Share Button Forehand tennis lesson describing the 4 types of stances: how they affect the forehand stroke, recovery after hitting a wide or short…
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  • Diogo Bonvalot 4 years ago

    Here’s my 2 cents, I’m not really a pro but I have to disagree with some
    points on your video. I don’t really think there’s a best stance or even
    one better than others in general. Every stance has its pros and cons, for
    instance: the open stance is really good for side-to-side movement and to
    recover after the shot but it makes more difficult to generate power being
    much more demanding in for the upper legs and core than say a neutral
    stance (or square). On the other hand a closed stance can be a great way to
    disguise the direction of the shot, even if it takes more time to recover
    if you have the time and good torso rotation you can make a very
    unpredictable cross-court forehand… And so on

  • webtennis24 4 years ago

    The 4 types of forehand stances – which is best for more power on your
    forehand groundstroke.