The cons: Infrared ear thermometers aren't recommended for newborns. Are Infrared Thermometers safe for Humans?

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The Facebook message also says that pointing an infrared thermometer at the wrist instead of the forehead gives a more accurate temperature reading. The mum of three had an infrared thermometer at home, so she spent the next 24 hours monitoring Aria’s temperature, which hovered between 38.1 and 37.4. Marina added: "The doctor said they have this happen at least once a week and it's always the 'special baby infrared thermometers'. The concerned parent, named Marina Reznikov, monitored the situation for 24 hours before finally deciding to seek medical attention.

A meta-study of 37 different assessments of infrared thermometers found they were not accurate enough to replace more invasive rectal thermometers.

Exergen said that it was apparent from the report on the Texas test, which used healthy subjects in heated wet suits, that the researchers did not duplicate realistic conditions for athletes, or anyone with a fever. That’s just one hospital!

In a post on Facebook she revealed that a doctor had explained why you can't always trust infrared thermometers. Marina was determined that going forward she’d only be checking Aria’s temperature using a – much cheaper – under arm thermometer. That latter claim has been circulating on social media in recent weeks, including in a video that has garnered more than two million views since it was posted to YouTube on Aug. 11. A video of a badminton player taken with a camera that can detect infrared light shows how, as she exercises and her body heats up, she radiates more in the infrared. UGA basketball opener canceled over positive COVID-19 tests for Columbus St. VERIFY: Why COVID-19 isn’t the only listed cause of most coronavirus-related deaths, VERIFY: No, your phone isn't automatically tracking you for COVID-19 tracing, Coronavirus in Georgia | Latest numbers for Wednesday, Sept. 9.

The tweet contains an image with text claiming that the radiation from temperature guns kills neurons, which the post misspells as ‘neutrons’, and can lead to brain damage. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends pointing infrared thermometers directly at the forehead for an accurate reading. They just measure the long-wave IR given off by a person’s eardrum (or forehead, or armpit, or wherever you are taking a reading). A nurse sent paramedics to her house and her daughter Aria was eventually taken to hospital as a precaution - where Marina learned an important lesson about thermometers after the baby's reading came back perfectly normal, much to her surprise. But the thermometers only detect infrared radiation – they don’t, and can’t, emit it. It's insane, it's wrong, and it's crazy that something like this could still be amplified and even believed.". Thank you for sharing!”, Everyone agreed that it was really important that Marina was sharing her story as far too many people rely on infrared thermometers, thinking because they cost more, they must be more accurate. How long can the novel coronavirus live on different surfaces?

But the same study advised that infrared thermometers could effectively replace other, less invasive thermometers. The infrared thermometers, however, can be used on the wrist or elbow to measure the body temperature.

But a viewer contacted us - worried the thermometers, meant to avoid direct contact, could actually be harmful. Marina now hopes to raise awareness about the thermometers, so that parents can avoid wasting doctor's time. The IR thermometers intended for medical use are completely passive. “Digital thermometers do not damage your brain in any way,” they write. She said taking someones temperature with the laser device is the best way to do it. Its origin is not clear.

That goes for both the consumer version, which costs $30 to $50 at drugstores and other chains, and a more durable model sold for about $350 to doctors’ offices and hospitals. One mum recently found herself in a stressful position when her baby's reading on the thermometer was around 38C.

Temperature checks with these thermometers have been mandatory at Canadian airports since June.

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