Share Button Ever get angry on the court? Some people deal with it constantly. I was actually in that position back in college and it made …

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  • Dorian Howell 5 years ago

    Thanks!! I just got home after playing tennis & smash my tennis racket in a
    pieces because I was playing badly. Ian How many rackets did you smash in
    your tennis career?

  • draconis228 5 years ago

    Thank you!

  • ossamah durrani 5 years ago

    ok here is my question dear ,
    whats the perfect way to do a volley at net , specially against super fast
    flat hitters ,
    most of the time impact is so great that racket twists ,

    then i tried to do little chop the volley , n it works but cuts my volley
    speed ,

    what do u recommend volley against super fast flat hitters !

    thanks !

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players 5 years ago

    Find out the revelation that I had regarding anger on the court!

  • ossamah durrani 5 years ago

    this video ! this thing must be taught first ! very good video really !
    Super like !

  • Bubba Varela 5 years ago

    Ive been playing tennis for a while now but ive only owned one actual pair
    of tennis shoes. I want to get new ones but im not really sure on what
    makes a good shoe. Can you do a video on what makes a good tennis shoe?

  • Sem meijer 5 years ago

    Hi Ian, I really like all your vids. And also, probably the most important
    part, it really helps me on the court. I’m that guy who is to busy with
    getting better and getting higher ranked.

    Now my question: The competition is about to start here in The Netherlands
    and I feel that every time I’m going to play a new match, I get a ‘heavy
    arm’, i mean that my arms and legs just won’t functionate as the are
    supposed to do.
    Do you have a great tip to fix this? I really need it and this will me
    probably the most of all the other things. thanks a lot!
    Sem, from Holland.

  • Carol M. 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I totally agree with what you
    said, it is a topic that does need consideration so that tennis can be
    enjoyed. I sometimes wonder how to deal with an angry opponent or doubles
    partner. The negative partner is also a frequently encountered obstacle to
    fun. I get a lot from your videos and really appreciate them:) 

  • voltaire balagtas 5 years ago

    Can you please do a henin backhand video? Because people say we have the
    same grip.. =D

  • Jackson Berry 5 years ago

    Would you make a video about how to get more net clearance without having
    to change up your grip or stroke too much? I’m looking to get more spin and
    more net clearance without having to change a whole lot. Thanks! Love the

  • rlamm225 5 years ago

    Sunshine…good friends & the game of tennis. How can you be angry.

  • Luke TheTennisGuy 5 years ago

    great vid ian. loved it. i really hope this helps and i plan on rewatching
    this video alot. but i really liked your point of your environment. i never
    really thought about that, and thinking about it now i can see how it can
    help to clear your mind and stay focused.

  • Robert Sebik 5 years ago

    I think you point it out very well. I play tennis, because I like this game
    and I think it’s very important in tough situations to remind yourself, why
    you’re playing this game. I play most of time with guys with higher levels,
    so I struggling and I used to get angry very often, but the result was, I
    lost very easily. To be angry means, that you’re out of focus, possibly
    very tight and in the bad mood, you don’t enjoy the game. So what’s the
    point of playing, if you’re not enjoying the game. Now I’m trying to play
    as relax as possible and just focus on my game. I think I made quite a big
    progress since then. If my opponent says, I improved my game, that’s a big
    satisfaction for me and that’s just because I changed my mindset…

  • John Dye 5 years ago

    Point #2 Gratitude (or is it #3?): bingo!

  • Vernon Gibson 5 years ago

    I’m always reminding myself of a quote from the famed philosopher and WTA
    tennis player Francesca Schiavone …

    “It’s just tennis”

  • Luca Benedetti 5 years ago

    Ossamah, you have to hit your volley as soon as you can, “slicing it” just
    a bit

  • Pedro Albornoz 5 years ago

    Hi Ian, this is my question:
    I tend to let the ball drop too much and end hitting at the height of my
    knees. Also, I’m hitting too close to my body. I’m having a hard time
    correcting these. Any tips? Thanks

  • Luca Benedetti 5 years ago

    Playng tennis is so difficult, at any level, that you need some sort of
    “Zen attitude”. I remember Connors in his last years: he was enjoying the
    game and just any moment of his matches !!! Sometimes he would even smile !
    So, thanks Ian: this video is perfect for tennis (and for life too!).

  • gongola81 5 years ago

    it is good as advise for other aspects of life. It is just part of the game
    / LIFE!

  • dodododa 5 years ago

    You have to have a high level of intelligence and thoughtfulness to be able
    to be very driven to correct your own mistakes, without getting angry at
    the mistakes. I’m convinced it is impossible for most people.

    I coach many good teens who simply can’t control their emotions, no matter
    how many long talks we have, no matter how much they realize that their
    emotions are holding them back. They just go out there and get angry at 5-4
    and lose the match they should have won.

  • SJD Gaming 5 years ago

    Wow ur so right I’m So selfish when I play, I need to enjoy it more and
    stop shouting and screaming and just have fun.