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This is a guide to help you to learn how to play a tennis tiebreaker. This type of tiebreaker is common in high school matches and most tournaments. This is …

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  • Karmina 5 years ago

    Thank you for the video! :) My partner and I had a confusion on the
    tie-breaker because our coach didn’t explain it well. It’s our first time
    playing on the line up. This video helped a lot! Now we won’t look like
    idiots on the courts now! Haha.

  • richyurban 5 years ago

    why after first serve (yellow player) is not serving red player??

  • citman51 5 years ago

    Tiebreakers have always been hard for me, thank you for making this video.
    It has made it easier. The color overlays really helped.

  • LaurelHillClub 5 years ago

    This video made a lot of sense. Thank you for breaking it down.

  • PinkGlammer 5 years ago

    This vid was very helpful since my coach doesn’t bother to explain, thx;)