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Murray claims the Gold Medal by defeating Roger Federer in straight sets at the 2012 Olympics Games. This is a redone version made by my old account (Basketb…
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  • Mukith 4 years ago

    Murray won this ugly; he showed Fed a bit of disrespect to win it ugly! Was
    definitely a fix, there is no way Murray is beating Fed in a final on
    Centre Court! Hell no!

  • Basketball677 4 years ago

    Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray Olympics 2012 right below!
    [HD] Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray Olympic 2012 Semifinal HIGHLIGHTS

  • sperrotta91 4 years ago

    Meanwhile on 13 November 2014…

  • ThePanter13 4 years ago

    Andy just trashed Federer and poor Roger will never win the gold medal to
    complete his legacy…

  • The One™ 4 years ago

    I don’t like Murray, but I will give him his due; he outplayed Fed on a
    totally different level this match. He would have more than two Slams if he
    kept up this level of intensity and consistency all the time.

  • Terry Gordy 4 years ago

    Federer was trampled on, in 2012 I thought Murray would just extend his
    positive H2H, now in 2014 Federer has equaled it up and now is number
    2…That’s tennis, I hope Murray get’s back to his best again, get’s back
    into the top 5, I don’t understand the hate he gets as there’s a lot more
    cunts in the world than him. I think his back operation screwed his
    2014…he’s a fighter though

  • dewster99 4 years ago

    Federer fans are so alike, always so sycophantic swooning over their player
    like he’s some sort of god. He’s a very good tennis player but he’s not the
    best ever, he insufferably arrogant and most of all he’s human just like
    anyone else. Nadal is a greater champion than he will ever be due to his
    sheer humility and personality. Andy crushed him here and it was the start
    of great things for him. Lord knows I hope Switzerland get pumped in the
    Davis Cup final. Even Better if ‘Rogi’ loses it for them

  • Homeslice 4 years ago


    My headphones were not prepared for that moment

  • soho lfym 4 years ago

    I think Murray deserved a credit for this win. No doubt that Federer was
    taken out alot in the semis against Del Potro. But on the other hand,
    Murray has beaten Djokovic who is a former Wimbledon Champion and also one
    of tennis great in the other semis, don’t he? You need to beat whoever in
    front of you. Murray is having this one and please give him the credit.

  • Jesse MacDonald 4 years ago

    all fed fans think it was fixed. it was emotion/hometown advantage that
    beat fed. multiple players have beat fed… i think joko and mofils are
    both better than fed, fed just has composure and does well under stress

  • Zachary McDowall 4 years ago

    Amazing moment to win the Olympics in home soli on grass you can’t get any
    better and he won Wimbledon and the us open 2014 not been the best year but
    he will come back strong he’s a fighter and anyone who thinks otherwise is
    just a complete fucking idiot tbh! Escpailly in a era with Nadal Federer
    and djokovic 

  • david cr 4 years ago

    federer wasn’t so bad at all but Murray was perfect.the best match of his
    career along with his wimbledon final

  • Jukka 4 years ago


  • Giri Prasad 4 years ago

    murray is a thorough gentleman,as well as a wonderful gentle giant.great
    attitude and greatness all over.Hats off to murray

  • unowen7591 4 years ago

    Roger let Murray win so Murray doesn’t actually kill himself for losing
    both Wimbledon and the Olympics lol. 

  • lavaman233 4 years ago

    Even if Fed has gotten the better of Andy in slams, he will be eternally
    pissed not to have added Olympic Gold in 2012 – especially staged on his
    ‘home’ turf at SW19. How sweet it was for Andy to deny Fed the Golden
    Career slam after losing the Wimbledon final.

  • Manveer Gill 4 years ago

    Federer is such a sportsman. He just got owned yet he’s smiling as he
    shakes Murray’s hand.

  • Sticky Igor 4 years ago

    Roger is such a beast!! Suffering from fatigue and still never giving up
    hope. He is a lion. Great play by Andy though.

  • Joanna Firth 4 years ago

    Murrays the best

  • Nhanh Poptag 4 years ago

    This is Why Murray is hated by Fed Fans
    LoL :)

  • this match was fixed as fuk!!! in straight sets?(highly improbable but
    possible) winning only 7 games the entire match? (i guess theoretically
    possible but what do you think?) and on the exact same court at wimbledon
    where just a few weeks before the fed owned murray? on grass which just so
    happens to be the fed’s absolute favorite surface and court? where he has
    won 7 times out of 10 appearances? where he has made it to the championship
    final 9 of 10 appearances and in each of the 2 championship finals has
    pushed the match to 5 sets and 4 hour matches?

  • Ashutosh Malik 4 years ago

    federer must hav been pleading for d roof to be closed :D :D

  • Homeslice 4 years ago

    5:44 Murray half naked playing a point 

  • Nathan Roman 4 years ago

    That pass around the 6:40 mark…. Freaking disgusting how low Murray
    stayed to guide it over the net. Unreal pass. 

  • jake bays 4 years ago

    federer got bitch slapped