What seems to have happened, plotwise, is that after spending time with the one-armed man and some other apparently dead characters in the velour-curtained purgatory of the Black Lodge, the soul of Agent Cooper has been sucked into a cosmic realm where he will be given clues as to what to do next. Sense and Twin Peaks rarely come together in the pop culture lumber factory. The deadly entity in the glass box? having children.

This BOB doesn’t live a dual life, with a job, family, etc, he’s a full-on ne’er-do-well: a super-villain, of sorts. Share Share Tweet Email.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. Douglas ‘Dougie’ Jones is a copy of Cooper, apparently made by BOB/Cooper as a ploy to confuse his adversaries (and us, apparently). Outside, sitting on his motorbike is their son played by Michael Cera, dressed in Marlon Brando’s leather jacket and cap from The Wild Ones. Naturally, the solution was an electrified ficas. The watcher then allows an insistent lady visitor in when the security guard is mysteriously absent — it feels like a plot — and when they become, shall we say, ‘romantically distracted’, another entity manifests and butchers them horribly.

Nevertheless, I wanted to see if I could come up with a cohesive explanation of the events. Obviously. The Fireman was basically giving Cooper the back-up plan should his first attempt not prove successful.

Then his head explodes in a puff of black smoke.

When Dougie/Cooper comes down for breakfast with a necktie knotted around his head, she isn’t bothered.

The point of this scene is anybody’s guess … Michael Cera as Wally Brando.

His wife Janey-E is waiting.

On the way, they are pursued by two hit men who, it seems, have been hired to kill Dougie. Soon, all that is left is a golden ball and that ring. Which must be a clue. It’s impossible to know exactly what this setting was, but it’s safe to assume it was some kind of alternate dimension created by Judy to ensure Laura’s demise. You have been warned. Spoiler alert: this blog is for Twin Peaks viewers who have seen episodes three and four of The Return, showing on Showtime on the US and Sky Atlantic in … Now it does. Captivatingly crackers … Janey-E with Dougie.

Then we cut to a third character played by MacLachlan getting dressed in a suburban Las Vegas bedroom after having had sex with a prostitute. Did everything get answered? Sense and Twin Peaks rarely come together in the pop culture lumber factory. Her decapitated head was found in bed above the body of an unidentified man.

It was there that a couple, Tom and Tracy, were making out in front of a glass vitrine when, most likely, they were slaughtered by something or someone that exploded from the box.

So what does all of this mean? This Article is related to: Television and tagged David Lynch, Twin Peaks, twin peaks: the return. Well, in addition to having been blown up, it becomes clear that one of the more malignant human characters, Richard Horne, is Audrey’s son, and that Bad Cooper is the father — we can only guess at the horror of how that happened. All rights reserved. Got a light?” with an unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth — possibly echoing BOB’s question to the young Leland Palmer: “Do you want to play with fire, little boy?” Townsfolk are understandably concerned and repelled by his angular, soot-blackened face and bright, eager eyes, together with his monomaniacal question.

It’s a different timeline that’s somehow, at its core, exactly the same.

But access is denied to them because military authorisation is required. Mother made a strong impression on viewers and there’s been a lot of speculation on who or what she is.

Why is she now so peevish and indecisive? Just enjoy the ride. I don’t see this explanation as definitive in any way and other people will inevitably reach different conclusions…

The third and final plotline takes us back to where the entire series started: the murder of Laura Palmer. Still with us? In the scene that transformed our view of her, she was dancing in a self-possessed way like the old Audrey at the Roadhouse before being disturbed and abruptly waking up after saying, “Get me out of here,” — only to be staring bleakly into a mirror in a brightly lit room with a white background. Wherever people with those names live, strange and terrible things happen. The likes of Homer Simpsons may have found it "brilliant", but having "absolutely no idea what's going on" is poison to weekly viewing.

That part’s never made clear.

Tom, a student, was being paid by an anonymous billionaire to sit and stare at this empty box and report anything he saw. To be clear, we're not going to be providing a full explanation here - don't worry though, Screen Rant will have you covered with a great series of enlightening articles.

The Cooper that BOB dwells in is Cooper’s doppelgänger, i.e. 1 Overview 2 Twin Peaks 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 3 Twin Peaks (2017) 4 Notes All episodes written by Mark Frost & David Lynch, directed by David Lynch

Well, those hobos (increased in number) become the Woodsmen in The Return, where they play a larger role. And what manner of entity is the mid-shag murderer? In any case, there isn’t a clear distinction between dreams, dimensions and supernatural places in Twin Peaks. These easter eggs all suggest one thing: The timeline may be different, but the age old battle between good and evil for Laura Palmer’s soul continues. Fitting of us being in the midst of aptly named Peak TV, it's a more ambitious descendant of the game-changing original series. But, as we already said, looking back it's not exactly incomprehensible.

At the same time, his body has been possessed by the demon spirit Bob, who we know to have murdered prom queen Laura Palmer 27 years ago, to whom we cut repeatedly as he drives wildly through South Dakota in pursuit of Ray, a lowlife who crossed him. Richard and Linda.

It's the third season of a show that spent weeks avoiding its namesake and cares more about the once-reviled prequel movie. Sarah Palmer? Viewers asked this in two ways.

Spoiler alert: this blog is for Twin Peaks viewers who have seen episodes three and four of The Return, showing on Showtime on the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Then we cut to Dougie in this velour purgatory talking to the one-armed man.

The alternate timeline proved to be a place stuffed with ominous easter eggs, all foreshadowing an ending in which good would not prevail.

One in which Laura Palmer is called “Carrie Page”…. Played by David Bowie, he had a memorable cameo in Fire Walk with Me — that became key to The Return.

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