Many thanks. To prepare a good ragù sauce it is essential to choose a cut of meat with fat to prevent the sauce dry out. The company doesn't appear to be saying why the decision was made. The USDA announced on June 14 that El Monterey frozen breakfast burritos … Prego is our favourite pasta sauce and is increasingly hard to find where we live. The company doesn't appear to be saying why the decision was made. Please inform your store manager that you are interested in the product. Ragú / r æ ˈ ɡ uː / is a brand of Italian-style sauces and condiments owned, in North America, by Mizkan, and in the United Kingdom and Ireland, by Symington's, a private-label food manufacturer.. Urge them to contact their distributor, so they can carry it on their shelves and make it available to you and other consumers. Very limited availability at Sobeys and Longos. Does anyone know what is going on or have suggestions for stores that still carry Prego products? None at Walmart. Ragu, pasta sauce brand, says it is no longer selling in Canada | It is unclear whether the COVID-19 pandemic had anything to do with the decision to … The sister product to Ragú, known as Raguletto, is produced in Oceania, Finland, and South Korea.Raguletto is sold in Oceania by Simplot and in Finland by Continental Foods. The revelation comes from several responses from Ragu on Twitter to customers who expressed frustration on not being able to find the products at their local grocery stores . Ragu sauces in Canada were discontinued by the company. We apologize for the difficulty you’re having locating RAGÚ® sauces in the U.S. Discover RAGÚ® for amazing spaghetti sauces and pasta recipes.

3 – We recommend it, it’s very important to respect the right cooking temperatures for each ingredient.

Loblaws doesn't carry it anymore.

The Ragu pasta sauce is the third food item to be recalled in recent days.

Unfortunately, the pasta sauces are no longer sold in Canada. If the product in question is still made, it can be made available to any store willing to carry it. Our selection includes delicious smooth, chunky, organic, cheese, and pizza sauces. 2 – To get a more rustic rag ù you can choose to buy whole pieces of meat and cut them with a knife.

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