Google photos looks to be the culprit. Thank you guys for hosting such an amazing support community ❤️. i downloaded the wake locks detector app and every time i opened it it just said "failed to complete task at this time." Did a master reset yesterday and that seemed to help, until this morning. It's at 86%!

Do you have any suggestions on how to reset the battery estimation in the OS?

Google started pushing Android 11 to the Pixels last month and users are reporting of unexpectedly high battery drain. it's like 9% or something.

If the month is wrong, search for the latest one here.To return to the Superthread, click here. What should I do?

I have a Pixel 2 but currently reside in Japan, and I want to replace the battery.

But I would say 5 hours SOT seems kinda expected? Use exkernel manager or some other tool for the same. Pixel 3 owned since shortly after launch: Battery is draining from full charge at 7am to 50% at 11:00am. Uninstall updates and reinstall them?

The only one I disable is the nearby music. I think I could use my Pixel 2 another year or two unless the 4A is a great value and has a better battery than the 4. In my battery's usage the percent it shows taken is never as much as what is actually taken. Better even than my Note 5. My 2XL was still pretty solid 2 years later. idk whst the problem was. It's not shown in the screen shot, but most the of the other cpu consumption is at 1.9GHz. Anyone have tips maybe? Battery draining can be tagged among other complex issues in mobile devices. To wipe your phone, follow the steps here. It is lasting longer than my Xperia XZ3 did, particularly in standby mode, and I'm getting over 4 hours SOT most days, which is enough for my usage. Guess what!?

Can it be solved by installing a custom Kernel/ROM?

The (un)official home of #teampixel and the #madebygoogle lineup on Reddit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Comments are in random ordering and vote scores are hidden, More posts from the GooglePixel community. I don't use Facebook or any apps that are continually connecting to the web besides the 'standard' Google apps like Maps, etc. deviceidle_maint is now the biggest issue. It can vary from good to great.Which is basically what I need for my everyday usage :). Posted by. One of the effective ways of fixing a fast battery drain on your Google Pixel 2 is to carry out a process called factory reset. This all while it's on the charger... now at about 24%. I turned mine off as it's basically a gimmick and I never used it and that drastically increased my SOT and overall battery life.

please help.

Guys I have a question for you: when you charge the pixel and it reaches the 100% can you please go to the battery menu and check what it says?

Another advantage of using this method is because it gives you a fresh start on your device. If I continue rebooting, it will go down every time, until at one point it will charge the full charge and stay at 100% until its unplugged and used.

Just for shits and giggles, I restarted it again, and it's now at 92%. My battery page says "Full charge lasts about 13hr, 15min" and that "Apps are running normally (Phone has typical background battery usage). It's been doing this for a while now (maybe a couple of weeks). When I unplug it at 90% charged, it might randomly shoot up to 94%. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, factory reset your phone. Make use of this guide to understand how to reboot & reset the Pixel 2. Shall I contact the retailer I got the phone from in order to RMA it? Any suggestions on what I can do about this situation? The Example B is from a couple days after the OTA flashing/factory reset and minimal apps. Check the battery usage of your apps in Settings > Battery > More options (the triple dot) > Battery usage. now theyre back at being bad. Turn it off if it's not needed, and if you do, consider looking for Bluetooth Low Energy devices, which need much less power. I'm seriously considering iPhone 8/something as an alternative as they seem to be more reliable in that aspect (despite I previously had all Nexus 3/4/5x/6p), or maybe it's just me scared of having the same draining trouble with the potential Pixel guy. I was seeing like 8% active drain and .5-.7% idle drain on EX 1.0 and only sharkie launcher mods. Battery Megathread (January 2020) Welcome to the Battery Megathread, where you can find information and get assistance with any battery-related issues your Pixel might be facing. This therefore denotes that the … It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. I've removed recent apps (or ones I just don't use anymore), and as I said, it's not that it's draining faster than usual. If so, is there anything else that I need to look into? Is this what other's are getting? Some functions on you phone may use more power than you expect, especially in different scenarios. I replaced the battery and did a factory reset and my Pixel 2 still will literally die within a few hours off the charger without even touching it. Seems like after every update or the littlest thing, or even out of the blue, battery drain occurs. Because I thought previously people were saying they got 6.5 hours or more SOT. Using GSam it was "Android System" and "Kernel" that was always sucking the battery life but now they've decided to tone it down to a normal level for some reason.

As you can see Android System is obliterating my battery. I am not a heavy phone user at all and came from a Note 5 where I was getting over 2 days light usage, easily. im having a hard time finding whats all of a sudden doing this to my battery. Example A was taken about a week into owning the device. The "RemoteSoundTriggerDetection..." was causing some issues so I disabled Now playing and assistant on demand which removed that issue but still getting 20%. I spoke with someone on Google Support and they reccomended I do a factory reset. and apps (gaming, video, etc.). During normal use, it acts normal.. only when it's restarted does the battery go way down. I had read about the 4XL's less than ideal battery life before buying but figured I'm such a light user it wouldn't bother me much. Turn on battery optimizations for all apps, (Under Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Battery optimization, and tap each app to change it to Optimize), and also enable Adaptive Battery, which limits rarely used apps (Under Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery).

I need some help determining if my 7 week old 3a is defective. If your battery life improves, use the aforementioned methods on older apps. I'm considering an upgrade for my old Nexus 6P that served me well for a couple of years until its battery started draining like crazy (just to mention, it may accidentally shut down at 70%-80% of charge, or worse when outdoors). It's at 58%! You may have to sign into some apps again.) XDA's official marketplace for buying and selling tech. I just flashed EX kernel 1.01,did some various updates in the playstore, and flashed some launcher mods.

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