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  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    Ya the serves are different. The slice serve hooks horizontally — from
    right to left for a righty (and the opposite direction for a lefty). A kick
    serve curves in the air and then bounces up and in the opposite direction.
    For a righty, the serve hooks right to left in the air and bounces back to
    the right (from the server’s perspective). It also bounces higher than a
    slice serve because of the diagonal spin on the ball.

  • Teemothy 5 years ago

    so true so true

  • affenkeks 5 years ago

    Its a juniorstournament i think… and anyways if it was serena williams
    she would be twice as big

  • RobT89 5 years ago

    @dorker1992 opps i meant that comment for jtazz. All talk

  • VAsiLLis Cisse 5 years ago

    Shut up Dimitrov

  • killaman902 5 years ago

    @FYB2007 pretty much what he just said is a normal backhand grip or hold it
    like you are going to use a hammer

  • fireshot22 5 years ago

    lmaoo first ep xD

  • aulen300 5 years ago

    @haahs16 its perfect for clay i use it more often on clay, my other flatter
    serves wont do much damage when playing in that surface

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    hey ludwig. continental or eastern backhand grip. we have a video on the
    kick serve in our channel… check it out! thx for the kind words!

  • TheTennisXkit 5 years ago

    this kick serve as same as mine….

  • ethan murray 5 years ago

    wide kick serve and rushing the net is the most effective play in tennis.
    Well, next to an ace…

  • crowley1878 5 years ago

    in a kick serve, do you basically want to hit a topspin shot over your head?

  • phillips1990702 5 years ago

    The guy returning the kick serve is standing way too far back.

  • bla200389 5 years ago

    hmm nice question. mabey try kick first because if u use kick on ur second
    serve..chances are its gunna be slow and easy to hit.

  • SkyBlade9 5 years ago

    thats not a kick serve!!! fake man…thats a slice serve…a kick serve
    bounce towards the opponets face…means if u spin right, it will bouce

  • dorker1992 5 years ago

    @RobT89 hahah dats ok,. i was kinda confused when i got ur replied at first
    :P.. yeh my comment was at Jtazz as well. but it didnt show the @ sign at
    him so its hard to tell xD

  • kenisinoregon 5 years ago

    Thats a deadly kick serve! I want it! lol

  • MZ Yeung 5 years ago

    I recommand people to hit more kick serve. I fall into the normal category
    in the tennis world. Just under 6ft. If I practice everyday 5 days a week.
    Then I can do a lot with the serves. But if I only play recreationally, I
    think kick serves are 10 times more effective than a hard flat ball. The
    reason is: You are not aiming at the times, might go out, goes out fast,
    might come back even faster. So stick w/ a 1st Kick Hard serve and go for a
    nice 2nd kick. Works for me as o/ weekend

  • Jakew2793 5 years ago

    @haahs16 they work best on clay

  • imavaughanstar 5 years ago

    @federerbestcIass sarcasm. Of course the kick serve works on clay. Hence,
    of course the Pope is Catholic.

  • ludwighonda111 5 years ago

    Hey man you really know your stuff in tennis so I thought i’ d ask you
    this. I want to learn how to do the kick serve but i dont know how to hold
    my racket or anything for it. Man if you could please tell me how to hold
    my racket and other details about doing the serve i would really appreciate
    it. Thanks a lot!! Johnathon

  • bugabutu 5 years ago

    @FYB2007 hey will, when should i pronate my wrist on the kick serve?

  • litwosik 5 years ago

    woow what a kick!

  • Esradon 5 years ago

    haha thats what i thought to :D

  • r6vgowchamp 5 years ago

    @animaanimaanima Have your first serve be a hard slice.