)

it is a male House Finch. House finches have small white bars on their wings; male purple finches have rosy bars on theirs. You have several American Goldfinches still in their winter clothes. Finches vs. Sparrows . The Pine Siskins would be browner and have streaking on the front, with only a hint of yellow in the wing feathers. I'm so glad the siskin mob has moved to your house. Its attractive reddish coloration and pleasant song make it a welcome visitor to feeders. They're beautiful! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Hope you have had a wonderful day..Hugs, Betsy. House Finches lack yellow in the wings and tail seen on Pine Siskins. Learn what steps you can take to Garden for Wildlife and make your backyard a Certified Wildlife Habitat. One family's history -, Newest Blogs in the Network – 13th November 2013, observations from an observant observationist, Essential Dog Grooming Supplies for your Pet, October Came And Went In The Blink Of An Eye, The Stay-at-Home Dad's Guide to The Galaxy. Pine siskin vs. American goldfinch video Posted on December 6, 2018 by Chris Bosak Here is a video I put together on the current pine siskin (fall 2018) irruption. Not fair that I have to wait another season to see more siskins and gold finchs...I am hoping you change your mind..i love that close up of the siskin with the yellow shouting out of its wings.. 1. Thanks for sharing. I love to hear about your pine siskins and goldfinches.

Similar looking birds to Pine Siskin: House Finch Female/immature, American Goldfinch Nonbreeding male, Common Redpoll Female/immature ... Female/immature House Finches are heftier than Pine Siskins, with a much thicker bill and a longer tail. Mary you can write about Goldfinches and Pine Siskins any time.

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