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FREE STRATEGY COURSE! Federer’s Top 5 “Plays” : The follow through for the modern forehand is slightly different from your standard low-to-high swing….

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  • alfettaracer 4 years ago

    Great; the answer to an important question I had about the follow through.

  • poida smith 4 years ago

    Great video Brady! What position is your wrist in at the farthest point of
    your take back! It looks almost neutral and then naturally gets laid back
    as you uncoil into the ball (see at 5:09 on up to 5:17 how the wrist
    position is changing). Some/many coaches say the wrist is locked once the
    racket goes back and stays in that position into and after contact but that
    is clearly not what is going on in your swing and that of ATP players! Can
    you give us some direction and feedback on this …. or am I seeing
    things??? LOL …. NO, I haven’t been drinking!!

  • DK Ang 4 years ago

    A lot of guys talk about the follow-through as though it is a volitional
    part of the swing that one makes an effort to perform. But as you show in
    #2 in your series and demonstrate in each of these strokes, if contact
    happens just in front with the arm extended and the racket catching up, we
    have already gotten our torso pretty much squared to the target, so that
    further rotation is the inevitable result as the racket decelerates. In
    fact, where my shoulders and arm wind up at the end of the shot is the main
    way I self-correct on the court.

  • Erik NikkiSoft 4 years ago

    I have to say once again… thank you. I’ve watched probably every single
    modern forehand instructional video on youtube over the years and studied
    pros in slo mo 1000′s upon 1000′s of times and I’ve always had a problem
    with this phase of the stroke. I could never find a vid that explained, and
    showed it, with the right words and emphasis that clicked with me. There
    was always a tiny bit that I could never get or misinterpreted or couldn’t
    execute like i wanted. Your current modern fh technique vids did it for me.
    Really hit the spot. Great. I’ve been hitting great the last few days from
    these vids. Good luck.

  • Robert Rose 4 years ago

    Thanks again Brady. I knew I was losing power on my forehand by catching
    the racquet over my shoulder. I will work on this follow through next