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  • David North 5 years ago

    when you put your left foot in front you make sur thet you keep your weight
    forward…. lots of young people using the open stance have their weight
    going back and hit out

  • Great lesson…accurate and to the point.

  • David North 5 years ago

    less pressure on the left knee but more pressure on the right one :-)

  • David North 5 years ago

    2 different style but nothing modern ….. pushing on the right foot to
    rotate … bjorn borg was doing that in the seventies…… people have
    done that forever… just do what works best for you , this is not true
    that one is better that the other one …. pushing on the left foot in
    front gives an easy power , effortless…… both are good and we should
    change someone s forehand when he s got result with it

  • Nicolas Charette 5 years ago

    Great technique for such a big guy!

  • Chris Gillis 5 years ago

    Fantastic analysis of modern forehand

  • maldito ako 5 years ago

    thanks for the lesson…

  • Michael Vu 5 years ago

    Thanks. Quite good analysis and demonstration. Superb!

  • plstrom 5 years ago

    well there is MORE in the left knee , he turns it around after he falls
    down !! maybe he will have more problems on that knee now ! he has a very
    big swing and it ends it too far back, caful with that …

  • J Sten 5 years ago

    nice lesson

  • MrMrBMP 5 years ago

    student it quite strong guy, it means he can create lot of sharp moveents.
    also landing onto left foot can create stress, so suggest wheat free diet;)
    but good teaching!

  • ARTZY64 5 years ago

    Excellent way to explain the differences re traditional & modern… top
    marks! This is a great video, but now the poor the guy is going to have a
    sore RIGHT knee as well LOL. Just switch back and forth; use the style that
    is less painful at any given time haha

  • pr4nk5tr 5 years ago

    Sit and lift is a good analogy, you could also describe it as pushing.
    Simply think about keeping the racket in front and doing no backswing,
    that’s all it needs to trigger the “modern” forehand. At least for me
    that’s all it took to change my technique completely.

  • dogshouse 5 years ago

    who created the modern forehand? was it federer or agassi?

  • krsusa 5 years ago

    This is good model to follow for the modern forehand. Do you have any such
    video to post for a modern two handed backhand? Also for the forehand if
    you were running to the side for a wide ball, would you still follow this
    exact same footwork?

  • bobby18894 5 years ago

    thankyou this is not a way to hit modern day forehands you must be movin
    your feet at all times and come foward and some times you will not have
    time to set up what do you do then you still have to hit a forehand. Greene

  • MisterP003 5 years ago

    There are many occasions where what you call a traditional forehand, I call
    it closed stance, is correct. You can still impart enough spin to control
    the ball with this technique. Approach shots are a god example.

  • dogg2325 5 years ago

    i think bjorn borg. great video lesson. well crafted

  • john nguyen 5 years ago

    Excellent video. This is an advanced form, it will take awhile to master

  • DK Ang 5 years ago

    The superimposed images show clearly that the difference is racket speed in
    the two hits is remarkable. Excellent job making this simple and
    comprehensible — even to me!

  • 415Underdog 5 years ago

    His weight may also play a factor in his knee problems