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  • pr4nk5tr 5 years ago

    Great content, no fluff.. excellent video!

  • kalb karas 5 years ago

    It is obvious you do not know WHY you need to extend the left arm. You get
    no benefit on doing what you do. You might as well be picking your nose
    with your left index. You know why? The reason why you extend it and
    contract it is to generate momentum and acceleration. The right way: Extend
    the arm and ROTATE the extended arm. By the time it is infront of you, pull
    it in under you sholder. That momentum is so powerful you wouldn’t even
    need to use your right arm muscles at all. Compare. Enjoy.

  • mephatboi 5 years ago

    too bad not every ball u get is a medium height, semi-deep inside-out