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How to master your kick serve? 9:35 min teaching vid - complete steps

When looking at the serve, parts of the action may be performed very differently from one player to another. The kick serve described here is a basic action …
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  • TavernSenses 5 years ago

    Nice “dirty diaper” position at end

  • Benzwito Q 5 years ago

    can a right handed player kick serve in both deuce and ad courts?

  • yOfinblack vasencho 5 years ago

    most important part about the kicker is to keep the mouth open during the
    strike as demonstrated in the vid. this will provide extra monster kickers.

  • montrealraaj 5 years ago

    This is a good instructinal video.however if one is just starting out to
    serve kick serve they could end up in “paralysis by analysis” trap.IMHO go
    for the right feel on the ball and then muscles will follow.

  • Ha Tien 5 years ago

    Great video.Thanks.
    There are always some loosers in this world. They just complained and their
    life is miserable

  • md azam 5 years ago

    Very good, detailed explanation. There are lot of information conveyed
    here. In fact most of the basics can be used in Flat and Slice serve as
    well. To me Flat and Kick serves are almost same with a very subtle
    difference of pronation and hand movement.

  • 杨小虎 5 years ago

    a great video about the topspin server.

  • NexGenSlayer 5 years ago

    Get off my balls, cause anyone with ears could hear this guy is monotone
    and boring. Just because I have my opinion doesn’t make it any more
    horrible than your opinion that this guy might be your idol or the greatest
    guy in the world.

  • Nalliah Sivanathan 5 years ago

    very well explained Thanks

  • Dennis Kwok 5 years ago

    “You are a strong, independent woman”

  • Bascomblodge 5 years ago

    I don’t understand how you can make that statement. The difference is a no
    brainer. Ask anyone who has been around the game at a serious level for a
    few years and by serious , I mean a master teacher or a pro.

  • Carol Jin 5 years ago

    yeah dunlop!

  • Bedford Crawley 5 years ago

    Actually, it looks perfect. That is the exact angle (upwards) the ball
    should leave your racquet, replicate this serve and you’ll be successful.

  • The One™ 5 years ago

    This is my natural second serve. Good to see I intuitively got this down.

  • Mike H 5 years ago


  • Michael Wollenschein 5 years ago

    This serve was for sure out

  • Bedford Crawley 5 years ago

    Nobody on YouTube is forced to watch a particular video. I just wish people
    could be civil to each other, there was no reason for you to be horrible to
    someone trying to help others.

  • dodododa 5 years ago

    Thanks, this video also allowed me to explain a bunch of new words to my 10
    year old junior. I also got to explain why some pretentious people use
    unnecessarily big words.

  • Sendou Aichi 5 years ago


  • ZeroZeroLook 5 years ago

    I think this is the best video

  • TNToncourt 5 years ago

    Best vid for the Kick serve.Thanks.

  • trilfy 5 years ago

    no it’s not

  • Jack Kirkby 5 years ago

    that is a man…

  • Bascomblodge 5 years ago

    A kick or twist serve is different than a topspin serve. A topspin serve
    jumps straight ahead while a kick serve comes in (from a right hander)
    breaking right to left but then bounces left to right. Hence the name twist

  • NexGenSlayer 5 years ago

    Can u be any more monotone, boring? -.-