The captain kind of mentioned that Hyang-mi steals everything on the table… Maybe she stole DB’s bracelet and wore it. Well I rewound each years road view and watched it over and over again. We have a Diana here. He is explaining all of this to Young-sik and says that he is the wealthiest man in the town. Dong-baek peels a lot of onions and thinks that Hyang-mi is late, where is she, she is never late. The baseball game was probably my favorite part of this episode. That is it. I agree with her being the corpse, but I don't think she is particulary wise/helpful, she is street smart and self serving shit stirrer. It is a low aisle so he can just stare and see her entire body. The coffee shop owner says that Ongsan’s King Solomon and Ongsans biggest troublemaker are together. She told her to say her name was Dong-baek and that she didn’t know her mom’s name if asked. Deok-soo tells all the ajummas that having a husband is no use. But he says that she got this cheap deal because she does not have windows. Jong-Ryeol sends a lot of toys to the bar for Pil-Gu which prompts Yong-Sik to mention to Dongbaek that he has money too and wants to help out. When the Camellia Blooms Episode 1; Camellia Blooms Episode 1; When Camellia Blooms Episode 1; Dongbaekggoch Pil Muryeob Episode 1; Dongbaekkkot pil muryeop Episode 1; Dong-baek-ggoch pil mu-ryeob Episode 1; Dongbaek-kkot pil muryeop Episode 1; Dongbaekkkot pil mooryeob; Dong Baek is a single mother living in the small town of Ongsan. Deok-soon wonders why this lady is mumbling alone. About the timing of Dongbaek's mum's 'entrance' into the show. This prompts her to meet him in the street and invite him to her restaurant for some food. Young-sik asks if he got another award? }; They all laugh and says that love comes with skin disease. Meanwhile, we see three women in a hairdressers talking about the rumour around Jong-Ryeol’s affair. How can he let that happen?

Just as Hyang-Mi is leaving Onsang, she sees Dongbaek about to do a delivery. They called themselves hyung and dong-sang. Pilgoo looks like she is won over. 20/02/2020 25/10/2019 by Veronique Englebert. If you like what you see then consider whitelisting us from your adblocking software so we can keep doing what we do! Later on, all the local ajummas are washing vegetables and wondering why a single mother would open a bar. Even though Madonna is old, seh won’t marry a country boy. When I think of how many Kdrama orphanages are depicted as connected with the Catholic Church, it makes perfect sense now. He is asked about his pretty wife. We cut to the reciepts showing that she is selling a ton.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Flashback to 27 years ago when Dong-baek was seven, and her mom abandoned her. His friend tells him that this guy is not a little thief. How awesome was it to see Dong-baek asserting herself? Yong-sik tells her that she should go to the game. Thousands perished en route, and arrived on the prairie after great hardship and privation. Click Here To Read Our Full Season Write Up And Final Score.

Her cheeks are rosy like a woman who’s loved. the son started to hit the armed robber with his lunch box, lol.

The captain berates him about hitting people, especially in front of a camera.! Late to the party, but wanted to commend you on your observation: This episode reminded me that often things need to get worse before they can truly get better. A policeman moves to identify the body while his colleague tries to stop him.

Recap Countdown: Recap starts at 22:00 KST….check Twitter for updates! Being poor and an orphan is almost the perfect negative storm in SK Drama land. He wants to go to another restaurant, but they want to pull him to that bar. Don’t do anything. Look at him! they hid it with a box? We are now at the halfway point of this K-drama and it will be interesting to see if When The Camellia Blooms manages to keep the same level of drama, humour and suspense going. HM is all like, what? his episode looks like to be the last one for Hyang-Mi as we finally see more about her past and she seems to say her goodbyes to everyone.

However, young-sik is set on going to the bookstore and asks where it is. Dong-baek tells her that smiling is not her job. The grandmother is all like, oh hells no. So she steps into the Camellia bar and sees Dong-baek with a little Pilgoo. Does she have this great son? But how can you live with that guy in the rumor? Given the many and varied contributions of American Protestant missionaries (many of them Presbyterian) in Joseon after the War Between the States, it's not a far stretch to muse upon a potential natural affinity between the Neo-Confucian emphasis on rigorous lifelong study and scholarship and the Protestant work ethic.

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