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  • mdubya2011 5 years ago

    nice, it’s so clear. in a way, now it is easier then every to learn to play
    because you can actually see the ball now! keep up the great work FYBs!!!

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    High definition. There is a button in the bottom right corner that will
    make the video higher quality.

  • beastyburden 5 years ago

    And ‘its” should be capatalized since it’s the start of a new sentence, and
    you should have inserted a comma in between the “t” and the “s” to indicate
    the combining of two words. Also, you should have a period at the end of
    your sentence. Don’t be a word Nazi.

  • gewooneerlijk 5 years ago

    thanks for your help I like your vids

  • seyxlondon 5 years ago

    Use the western grips to generate topspin. Allowiing u to hit harder and be
    more consustant. Good luck

  • טל יוסף 5 years ago


  • sayaka204 5 years ago

    oui, j’en ai les couilles dures rien que d’y penser…

  • Brendan OConnell 5 years ago

    My questions is: Should you try and change the contact point since you are
    going from low to high? i.e. instead of trying to have the ball hit the
    center of the strings (sweet spot), should you try have the ball hit the
    strings a little on the top half of the strings so that the ball has a
    chance to “roll” down the strings as you go from low to high in the swing
    path? thanks Brendan

  • zebarooni 5 years ago

    Alright. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to those strategy play.

  • Miguel Villavicencio 5 years ago

    whoops :p sorry my mistake

  • David Lee 5 years ago

    great quality!!!

  • arecame9182 5 years ago

    nice explanation..!!:D

  • matchpoints 5 years ago

    HD looks very good. What’s next? 3D? :)

  • americanidol504 5 years ago

    I tend to generate alot of topspin. but lately iv noticed that when i hit
    my forehand my feet come off the ground. Is this a problem?

  • Adam Rubinson 5 years ago

    Also, because you say you’re hitting low balls, maybe you’re not getting
    into position early enough, so try to get into a position where the ball
    will bounce to your waist height. Low balls are very difficult to generate
    topspin from because it’s harder to get underneath the ball (which is why
    hitting the ball at waist height is standard technique)

  • Alvin Radoncic 5 years ago

    the HD version is not working for me.

  • Shaynks 5 years ago

    When are you going to come out with your own tennis magazine and a show on
    the tennis channel?

  • KateAndDougie 5 years ago

    Very good demonstration of top spin. Could you do a video of the inside out

  • dufferemail2008 5 years ago

    This guy is good.

  • pukarla 5 years ago

    love all your lessons Will!! :D

  • Champ2056 5 years ago

    @DestroyerAlexandros oh you know what it turned out i was using the eastern
    grip.but now im starting to use semi western since it works better.but i
    want to try out western grip before i finally choose my grip for my usual

  • RastafarianPikachu 5 years ago

    really useful

  • FYB2007 5 years ago

    Get down via your legs. Don’t bend your upper body over. Also, hitting
    topspin off low balls require lots of racket-head speed. That can take
    awhile to develop so just stay persistent and work at your game. You’ll get

  • jorginhoxxx 5 years ago

    thak you

  • BjarkiSveins 5 years ago

    ok thanks… umm i have a bit of a problem now heheh i used it a few days
    ago and i always end up hitting my side of the court or the net ive never
    hit past it :(… help please