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Dominika Cibulkova vs Agnieszka Radwanska Highlights SF Australian Open 2014.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Cortez 1492 Reloaded 5 years ago

    i KNEW that Na Li will win vs cebulova ! great job Na Li !!

  • janjr165 5 years ago

    Cibulkova played well against an injured Aga. She will have to do even
    better against Li Na; Li Na’s groundstrokes AND serve pack a little more
    heat than Aga’s. Not to mention, Li Na can take you out of the point with
    one stroke; Aga cannot do that. Cibulkova will have to play unbelievably
    well to win in the final. Best of luck to both ladies!

  • SlovenskyKAKTUS 5 years ago

    Muhahaha CICA ideš , držíme palce <3

  • OcelotDAD 5 years ago

    This girl is inspired. She packs a punch.

  • Henin Graf 5 years ago

    I hate Aga Radwanska

  • Cortez 1492 Reloaded 5 years ago

    I hope Na Li will win in the final vs cebulova.

  • Andres Lancho 5 years ago

    Schiavonne was not on her day.
    Suarez Navarro was dehydrated.
    Sharapova was pregnant.
    Radwanska was seriously injured and close to dead.

    Or maybe, just maybe, it was Cibulkova’s cannon forehand, strategy,
    fantastic footwork and beyond human fighting spirit that lead her to the

    Li Na deserved to win but the final score did not reflect what happened
    during the match.

  • Boomer 5 years ago

    Dominika Cibulkova is beyond the word Beautiful.
    So so HOT! 

  • Lucie Koktova 5 years ago

    naprosto ji umlatila ! Jen tak dal Dominiko !

  • jokerwildest 5 years ago

    Cibulkova got herself a new racket with some more length (2 inches). It
    helps as it did for Amanda Coetzer..and Sara Errani – but it won’t propel
    her into the top of the game. She isn’t as consistent, as she needs to be
    to make up for her weakness’s.

  • Gino T 5 years ago

    This beat down was a pleasure to watch. Can’t stand Aga, she’s good, but
    not as good as she thinks she is. Well done Dominika!

  • dalibor siska 5 years ago

    wonder woman HAS blond hair miss onion :) 

  • cambed71 5 years ago

    I don’t want to take anything away from Cibulkova, but I’m sure Aga was
    very tired from the last match played as it was played the day before and
    took three sets to beat Azarenka. Cibulkova, on the other hand, had a much
    easier and shorter match against Halep. However, it is the semi’s of a
    grand slam. You just have to find the motivation to fight and I didn’t see
    it from Radwanska today. Yet, I feel the biggest issue lies with the
    organization of the Grand Slam. To have a rest day in between every match
    except the bottom half of the woman’s draw in the between quarters and the
    semi’s is a major flaw in the structuring of matches. Maybe, the odd days
    should be woman and the even days men to ensure everyone gets a rest day.
    It’s not right if someone has a 1 hour quarter and the other one has a 3
    hour quarter. It’s bound to effect the result in the proceeding match. Rest
    day is needed for all players. The woman in the bottom half of the draw are
    the only single players who get screwed. Grand Slams need to address and
    fix this issue or they may continue to have many lopsided uninspired semi
    finals. If I paid all that money to go see the woman’s semi’s I would be
    very disappointed.

  • Josh Lardani 5 years ago

    I want Li na to beat the crap out of Cibulkova so bad for beating
    Radwanska. :( Though Cibulkova’s performance through the tournament was
    very impressive, Li Na vs Radwanska would’ve been a great final in my

  • Anna Kowalska 5 years ago

    Cibulkova goni po tym korcie jak by miala ADHD

  • Jizel Fernandes 5 years ago

    I want cibulkova to win a slam. I think aga will win a major.

  • pieceful harmony 5 years ago

    if cibulkova plays like this li Na will have a nightmare playing her too.
    She’s hitting as hard the men.

  • 9Brainiac 5 years ago

    I hope “EeeuV-Chiii Aaahh” will win final :-P 

  • Palo Jancovic 5 years ago

    Velka pani!!!

  • Juraj Smetana 5 years ago

    Gratulujem a drzim palce dalej!

  • jantarpsz 5 years ago

    Ten napakowany konus miał farta że Radwańska była zmęczona Azarenką

  • rtfg01 5 years ago

    Cibulkova je primitivna krava /watch?v=SW9glF2tRHE

  • TennisLoveHD 5 years ago