Such fields often have a relatively well-defined terminology, which is sometimes even codified, and given official recognition by professional bodies. "It's difficult only because of the terminology. Examples of Terminology in a sentence. Instead, they offer information on the basics of buying travel insurance, explanations of common terminology and types of travel insurance, and reviews of popular travel insurance companies. They are unlikely to know the specialized vocabulary / terminology you use. Besides scattered reminiscences of Romans, I Corinthians and Galatians, enumerated in the article referred to, the section devoted to a refutation of the doctrine of "justification by faith apart from works" undeniably presupposes the Pauline terminology. Enthusiasts used the terminology debate for a time as a way of marking insiders from outsiders, but that was about the extent of the impact. The integration of domain specialists in the terminology creation and documentation process means that the results produced are generally of a very high quality. (2) The article uses rather specialized musical terminology.

The Language of Yoga by Nicolai Bachman helps you understand all of the confusing terminology used in a typical yoga class. Everything you need to perform a dance is contained in that one sheet, and once you understand the terminology, the sheets can provide you with a virtually endless stream of information. A thesaurus is a structured wordlist used to standardize terminology. formalize the health care language must take account of the highly dynamic state of health care terminology.

We'll abstract away from the language of actions, and recast the phenomena within the terminology of model-theoretic semantics. Hot-blooded and somewhat imperious, Basil was also generous and sympathetic. It is intended to provide an introduction, necessarily brief, to the terminology and machinery of the chemist. This is not only of importance in the history of the terminology of logic, but supplies a philosophy of induction.

From the Cambridge English Corpus An awareness of what is the current terminology in the global village is another concern. Explain the EEG procedure in words that the child understands, avoiding abstract terminology. This course introduces delegates to the new terminology that applies to familiar properties of fresh and hardened concrete. That is, M and M have the same domain and agree on the non-logical terminology in K. Pop-up boxes remind learners of unfamiliar terminology in a clear visual glossary. However, this soap making book assumes that you are already familiar with basic techniques and terminology.

In this kingdom the system of agricultural terminology was based on it. This being so, it was found convenient to revise the terminology of the past, and to include in the philosophical succession those who, though not philosophers, had cherished the sacred spark. A common terminology has been deliberated and agreed upon. Some food label terminology needs to be clearly defined. This "subliminal" self (in modern terminology) has many forms.

Generally speaking, scientific plausibility is the hallmark of SF (see Sci Fi for a discussion of genre terminology). Feature analysis has been extremely important in the analysis of kinship terminology. The help with terminology is " terrifically valuable."

The terminology refers to firearms capable of firing fully automatically, regardless of size, weight, or other considerations.

Bochco added that he learned the terminology from actual vice cops.

It is a common terminology to call premature labour of an accidental type a "miscarriage," in order to distinguish "abortion" as a deliberately induced act, whether as a medical necessity by the accoucheur, or as a criminal proceeding (see Medical Jurisprudence); otherwise the term "abortion" would ordinarily be used when occurring before the eighth month of gestation, and "premature labour" subsequently. kinship terminology, a set of terms used to refer to kin. "If, as in a scene in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, a child pretends to be a riverboat captain, there's a lot more to that role-playing than simply knowing what a captain does and some basic boat terminology. For this reason, there are different styles of terminology and menus in the more than 25 cookbooks. , Although the terminology in the two papers was a tad different, the professor could easily tell that someone had committed plagiarism. A guide to buying a digital camera will help you to sort through the terminology that surrounds modern digital photography equipment. reincarnate lama, but in the terminology of Tibetan religious art it came to designate any outstandingly inspired artist. Anyway two new fluters (or flutists to use the correct terminology) were out for the first time in Markethill tonight. However, it's still a good idea to be sure you understand diamond terminology and grading before you invest in designer diamond jewelry. interchange of lexical terminology data should be promoted (cf. This is one website that easily earns the right to be added to your favorites list and to be visited for all your terminology needs. Boyle rejected this terminology, which was only strictly applicable to intelligent beings; and he used the word " affinity " as had been previously done by Stahl and others. Synonym: language, nomenclature.

"His zeal for orthodoxy did not blind him to what was good in an opponent; and for the sake of peace and charity he was content to waive the use of orthodox terminology when it could be surrendered without a sacrifice of truth.". Since about 1895 this branch has been most actively pursued in England, where the work of Boodle and of Gwynne-Vaughan especially on Ferns) has been the most important, leading to a coherent theory of the evolution of the vascular system in these plants (Tansley, Evolution of the Filicinean Vascular System, Cambridge, 1908); and in America, where Jeffrey has published important papers on the morphology of the vascular tissues of the various groups of Pteridophytes and Phanerogams and has sought to express his conclusions in a general morphological theory with appropriate terminology. Members asked the Secretariat to circulate a note explaining the terminology used in other countries, in particular ' spatial planning '. The new terminology, " Imperial and Royal " (Kaiserlich and Koniglich), has since then been applied to all those branches of the public service which belong to the common ministries; this was first the case with the diplomatic service; not till 1889 was it applied to the army, which for some time kept up the old style of Kaiserlich-Koniglich; in 1895 it was applied to the ministry of the imperial house, as office always held by the minister for foreign affairs.

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