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How to Play the Sport of Tennis : The Rules of Playing Singles Tennis

Learn some great tips on the rules of singles tennis and how to play the sport in this free video clip on tennis tips and techniques. Expert: Jamie Leigh Saf…

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  • Dim Dob 5 years ago

    0=love …. wtf

  • vlvl21 5 years ago

    That was good “expertvillage” but not enough info on how to play tennis…

  • rufyk 5 years ago


  • masteromox 5 years ago

    0 is the same as love.. wtf lol

  • Kol Fan 5 years ago

    that helped a lot

  • lostintravise 5 years ago

    That is called a let. Some leagues require you to play a let (in which the
    returner must play the point as if it is a regular serve) and some leagues
    require that the person serves that particular serve over again. If you’re
    in HS, you most likely do not play the let. If it’s a first serve and you
    hit a let, you serve your first serve over again. In a league in which a
    let requires a redo of that serve, a let can happen infinitely. No one is
    “given” the point until a regular serve is hit.

  • lostintravise 5 years ago

    no problem man

  • John Wayne 5 years ago

    ohh screw you

  • bizzerk94 5 years ago

    im sorry, but this doesn’t help at all.

  • eog1964 5 years ago

    So we love each other when the score is zero to zero?? I like this game

  • ZXcannon 5 years ago

    thanks for the detailed explanation. :)

  • whatxdosexitxmatter 5 years ago

    that wasnt much help at all….

  • barinaboy2008 5 years ago


  • Susan Ni 5 years ago

    I have notice that expert village is no longer trustable … It never was a
    good helper.

  • Jonathan King 5 years ago

    this is fucked… how hard is it to make a competent tennis lesson?? all
    the ones that i have seen have been total shit, if you find a decent one
    let me know

  • cyrusgreg 5 years ago

    she sort of looks like nancy kerrigan the ice skater, but a little better

  • ZXcannon 5 years ago

    if one serves and the ball hits the net but still makes it to the serve
    box, is that a fault? how many times can this happen till it’s the
    opponents point?