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Forehand Tennis Lesson: How to handle high balls like the Pros In today’s tennis forehand lesson, I am going to share with you a forehand tennis drill you can do to learn how to hit on the ris…
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  • Peter Freeman 5 years ago

    How to take the ball on the rise like the pros video…here is an updated
    version that has clearer visual instructions…enjoy

  • dco dco 5 years ago

    very good examples of footwork and balance… two key elements of
    consistency. I thought you’d focus more on balls that are chest high,
    because they were hit with good top spin in warm weather. Those are harder
    to hit back deep and consistent, they tend to go long, or have very little
    pace if hit back with margin of error. Balls that I can move to and hit on
    the rise (or fall) waist height or below, I can control the location and
    pace. When opponent pushes me back and they are getting up to my chest
    before I am in position, those were the tips I was hoping to find here.
    IMO, this video, although helpful for prep and footwork, could have been
    titled more how to take the forehand on the rise. 

  • Jonel Roberto 5 years ago

    And although there were some shots from Novak that were hit on the rise,
    particularly his backhand side, most high shots were all above shoulder,
    hit flat, mostly for a winner. I wonder which pros are you talking about.

  • Jonel Roberto 5 years ago

    How come I don’t see the pro’s doing what you are teaching? For example,
    just last weekend against Nadal and Djokovic. Djokovic was hitting above
    his shoulders when hitting against a high bouncing ball from Nadal.