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How to Play Tennis : How to Hit a Slice in Tennis

Hitting a slice in tennis is done by starting the racket above the level of the ball, brushing down and through the shot. Slice a tennis shot with tips from …




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  • Alex Cornell 4 years ago

    For all those wondering. A slice shot is effective because it causes the
    ball to have a low bounce. So if your opponent is on one side of the court,
    you could slice it to the other side and it would be hard for them to get.
    Also, slice shots can throw off how someone is going to hit the ball
    because of the backspin just as a topspin can do the same thing. 

  • Dalton G 4 years ago

    When I play tennis, I can only hit the slice on my forehand side, not the
    backhand side

  • Aaron 4 years ago

    hey i just started tennis and would like to know what is the advantage when
    you perform a slice?

  • Anjo606 4 years ago

    i do the same but it puts lots of spin but travls like a foot. now i use
    slicing for net until i get better

  • Duy Anh Le Nguyen 4 years ago

    What is it good for? I’ve never played tennis just curious.

  • djstar1990 4 years ago

    Sigh i am started again to play tennnis i just a beginner but with talent xD

  • Nimesh Tamang 4 years ago

    This a good move when your apponet is really far away

  • akathetruthteller 4 years ago

    I tried doing this in my doubles match and i endup slice my opponent across
    the net in the sack….

  • gage higgins 4 years ago

    i have the same racket! hahaha

  • leisurelydinner 4 years ago

    If you such a tennis teaching pro, y no you a pro plyr??

  • Shiro Amura 4 years ago

    not mine, they kick to the side XD well, I say this because every time I
    hit one, they seem to take people by surprise

  • hanipman 4 years ago

    lol same here. slicing from far away though is easy to stop if they know
    its a slice

  • gewooneerlijk 4 years ago

    good explain

  • VoiceVampire 4 years ago

    i can hit balls that u cant predict were they will go after it bonce all u
    can predict is its not goin straight

  • boarding5401 4 years ago

    At first I thought I he said his name was Lincoln “Wart”… Hehe kinda made
    me chuckle

  • SasoriOTRS 4 years ago

    @bombermankyo it bounces back towards you, making them have to chase it more

  • dr0war 4 years ago


  • Ketchupguy198 4 years ago

    I tried doing this at practice, and i accidentally did a dropshot instead
    during a rally…they thought i was pro all of a sudden XD

  • Maldonado1995 4 years ago


  • Shiro Amura 4 years ago

    I know, it’s funny when they are like “Wtf?” I specially love how i can use
    mine from anywhere on the court….doesn’t have to be up by the net like
    most people I know

  • George32027 4 years ago

    i tell you what

  • boltontb88 4 years ago

    u must be p3

  • Gary Barnard 4 years ago

    I have a question and can someone please reply…if you do a slice than
    dont you mess up your string (put out of place) than you get a less
    powerful and less accurate shot for a normal hit?

  • nrtoking4729 4 years ago


  • Yonas Campbell 4 years ago

    Look at Federer in pro matches. His strings hold up.