Once inside the park, continue another 1.5 miles to the Zion Canyon Scenic Route (sign on right side: Zion Lodge, Scenic Drive) turn left. © 2019 ZION OUTFITTER 7 Zion Park Blvd Springdale, Utah. I took a break while my friend continued up further and I noticed that people tended to hike in groups and there were sometimes gaps where, for just a few minutes, there was no one in site. I will definitely refer to it in preparing for my trip.

When we started off I rolled up my pants to keep them from getting entirely soaked, but by the end of the hike, I was having so much fun that I rolled them back down and just didn't care. Hiking bottom-up is the most popular route since it is a shorter hike & does not require a permit. We rented the Dry Pant Package ($45), which includes Gor-Tex dry pants, Neoprene socks, canyon shoes, and a hiking pole. Rating: Strenuous Hiking Time: 1–10 hours Distance: Up to 7.2 miles Elevation Change: Up to 500 feet. Jan 3, 2020 Amanda Ervin. At the beginning of the hike, the canyon is a little wider and is more life hiking through a stunning gorge than a true slot canyon. Hike up as far as you want to go and then turn around and retrace your steps.

Summer is extremely crowded because it is the perfect escape from the heat. This is located on your left-hand side. This is a wide, 20-foot waterfall that comes out of the canyon wall.

So let’s look at some other things that were (or would have been) helpful for hiking the Narrows.

Check weather forecast and do not do this hike if there is a threat of rain.

2.5 miles from Temple of Sinawava to Orderville Canyon and Wall Street (one-way); 2 more miles to Big Springs.

All Rights Reserved, 1101 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767  |  435-429-1555. Make your way back to the Temple of Sinewava. Use this map below provided by Zion Adventure Company to help you get an understanding of hiking the Narrows bottom-up! You can turn around at any point on this hike.

*Note: You can turn around at any point on this hike. I highly recommend this hike to anyone who is visiting Zion. The Narrows, Bottom-Up, Trail Facts. (Most people turn around a mile or so upstream of Orderville Canyon.). Home Narrows Outfitting. This is the last shuttle stop on the Zion Canyon shuttle system. Note that it is possible to hike the Narrows in fall and winter, provided you are adequately prepared for the cold water; farmer-john wetsuit bottoms or even drysuits may be called for, depending on the temperatures.

The hike back south was my favorite part, we essentially had the Canyon to ourselves and I knew what the trail had in store for us having previously just hiked up it. I love seeing all of the extra waterfalls flowing from the feeder canyons, and the extra water resurrects the moss on the canyon walls, adding greenery to the hike.

To the right Orderville Canyon meets the Narrows.

Portions of Riverside Walk can be closed in winter due to falling ice.

Summer and Fall. The Narrows trail is 16 miles long, but many hikers wade up the river to Roderville Canyon (5 hours round trip) or Big Spring (10 hours round trip) before returning downstream. If you’re like me, I pretty much knew

Zion National Park Lodging Springdale Utah.

Use this website to monitor the current conditions of the river.

I didn’t get cold & everything stayed dry except my feet (which was supposed to happen). Since you will be hiking in water most of the time, you will want to keep all of your electronics and overnight gear in drybags. Missing the exit is common, so make note of the geographic features at the junction on your way in. Zion Guru, 792 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, 84767-0535, USA, Scheduled Chamberlain's Ranch (Narrows Top Down). Click here to see the shuttle schedule. Why an Excursion with ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours Should Be On Everyone’s Itinerary, Angels Landing Closed: 7 More Scenic Trails to Enjoy While Social-Distancing, Zion National Park Suspends Shuttle Operations Out of Caution for Coronavirus Spread; Park Remains Open, Healthy Tips for Traveling to Zion National Park, © 2020 In record snowfall years like 2005 and 2011, hiking in the Narrows didn't open until mid-July.

Prepare for The Narrows – Bottom Up Hike . Waste bags in case you need to use the restroom. Preferred Season: With proper gear, this hike can easily be enjoyed year round. Neoprene or waterproof socks

I wore my Patagonia pullover the entire time. For additional slot canyon scenery, make the side journey up Orderville Canyon. Road tripping through Utah? Enjoy Big Spring, and then turn around. Practicing the highest level of "leave no trace" ethics in the Narrows keeps the canyon pristine and pleasant for the next people to enjoy! The Subway Bottom-Up hike description, maps, trail info, photos and all the details you need to hike The Subway Bottom-Up in Zion National Park! While most hikers will choose to hike from shore to shore rather than staying in the water all of the time, please do your best to avoid trampling the plantlife. The Subway Bottom-Up hike description, maps, trail info, photos and all the details you need to hike The Subway Bottom-Up in Zion National Park! Bottom Up (Day Hike) – No Permit. The End: The turn around point for this hike is at Big Springs. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. There is literally nowhere to escape if you are caught in The Narrows during a flash flood. The Narrows begins at the end of the Riverside trail which itself begins at the Temple of Sinawava,,,,the last shuttle stop in the main canyon. Jan 11, 2020 Boone Bradley. Well, it depends on how you wish to hike the Narrows. Beaches and high ground are more infrequent at this point of the hike. Hiking the Narrows from the bottom up does not require a permit. With its amazing scenery and the thrill of hiking in water all day, who could ask for more? Also, keep in mind that while it may be hot in other parts of Zion, the Narrows can be much cooler due to the shade of the canyon walls & the temperature of the river. When hiking bottom-up, Orderville Canyon is about 3 miles up on the right. The farthest you can hike without a permit is to Big Springs, which is 5 miles up the river. Once to the end of the Riverside Walk, your trek through the river begins.

The rocks were much slicker than I ever anticipated and I can see how you get injured.

And soon after, you will pass the mouth of Orderville Canyon on the right (east) side of the river.

The workers were super informative & answered all my questions. The further we traveled North the hike also got more Narrow.

nothing going into this adventurous hike beforehand. Difficulty: Easy to Moderate - Depending upon river volume and desired round-trip mileage.

Good walking/hiking shoes or preferably nice water shoes with lots of ankle support (ankle injuries are the number one injury in The Narrows) Continuing up the Zion Narrows, the canyon remains dark and impressive with no high ground to climb up to in the event of the thunderstorm or flash flood.

You may want to size up for comfort. See Zion's famous Subway feature and cool off by walking in the river most of this hike and swim in the pools that are above the Subway. Continue on straight. No dogs allowed We made one final strong push and made it to the for in the Canyon right before the Wall Street section started.

It is paved, beautiful and very scenic. Orderville Canyon, a tributary that flows into the Narrows about two miles up the hike, is a common destination for hikers. The higher the CFS flow, the harder and more strenuous the trail will become. Dry bags will save your important items (camera, phone, food, etc) from getting wet in case you were to fall or get your backpack wet. Brereton and Dunaway mention the footing being akin to "trying to walk on greased bowling balls." Due to the epic popularity of the Zion Narrows "Bottom Up" hike, it is important that all visitors be aware of "leave no trace" ethics and try to minimize their impact.

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