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  • Nice shoes

  • Chris Stolle 5 years ago

    eyes are off the ball too soon..

  • Jason Gatling 5 years ago

    Morgan Freedom also Narrates Tennis videos?

  • tuber123asd 5 years ago

    Congratulations! You’re wearing the stupidest tennis outfit know to man!

  • Raidspec 5 years ago

    Simple, and straight to the point. Good work my man.

  • maggam24 5 years ago

    @TechDeckJason Haha, Morgan Freeman….actually note how the shoes are
    circled in this video? Wasn’t it Freeman’s character in Shawshank
    Redemption that asked, “think about it, how often does a man stop to look
    at another man’s shoes?,” as Tim Robbins walks through the rows of prison
    cells wearing the warden’s shined wingtips? Nice instructional video,
    though. Thanks TennisTips365!

  • Eddie Lum 5 years ago

    the feet jumping is not mandatory. the affect of ‘sprining’ into the air is
    because you have loaded off your feet and are trying to hit the ball
    centered and lined up with your hip as explosively as possible. two things
    you need 1) lock in lower core (legs and hip) 2) move sliglty backword so
    you can line up and move momentum (hip forward) 3) relaxed coiled upper
    (sling shot) so you can basically throw your racquet into the ball. best
    for inside out, dl line with semi open. not for cross court

  • RATkins741 5 years ago

    What planet produced this? Surely not earth!! It is instuctional but every
    thing else is sooooooo wrong. Definetly alien infuence!!!

  • ollinteco 5 years ago

    nice work

  • FairwayJack 5 years ago

    good stuff thx!