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Link here: Thanks to TopSpinSports, Daniel Ives, Tom Maynard, and…

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  • ladislav sina 5 years ago

    Give us a bat please.

  • Kwi Jae Lee 5 years ago

    a week ago, i bought bluefire m1.
    so, your reviews are very helpful.
    why don’t you use tibhar evolution MX-P and EL-P next time ?

  • Haanee Rhemtulla 5 years ago

    what thickness is your rubber and what blade do you use
    plz answer quick i want to get a new paddle

  • Anson Thomas 5 years ago

    awesome review :D Is BlueFire M2 more controllable and spinnier than M1???

  • TableTennisDaily 5 years ago
  • Gabriel Bento 5 years ago

    Do Donic Coppa X1 turbo

  • Xiom IVeuro 5 years ago

    can you review the xiom omega iv euro?

  • chr olsen 5 years ago

    Did you feel that the Tenergy 80 had more control and larger margin for

  • Janelle wilson 5 years ago

    Please try it on the timo boll zlc

  • 巫仔 5 years ago

    i want to watch the omega4 pro review~ from hong kong fans

  • Hasan Mahmood 5 years ago

    Thank you +TableTennisDaily for your videos. I have a problem though. I’ve
    been playing around a year or two. Whenever I try to topspin, my sidespin
    comes in. I can’t do the topspin in rallies. How can I easily turn my
    sidespin into topspin? :) 

  • adofangunit 5 years ago

    I bought bluefire M3 for my forehand and backhand a month ago and i love
    playing with those rubbers ! very spinny and fast ! 

  • Joshua Mercurio 5 years ago

    You guys are awesome! Please make more videos (not just reviews) and play
    each other and post it on YouTube. That would be AWESOME!!!!!! :)

  • carlo gabriel 5 years ago

    Guys, I just wanna say thanks for all these vids. They’re very, very

  • greenLinkLP 5 years ago

    Can you make a Review of the Timo boll zlf 

  • altherenz bautista 5 years ago

    I wish you could review the DHS Neo Hurricane 3 national version (blue
    sponge) so I can know if that is a good rubber. TY

  • 黒澤和範 5 years ago

    I want to watch the fastarc C-1.
    In ibaraki japan fan.

  • BIGBEART8 5 years ago

    The review is kind of inconsistent. You said that on forehand topspin the
    rubber was hard so the ball couldn’t dwell on the paddle but on opening up
    you said the ball really dug into the sponge, which is saying the opposite.
    Which is it?

    P.s. The flip at 5:17 was beautiful.

  • airobyou 5 years ago

    Slippery floor took away 30-50 spin. Good stufd nonetheless